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Episode 33 Brian’s Pov

I looked inside the window of Ayna’s ward and watched as the doctor and nurses all troop out of her ward with disappointing faces.


“Ayna!!” Everyone screamed and entered her ward. I just stood there crying with my eyes closed.


“Brian Brian are you okay” Somebody called, I opened my eyes and found out that I was at home, still in the house.


“Son why are you crying” Mom asked. “Ayna” I said.

“Yes you said you were going to meet her but why crying now” She asked.


“I can’t lose her” I said and ran out of the house, took the same car and drove to the hospital.

When I got to the hospital nothing was different, the same dress everyone was wearing in my scary imagination.

I went to the window of Ayna’s ward and saw the same doctors, I became scared what if my imagination comes to pass.


“Ayna please don’t leave me” I prayed. The doctor looks at his watch and I became more scared, does he want to record her time of death, it can’t be.


“God please I’ll do anything if you let her survive” I prayed silently.


The doctor walked out of her ward and first person to walk to him was Daxton. “Doctor please how’s she”

“Well her chance of survival is still on a scale of 50/50, she has an injury on her head and it’s really severe, if she actually survives we’re scared she might have partial or impartial amnesia”


“Doctor what do you mean” Daxton asked.


“If she has partial amnesia she might forget the few people she met before the incident, but if it’s impartial am afraid she might lose her memoryof everybody in her life”


“Oh God” Rayna gasped.


I blame myself for everything that’s happening, if only I had taken my love for her seriously, this wouldn’t have happened.


“Sir the patient is responding to treatment already” A nurse said and walked back to Ayna’s ward, the doctor follows.



Ayna’s friends, siblings and her parents including I stood in the ward and watched patiently as Ayna regained consciousness. She opens her eyes slowly and looks around.


“My baby” Her mom said and sat beside her. “Mom” She says weakly and looks around again. “I thought I died” She said and smiled softly.

“Ayna” I called and went nearer to her, the smile on her face fades away slowly. “Mom where’s Asher” She asked ignoring me.

“Asher???, honey you and Asher have lost contact for almost one month now” Rayna said.


“Mom what are you saying, I was driving to his house when I had an accident. It was my birthday right” She asked. I became scared.


“Honey you were kidnapped and got involved in an accident” “No mom” She protested.

“Honeyyou. ”


“Mrs Caine please stop” The doctor said and she walked to the doctor who was standing at the door.


“Let her believe what she wants to believe, don’t force her to remember it’s very risky it can cause eternal bleeding and that is another serious case” He said to her.

I looked at Ayna and she looked at me too but not with the same way she looks at me.


“Daddy I don’t know this people who are they” She asked referring to me and her friends.


“How can you remember us when all you did was to lie to us, you took as fools and lived a fake life, now Chad is dead because of the stupid obsession he had for you, Miranda is right you are nothing but bad luck, if you had not come to ourlives pretending to be poor Chad might still be alive now, He might have kidnapped you but he didn’t deserve to die ” Max said angrily and left the hall, Dora and Dina followed him both crying for the loss ofChad.


“Daddy what’s happening, I don’t know this people but yet I feel guilty, what’s going on” Ayna asked.


“Who’s he” She asked referring to him.


“He’s a…” Axton was going to answer but she interrupted him. “Mom where’s Asher” She asked.

“Am here” A voice replied from the door, I remembered him instantly, the same guy that worked for me.

“Ayna are you okay” He asked, I could see the fake concern on his face. “Asher, God I was scared” She said and he hugged her.

Daxton and Rayna looked at each other then we decided to excuse Ayna leaving

only Asher with her, I have never been so uncomfortable in my life.



“What’s that man doing here, I thought we warned him to stay away from our daughter” Daxton said angrily.


“Daxton that’s not the case here, our daughter doesn’t remember what happened up to a month ago. She believes she’s still in love with Asher, the doctor said we shouldn’t force her to believe anything, let’s just leave her for now” Rayna said.


