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It felt like the world was spinning, I was feeling cold but I felt warmth inside. We took a step and we were very close to each other now.


“Are you guys shooting a romantic movie or what, the rain is falling heavily and you are just standing looking at each other” An older man said and we were brought back to our senses.


“Come” He said and dragged me a little bit too much making my heels bend and ankle twist.


“Ouch” I said limping with my left foot.


“Why are you so careless” He said and looked at my leg. We stood under a shade and he bent to look at my leg.

“This might hurt” He said and twisted my ankle to the right side making me scream.


“Oh God” I cried shivering.

He stood at my back and removed my jacket leaving me in a dress.


“The cold would reduce now” He said.

I nodded and sat down, he did the same.


“Evelyn’s going to be looking for me, this is to 8 already, we’ll just wait till the rain stops”


“Why don’t we wait in the coffee shop” I asked. “I want to avoid someone”



“Yes” He replied.

I didn’t know who Evelyn was, probably his girlfriend. “Incase you don’t know, my name’s Ayna not Cab woman”

“And my name’s Brian not 30 seconds, but I still prefer Cab woman”


“30 seconds” I said and he frowned while I stuck my tongue out for him. He laughed and shaked his head, my phone rings.


“Hello Axton”


“Ayna where are you, the rain forced us to go home. Have been trying to reach you since but no luck”






“Okay. Okay I’ll be home in the next 30 minutes” I said and cut the call.

Brian’s phone rings too.


“Evelyn ….. oh you were looking for…. Ileftalready. yes I didn’t take my car,I’ll

send the driver to pick it for me…. Evelyn stop yelling, I didn’t bail on you


something important came up and I left immediately… you can tell mymom whatever you like, she’ll stillbelieveme. bye”

He starts smiling to himself.


“The ran has stopped already, let’s leave” I said. “You’ll take your car right” I asked.

“Na” I can’t. I already told her I left my car”


“That means you’ll take a cab” I asked and he nodded.


“Okay bye” I said and stood up to leave but he pulled me back and my hands rested on his chest. I had to shove my hair away since it was falling on my face.


“What what are you you doing doing” I asked and swallowed. “Where do you think you are going”

“Am going to the bus stop, it’s opposite the coffee shop” “No we’ll take a cab together” He said and I laughed.

“Me?? You??, in a cab together. No please I am not ready to die nor kill someone” I said and moved a little bit away from him but he pulled me back again this time with more force making me sit on his lap.

“C’mon it’s nothing” He said. I widened my eyes and stood up immediately. “Youyou you. don’t talk to me again” I said and walked away with my heelson

my hand.


“Cab woman, Cab woman, Cab woman” He called but I ignored.

I heard his footsteps behind me so I increased my step, he also did the same. “Yeeeeeeee, leave me alone” I screamed and ran.


“AYNA!!” He yelled, I was surprised because he had never called me Ayna.

I looked back and saw a car driving towards me, it seemed to have lost control because it wasn’t on the right lane. I was so shocked that I didn’t move until he pulled me away and we both fell on the ground. Me lieing on him.

This was one I realized it, I never believed it but today I did. Hearts really do beat and sparks fly.

I touched my heart still lieing on him, it wasn’t beating. It was racing.


“Ayna don’t you dare think of loving this one, he’ll break your heart mercilessly, this would be more worse than Asher. If a poor guy can’t love you what makes you think an arrogant rich guy would. ” My head told me.

I stood up immediately and dusted my dress. “Thanks” I said and walked away.




What just happened, why did I feel strange when she fell on me. I couldn’t even stop her from leaving because I was stunned.

I stood up looking at my ruined clothes.

I watched as she left, it felt like she shouldn’t leave.

This kind of feelings is something I don’t want, sfomething I hate.

I would make the feeling go, I’ll make sure I avoid her and stay away from her. She’s a bad influence on me.

“I don’t want her in my life” I said and walked away

…………….. …. AYNA’S POV

I got home tired with a sore feet, the headache I had was really tiring.

