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Brian’s Pov

I entered the car angrily and watched her yelling something. I sighed and drove home still looking at her from the mirror.

She was beautiful and she looked more than a cab woman, her full plump lips and perfect brows made her more pretty but all this didn’t matter to me. I am not interested in beauty or a woman all the 26 years of my life, I have never had interest in a woman at all. Mother thinks am gay.


I drive into the estate, my dad owns the estate actually. I enter our mansion and pull the brakes.

I looked around and saw a car parked near mine, the car belonged to Dad. He was here again and I really don’t know why.

I walked inside the mansion and met him discussing with mom, she was laughing so happily.

“Hey Brian you are back” She said excitedly and stood up to welcome me. “Why is he here” I asked codly.



“C’mon Brian he’s your dad, don’t be rude”


“I don’t care, I guess you saw what your legitimate son did today in my new restaurant on the news”


“Brian that’s why am here, I came here to apologize” He said walking towards me.

I scoff

“To apologize or to have a nice time with her again” I said and he slapped me hard. “Benjamin” Mom yelled and touched my cheek.

“Don’t you ever talk about your mother like that again” He said pointing at me and looking angry.

“Brian it’s okay, Benjamin it’s enough ” Mom said. I remove her hand from my cheek slowly.


“Slapping me will never stop me from saying what I know, you and I know how much you hurt my mother so don’t act like you care, am only in your estate because mom begged me to stay if not I would have left a long time ago” I said and ran upstairs to my room.

“BRIAN BRIAN” Mom yelled.


God knows after Dennis, I hate Benjamin so much like I really do despise the man.

I am the legitimate son while Dennis is the illegitimate but Benjamin decided to hurt my mom and make me look illegitimate. He was married to mom but mother never knew Dad had an affair outside. When he realized the woman was pregnant, he starts to change his attitude towards my mother. He brought the woman home and Mom was really hurt but she decided to stay and save her marriage. The lady maltreated mom and after enduring the pain for two years she decides to leave, not knowing she was already pregnant.

When Dad found out she was pregnant, he begged her to come back home. Her coming back made it looked like she was the one who bore the illegitimate child. I don’t know why mom went back to dad, she said for love but God knows I can never do anything for love not to talk of falling in love.


Even though Benjamin is a billionaire, I swore never to spend any of his money.

I became a young billionaire only by my own hardwork.



I walked inside the mansion, Mom was the first person to see my sad face. “Honey what is it” She said and touched my face.

“Nothing mom” I said and forced a smile but even a blind person could see that the smile wasn’t real.


“Honey something’s wrong, did you and Asher have a fight” “No mom am okay am just tired, I need to sleep”

“Today’s your birthday honey, looking all sober on your birthday ain’t right, do you want me to call some of your friends”


“NO MOM… NO friends, I don’t want to see anyone” I cried and ran upstairs. “Ayna wassap” Axton greeted, I ignored him and entered my room.

I locked the door and jumped on the door crying on the pillow.

“Ayna what’s wrong who the f**k hurt my twin sister” Axton said from the door. “Ayna honey, tell me what’s wrong, mommy’s here for you” Mom said. “Nothing please let me be” I said and continued wetting the pillow with my tears till I finally sleptoff.




“Sir good morning” My PA greeted.


“Morning Carlos, what’s good” I said running on the treadmill. “Mr Asher is here” He said.

“Oh then let him in, tell him am in the gym” I said and he nodded excusing himself.

I got off the treadmill and went to carry the weights, Asher came inside. “Morning Sir” He greeted.

“Morning Asher what’s good”



“Am good sir, you told me to meet you this morning, concerning the payment ” “Yes you’re quite right” I said and dropped the weights.

Okay how do you want it, Cash or Check” “I’ll prefer cash sir”.


“Okay gimmeaminute. CARLOS” I yelled.




“Go to the safe and bring me 5,000 dollars” “Okay sir” He said and walked out.

“Thank you sir, I didn’t expect you to pay that much”

“Sure no problem” I said and noticed he was wearing a familiar bracelet” “Hey, this bangles where did you get it from” I asked.

“This??, I bought it”


“Okay” I said. I saw this particular bracelet with the cab woman yesterday night and the gold studded in it proves it really expensive. Neither Asher or the cab woman can afford this type.

Asher’s a cleaner, he cleaned my restaurant with his other cleaners before the opening.


“Sir the money” Carlos said

“Give it to him” I said and watched him leave.



“Morning mom, morning dad” I greeted my parents and sat on the dining table. All eyes were on me.


“Ayna are you okay” Isa asked.


“Wow ketchup” I said ignoring the question.


