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I sprang up from my bed soaked with my own sweat. “Not again”, I breathed after recollecting my senses.

For the past three years, this dream has never left my night. Is not even a dream but a nightmare.


“Nightmare indeed “, I whispered as I recollected the dream.


Something isn’t just right about this dream. I don’t have a junior sister which I know of. Am the only child and heir to the thrown.


Something is actually not right about all this.


The faceless was a terror to behold. A disgusting sight that could send fear into the heart of the bravest.


For the past four years now, vampires have been found countless times dead with a burnt bodies which can only be done by the soul collector. FACELESS.


I have been trained to stop him since birth but I will be a lier to say his appearance in my dreams never sent fear to my system.


Before my birth there was a prophecy that said that only the heir to the thrown can be able to stop the second coming of the terror.


Fuck. How I hate vampires and their royalty. All of their rules sucks.


“My prince, his Majesty requests your face”, a muscular voice announced from outside cutting off my thoughts.


It was Mario my fathers butler.


“Am on the way butler “, I spat as I stood up from my bed.


Surprised on how I answered?, you’re yet to see my hatred for royalty.


I went and did my business in the bathroom. I rushed my shower and wore my birthright artfit.


Putting what I have been taught so far, I kept my haughty head high and my face rigid. I showed indifference to the numerous bowing by the maids and guards.


It is what I have been trained for.


As I walk on the passage that lead to the kings chambers, I felt someone trailing behind me. At first I thought it was a guard but non of the guards or servants are allowed to walk this far.


I wasn’t afraid as I stopped and the person did same.


Was this another test from the f**king elders again, I thought.


I turned sharply but didn’t see anyone. I must have been over thinking. Bracing myself once more, I opened the chambers door as all eyes was on me. “You’re late prince Shane”, that was Eliot. An elder.

I so much hate him. Such a provoker.


“Which time was announced for this meeting to hold? “, I glared daggers to him


“You’re royalty and the heir to the thrown. You must answer a call immediately to prove you aren’t lacking in a training you moron”, he spat.


“Am not the cause of your misfortune for not havingachild. “_,


“Shane!!! “, Dad yelled.


Eliot has Crossed his limits and is time I put him to place even though his my f**king uncle.


“Am the crowned prince of this coven and I refuse to be intimidated and insulted by one whose not capable of handling my sword ”


“Enough Shane!”,Now it was mom.


“The young bird has grown wings but I don’t care. You must obey our rules. We can’t bend the rule for you”, Elliotsaid.


“I don’t f**king care if you care ornot”


“Language Prince Shane “, Ann the one of the oldest elder cautioned.


“To hell with the language. I have had enough of your shitting attitudes, your stupid rules and your dumb guidance “, I spat with venom.


“Prince Shane, you’re disrespecting the elders. Don’t be foolish to think you can bend us. Being the one to stop the terror dosent give you right to raise your voice on us”, Another elder said.


Is being always like this. Our meeting doesn’t go well no matter how much I try to put my anger in check.


They are just frustrated d**kheads trying to control everyone’s life. But am not gonna let them have their way on me.


“And where are you off to? “, Elliot Asked.


“Out of course. I don’t meet with frustrated and power lust vampires”,


“You dare not walk out of us. This is getting out of hand, Eric. We can’t adjourn this meeting any longer”, it was Ann.


Her voice had anger which dosent move me a bit.


“Shane you arent leaving “, Dad said as mother pleaded with her eyes. I turned back and open the door.

“Who do you think you’re prince Shane. Your title can be taken away from you by us”, An elder said.


“Am the crown prince and the terror fighter. Am Shane”, I breathed before walking out of them.



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