“But she doesn’t love Asher anymore ” Axton said. “She’s in love with Brian” He continued.

“What” They exclaimed.

I was even surprised myself.


“I know my twin sister very well, she doesn’t wants to accept it but I know it” Axton said.


“Well I can’t let my junior sister be with that bastard” Isa said.


“Look I don’t care about who she loves, all I need is my daughter. Am sorry Brian but if my daughter doesn’t remember you then you might have to forget her” Rayna said.


“She would remember me and I will not forget about her, I love your daughter and I would make sure she remembers me” I said and looked at her ward, she was discussing something with Asher and smiling.


I walked out of the hospital and drove home, I met mom on the way. “How’s she” Mom asked.

“She’s she’s okay” I replied. “Are you okay son” She asked.

Yes I just need to drink something” I said. Evelyn walksin.


“Look Evelyn, your fiance isn’t doing well. Take care of him” Mom said.


“Fiance??, I don’t remember putting a ring on her finger and asking her to marry me” I said.


“That doesn’t matter now honey, you need Evelyn now” Mom said and left.

I looked at Evelyn and walked to the bar, I got myself a drink and soon I start getting drunk.


“Brian, Brian” Evelyn called me.


“Drink this, it would soothe you down” Evelyn said and handed me a drink. “Thanks??” I said and drank it all at once.

“So I’ll be going now, if you need me am just a call away” She said and stands up to leave but I pull her back.


“Please don’t leave” I said and let her sit on my laps, I didn’t know what was going on but I had lost control of myself of myself. From lustful kisses I found myself making love to the last woman I would ever think of making love to.

…………………. AYNA’S POV.


Dina Max Miranda Chad



“Baby what are you writing” Mom asked looking at the names I wrote on the sheets.


“Mom I don’t know why but I can’t stop thinking about this names, especially this one” I said pointing at Brian’s name.


“Honey it’s nothing, don’t stress yourself you’re still recovering”



“Okay mom, when am I getting discharged” “Tomorrow darling” She said touching my hair.

“It’s late already, you shouldn’t be up, have some rest now”

She kisses my forehead and leaves, I look at the names I wrote, BRIAN.



I wake up the next morning with a throbbing headache.


“God” I said looking around me. I become shocked to see Evelyn besides me. I look under the sheets and feel my underwear.


“What the f**k happened here” I almost yelled.

Evelyn wakes up smiling.


“You’re awake, thanks for the night” She said.


“What night, don’t tell me it’s what am thinking” I asked. “Sure” She replied.

“You’re so good, have had sΒ£x with other men but they’re nothing compared to you”


“Did did I use protection” I asked, have had sΒ£x with other ladies too but I make sure I use protection to avoid future problems.


“Nope we had it raw” She said and laid back down on the bed.



…………….. AYNA’S POV



“Asher stop it, I told you am keeping it for our wedding night” I said to Asher as I stopped him from taking my virginity.


“You don’t love me Ayna, you don’t”


“But I do” I said, it sounded like a lie in my head, things don’t seem right after I woke up, have been indoors since and Asher keeps on coming closer to me, Mom, Dad Axton and Isa don’t treat Asher nicely again, and I don’t feel the same way I feel with Asher again, it feels like there’s someone else.


“You don’t, if you don’t you will let us consummate our love” He said. “Wait till marriage Asher”

“We’ve been dating for more than a year, you’re not a small girlAyna” “When we get married Asher, youand I ”

“Fine let’s get married” He said all of a sudden. “What!!” I exclaimed.

“Am just 20 Asher”


“So. , age is just a number, if you truly love me Ayna lets getmarried”


“Idon’t ”


“I get it, you don’t want to marry a poor guy”


“Fine Asher let’s get married” I said and watched him get excited.

I hope am doing the right thing, at least I love Asher TO BE CONTINUED





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