I walked in to see everyone (Max, Axton, Dora, Dina and Chad) all sleeping on the rug. They looked wasted.

Dora was cuddling with Max while Axton and Dina were cuddling together. “Finally my brother has fallen in love” I said and dropped my bag on the floor. The bell rings.

I walk to the door and open it.


“Miranda hi” I said and she looked at me rudely.


She walked past me and looked at Everyone, an irritated look was written clearly on her face.

“So now you’ve succeeded in turning my friends useless” She said angrily “Mir…”

“You just came from nowhere and turned yourself to their boss, forcing them to clean”




“You can do anything but just make sure you stay away from Chad, he’s mine. Have overhead him and Max say stuff about you. If you ever think of letting Chad fall inlove with. ”


“Miranda get out of my house” I said getting sick of her stupid attitude. I pulled her away and dragged her outside.

“How dare you”

“Bye bye” I said. She stomped her feet on the floor angrily. “This is not over” She said and walked away angrily.

I smiled as I watched her leave, my smile turned to a blank face then to a smile

back when I saw Brian standing at his restaurant with folded arms. I guess he had been looking at the scene the whole time.

“I should thank him for saving me twice today” I said and took a step to his restaurant but stopped immediately.

He was looking at me so codly, like he didn’t want me to come. I walked back and watched him entering his restaurant.

I swallowed and walked in.

“That’s what you get for listening to your heart” My head told me I walked upstairs and changed my dress then went to sleep.


……………… BRIAN’S POV

I have to make sure she stays away from me.

I don’t want to start thinking about a woman now.


Love are for fools.

For now my business is no 1 priority, I have to ignore my heart. I hate to think of love, it’s disgusting to me.

For now, I have to earn a lot of money, be richer than my father and prove to Dennis my elder step brother that I am better than him.


I got home and met mom standing at the door.

“Evening mom” I said and hugged her but she didn’t hug me back. “Why did you bail on Evelyn” She asked angrily.



‘Don’t mom me, until you apologize to Evelyn and go out on a proper date on her, you won’t talk to me” She said and walked away.


“Mommmm” I said and watched her leave.


…………………………… AYNA’S POV

“Axton, does this dress look good on me” I asked turning round. “You are going to meet Mom and dad, not going out a date” He said. “But still, I wanna look good” I said

“It looks okay” He said


“Axton why aren’t you coming to meet mom and dad”


“Am taking Dina out, I would come tomorrow ” He said. I sighed and carried my back.

“Am leaving now, bye” I said and ran out.

I ordered a cab already so it was outside already.

……………….. BRIAN’S POV


Where’s she going all dressed, perhaps to her boyfriend’s house. Today’s Sunday she’s supposed to go to church but she’s going to her boyfriend’s place. Sinner



I was halfway to the mansion when the cab starts developing fault. “What’s wrong” I asked.

“I don’t know madam, please let me check” He said and walked to the engine. After waiting for some minutes, I came out of the car.

“Aren’t you through already” I asked getting upset.


“Am sorry ma, I am not a mechanic” He said…

I sigh.

A car pulled in front of me and rolled down the windshield.


“What is a beauty like you doing under the sun” A guy who looked like he was in his late 20’s said.

“Nothing” I replied.

“C’mon let me give you a ride” “No thanks” I said.

He stepped out of his car and walked to me, he smiled and opened the door.


“You know I won’t just watch a beautiful damsel like you suffer” “Are you through” I asked the driver who didn’t even respond.

“I said no thanks”


“C’mon don’t be feisty, I…”


“She said no thanks” Somebody said and I turned back to see Brian. He held me tight and faced the man angrily.


“She said no” He repeated.



“I am not deaf brother” He replied. “Brother??” I questioned.

“Dennis leave her now” Brian said angrily.


“Why, why should I leave her. Who’s she to you” He asked. I look up to him for his response.


“She’s one of my servants” He said.

“Let’s go” He said but I released my hand from his angrily “Servant?? I said hurt and stopped a taxi.

Servant??, at least he could have said friend.

I told you” the voices in my head mockedme. TO BECONTINUED




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