“Young lady, will you tell us what’s wrong” Dad said. He was using his father’s tone.


“I found out yesterday night that Asher was dating me only for my money and he has his main girlfriend”


“What” Mom and Isa said.


I always hated that bastard” Axton saidfuming.

it’s not his fault, I don’t blame him. Have been sostupid”


“Honey you were in love, it’s okay to be stupid in love. Asher used you and am really sorry” Mom said


“Mom ever since I graduated from high school and university, I have never found a true friend. My wealth is so amazing that my friends overlook the friendship and focus on my money. I want to live a real life dad, I want to have good friends and be happy. I want to know how it feels to be sincerely happy. All this money doesn’t mean anything.” I said with tears coming out.


“Honey it’s okay” Mum said and comforted me.


“Mum Dad, there’s something I want you guys to please do for me, I’ll be very grateful if you say yes”


‘What is it” Dad said.


I made a decision before coming downstairs, Mom Dad I want to leavethe mansion”


“WHAT” Everyone yelled.


“Where do you want to go to, just tell us where” Isa said.


“I checked it online this morning, there’s a house for sale. The price is reallycheap and I can manage it, I’ll get ajoband. ”


“Ayna stop it what are you talking about, what do you think you are saying” Dad said getting angry.

“You don’t understand guys, I wanna be independent. I want to live like a normal youth. I wanna wake up, eat a normal breakfast, be scared of getting late to work, come back late watch movie and sleep like an average person” I said.

“Ayna what are you talking about, if you need a job, I’ll give you a work in any of my restaurants, just pick any branch you want” Mum said.


“It’s not about the job mom, I just want to be independent, I wanna be proud of my own money. I want to have true friends who are with me because they value our friendship not because of my money”


“Is all this because Asher broke your heart” Axton asked.


“No have been thinking of this for a long time, not because Asher broke myheart” Isaid.


“Honey it’s okay to wanna be independent, but leaving the family”


“Dad I’ll get married probably one day, won’t I leave the family then. Am a grown woman now, I should be able to make my own decisions” I said and stood up.

…………….. BRIAN’S POV

“Going to the restaurant already” Mom asked.


“Yes mom”


“You know the bloggers gave a very good review about your restaurant, you are good to go son”

“Thanks mom”

“So about the lady I told you about”


“Mom we’ve talked about this, I am not interested”

“Once you see her Brian, you’ll change your mind. Evelyn is a nice lady” “Still No mom”

“Well you’ll have to change your decision because she’s coming tonight, she’s going to be spending some months here before she goes back to England”


“What!!, Mom why”


“She’s my guest and you’ll treat her right. Have a nice day son” She said and left.





Later in the afternoon.

“So this is the new house we’re moving to” Axton asked looking at the small house. I looked at him confused.

“We??” I asked.

“Oh what do you think, you think I’ll just let you escape from me like that. I was born to frustrate your life”


“Axton hell no, stay with mom and dad” “But I also want to be independent”

“Yeah independent by living off me. Just go back home, you gonna make things difficult for me”


“C’mon I’ll also work”

“Yeah you would, I don’t even care. Just make sure no one knows we’re the children of the multi billionaire, that’s why I asked mom and dad not to come”


“I wonder how you do it” “Do what??”


“Convince mom and dad. Isa and I, especially me can’t do that so quickly but you, it’s like you have one special power”


“Yeah the power of being the last born”


“Yeah right. Am older than you with just 10 secs, am also a last born” “You wish, help me with the luggages” I said.

“Too bad you traded your expensive clothes for this cheap ones, I’ll be bringing my own expensive clothes”


“You dare not try it, if you wanna live with him, you gonna have to forget about your cars, money and clothes”



“Yes Axton, now let’s see what we’ve got” I said and entered the house. 3 HOURS LATER

“Well it took us 3 house but we were able to clear all the dusts and dirts and webs and everything in the house”


“Ayna am so hungry” “Okay I’ll make dinner”

“No I can’t wait, I’ll go to the restaurant at the other side”


“You mean Cuisine’s best, that expensive restaurant are you crazy” I half yelled. “What there’s nothing I can’t afford”

“Yeah have you forgotten what I told you hours ago”


“Whatefs am going home but I’ll still be back, don’t think you are getting rid of me that easily” He said and left.


I sighed and stretched my body. I walked out and start watering the green plants outside the house.

I watched as people passed and greeted me everyone looked kinda friendly. I smiled and greeted them back but my smile faded away immediately when a guy walked to my front with an upset face and folded arms.

“You” I said shocked.

“We meetagain. Cab woman”





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