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“Impossible. Ama??”



James and Harry are poisoned, Malia laid weakly on the ground, What does fate have installed for them? Will Debini face his Wrath? What happens next?? The next episode commence…..







The burning taste of revenge burn down Theo’s core whose hands emitted Flames as Ama and Medusa could be seen approaching them, his eyes still glowing reddish as veins sprouted out, he tasted for revenge


“Am going to end your wrath less life!!”


Theo yelled with fury, his eyes sparked with lightening as red veins gouged his heart, grinning evilly as he evaded his hands towards Debini who looked numb and shock, the air cracked and the fabric of reality ripped open as Theo could be seen floating in the air with Blue waves evolving round him


Tears streamed down his face as the anger in him capside, the dagger glowed indecently, shrinking feverently as the sound of bone cracking Filled the throne room, he slowly fell to the floor as his bones took their shapes


Debini groan in pain as tears streamed down his face, his gaze fixed on Ama who took slow steps towards him, soon she got to him and bent low to his height, her hands glowed as she placed them on his chest, a seering heat filled the cave as Debini yelled painfully, burning smokes filled the air as his ripped chest slowly healed and merged together, tears streamed down Ama’s face as she slowly


retrieved her glowing hand, her tears creating a spark as they collided on the weak Debini who still look shock, Debini gasped as the tears that collided on his face glowed, he felt himself been drawn to a realm as the hatred that divulged in him got drained from him, the hatred and taste for revenge slowly faded as he stirr in his feet


“A…. Am… Ama, is this really you? How’s this possible!!”


Debini asked as he got drawn into a hug, tears streamed down the face of both lovers as they cried silently on each other’s shoulders, Happy moments filled the cave as the hug was broken off with an erotic kiss.


“Mom ”


Theo who had been silence the whole time asked as he looked numb, the anger had faded away as he look shock to see the woman he call mother have the exacts look as Malia’s


“My Son!”..


Ama reciprocated as Theo ran to her arms, a slight growl escaped Theo’s lips as his gaze met with Debini’s face


“I promise you, am going to kill you no matter what for what you did!”


Theo said as he disengaged from the hug, tears streamed down Debini’s face as he bored his eyes to the ground, the event that occured minutes ago flashed through his mind as he felt guilty


“He’s still your Father!!” Ama said


“He’s not my Father, Mom, Can you please save them? I don’t wanna lose them”


Theo said as he broke down to more tears, Ama reciprocated with a smile as she briskly walked towards Malia whose body laid weakly on the floor, lightening flashed through the sky as an intense aura filled the room, Blue Waves evolved round Malia as Ama hands glowed indecently, Theo watched in awe as Malia floated on the air, the room darkened as Malia gently landed on her Feet, a happy grin escaped Theo’s lips as she slowly opened her eyes


“Theo ” Shesaid


“Malia ” Theo replied as he plunged towards, smiling sheepishly as he placed an overwhelmingkiss

on her lips


The sound of a sudden gasped diverted their attention as Harry and James exhaled a deadly oxygen, Ama smiled, placing her hands on their chest as it glowed Brightly, The intense aura slowly died down as James and Harry slowly stirr on their feet, the poison had been cure as the green veins disappeared



“Hey Pal, seems like you got you lovey dovey back, Did We miss something??”, Harry asked as his hands emited fire, Malia blushed slightly as Theo wrapped his arms round her little waist

“Who’s she??” James asked, pointing towards Ama who stood few feet away from them “She’s my Mom!!”…





“How’s this possible??” Debini asked


He gasped as Ama placed her index fingers on his head, his eyeballs turned white for several seconds as he seem possessed, he breath heavily as his eyelids took their normal shapes, Debini smiled broadly as he hugged her tightly, he now understood everything


“Son, Am so sorry, I know am not worth of been your Father, not after what I did, all I need is your mercy!!”


Debini said as he broked down to more tears, Theo smiled as he plunged towards Debini, hugging him tightly as Debini look dumbstruck, not expecting that


“Dad, I forgive you!” Theo said, breaking from the hug as a little tear escaped his eyes “Malia, am also sorry, I shouldn’t have done that!!” Debini added

“It’s okay, I forgive you!!”…




“Thank so much for your help Medusa!!”


Theo said as he approached the beautiful lady whose gazed was fixed on the other side of the kingdom


“It’s nothing, it’s was a promise I had to fulfill to your Mom, am glad am now relieved of that, what do you do now!!” Medusa replied


“Good question, I don’t know yet, am still thinking over it!!” Theo said


“Till we meet again!” Medusa said, smiling happily as her legs took a change, turning into a huge tail as she bolted into a strange portal, Theo heaved a smile of relief as he stared at his parents


“Let’s get going people!!”….






It was Morning and the birds were beginning to chirp, the sky was blue and the grasses swerve the breeze as the sun shown brightly on my face, it had been Four Month since the previous Event


I heaved in satisfaction, trailing my hands all the way to my chest as a smile creeped to my lips, I could feel the dagger, back then, at Dewok kingdom, I had ripped out the dagger and presented it to My Father but he declined, handing it back to me as it’s righful owner


I had plead with him to lived with me but he refused, he had to stay with Mom so he could rule over Dewok kingdom as their King and Queen, our departure had been a memorable one but I still visit once in a full moon, as much as it surprise me, I had found my parents…


I stared lustfully at the Dragon pattern that was broadly impaled on my Arm, I cleaned the tears that boil in my eyes as I thought of Zarnak, I will carry him in my heart for eternity…..


“Hey baby!!”


Malia said, jerking me off from my thoughts as she mouthe a kiss to me, I reciprocated the kiss and smiled at her, we have been dating for six months and have plans of Getting Married soon


“Come on, dress up, your friends are waiting!!”


She said, standing abruptly from the bed as she walked down the stairs, I roll my eyes as I dress up and soon joined them…..





A smile creeped my face as I walked down the crowded streets, hanging my bagpack behind my back as I pedaled down the crowd, some few guys had been stalking me for minutes now and it’s time I deal with them, I grin evilly as headed towards a silent path


“Give us the bag or lose your lifes!”


A voice ordered behind me as I swiftly turned to meet about seven huge hefty guys who stood few feet away from me, each armed with several dangerous Weapons..


“I will give you a chance, why don’t you run while you still have the chance?, you don’t wanna make me angry!”


I replied as I clutch tight to my bagpack, the silent street erupted into a deep laughter at the mentioned of my words, the rain dropped heavily as they plunged towards me while I stood my ground


“You talkalot Gethim!!”


He ordered as they all swooped towards me, I frown my face, furrowing my brows as I saw them diving at me in a slow motion, I warned them, I thought as I leaped at inhuman height, way higher than any supernatural as I connected a punch to an opponent an pinned him to the ground, blood gushed out from his mouth as he laid down dead, the rest of then looked startled, unable to decipher what just happened as they growl and dived at me.




I yelled in anger, feeling my natural powers as they channelled down my veins, couple with my Father’s powers as the dagger glowed brightly, they all fell to their feet as they got blasted by my wave of fire, they all dropped their weapons, running for their lives as my eyes turned Red, I smirked evilly as I watched them run, this is gonna be fun







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