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Another love story begins



I took my bath and went to the dressing room.

“I’ll just wear something casual” I told myself and picked a jeans short and red hoodie. I sighed and sat on the chair in front of my mirror.

I pick up my African shea butter and start to apply it on my hair. I hear a knock on my door.


“Who’s that” I say almost yelling.


“Stop shouting and open the door, I want to tell you something” Axton answered from the other side of the door.


“Axton today’s my birthday can’t you just let me be” “Today’s also my birthday, we’re twins remember” “Oh am sorry, I thought we were triplets”

“Just open the door”


I sighed and walked to the door, I opened it and stood there not giving him space to enter.

“Wah d**khead” I said. “At least let me in”

I gave way for him to enter.


“So what is it” I asked then walked to the table where Isa dropped the cake, I brought out the fork and start dipping it.


Look Ayna I need 6000 dollars like real quick” I laughed spitting out the cake from mymouth.

“Why don’t you go meet mom and dad, besides our weekly allowance is 20k dollars, this is just Saturday, am very sure you can’t spend 20k in six days” I said.


“Yeah Ayna the 20k is a story to tell tomorrow, please just lend me. I’ll give you on Monday when Dad credits our account”


“You know I just don’t give money out, I give half to the orphanage, and I save the remaining half.. besides mom and dad are extremely rich, 6000$ won’t hurt, ask them when they’re back ” I said and gave him a piece of cake.


“Thanks” He said and ate it. “Ayna I can’t ask mum or dad”



“Why and what exactly do you need the money for”


“Okay you know the new car Dad bought, the one he bought before mom and dad travelled”


“Yes the Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero, what about it” “Yeah sis I took it out yesterday night..”

“WHAT” I yelled and he puts his hand on my mouth.


“Please don’t yell, Isa might hear”

“Why would you take dad’s car out. Are you crazy, you have a garage of your own car why couldn’t you take one”


“Yes, I told my friends I just got a Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero, they didn’t believe me because the car is danm expensive. I took it out yesterday night and my friends had an almost accident with it then destroyed the headlights”


“What!!, Axton this is trouble. Dad’s going to be so going to be upset, you are going to ruin our birthday for us”


“I took it to a repairer immediately and he says, 300k dollars, I was able to gather 244, now I need only 6k”


I looked at him and sighed.


“Fine” I replied and he jumped up in excitement.




(A new character in the story)

I looked at the big building in front of me and smiled. Everyone took pictures of the building while journalists crowded me with questions. Ignoring them I walked to the entrance and used a scissors to cut the ribbon tied at the entrance, everyone clapped as I walked in to my restaurant.





The journalist kept on asking numerous questions, the restaurant was actually expensive. I spent billions on it and I would be hiring only the best chefs.

I stopped smiling immediately I saw my elder step brother walk in to my restaurant.

“What the f**k does he want”

He clapped as he walked in and the journalists focused on him.


“Nice place, I never believed you could achieve this. I mean you are known for a loser” He said but I didn’t let his words affect me.


“Do you think opening a stupid restaurant can make you win father’s heart and he’ll pass over his properties to you… you are a foolish illegitimate son” He said. I clenched my fist and fought the urge to destroy his face.


“Have told you times without number, I don’t need dad’s properties and I am not interested. Please leave here now” I said and he smiled wickedly.


“BEST CUISINES , Nice name for a cheap restaurant” He said and walked out.

I sighed and watched him as he left, in the whole of New York , he was the only person I hated most.



Rayna’s Pov

I walked out of the car as the driver opened the door. “So good to be home” I said smiling.


“Yeah, I just hope Axton didn’t damage something this time around”


“You know he would, just take it easy on him. Today’s their birthday” I said “Yeah am sure he would be surprised when he realized the Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero is his birthday gift”


“Yeah and am still saying you got him a very expensive gift, I know If Ayna likes cars the way Axton does, you’ll also get her one ” I said


“Sure, anything for the twins”


“Mum Dad” Isa yelled happily coming out the mansion.

The maids came out to carry our luggage. Isa hugs her Dad and then hugs me too. “How are you honey” Daxton asked


“Fine dad” She replied.

We all walked in the mansion, Axton and Ayna were busy watching the TV with a plate of cakes crumbs in front of them and empty bottles of juice”


“How are the birthday twins doing” Daxton said and they looked at our direction. “MOM…DAD” They said excitedly and hugged us.

“Happy birthday darlings” I said and hugged them again.


“So Axton tell me what you damaged” Daxton said. I smiled when I saw the shocked face on Axton. I knew instantly that he had damaged something.


“Nothing dad, I didn’t destroy the headlights of your Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero” He said


“What!! , that was your birthday gift”

Axton and Ayna looked at themselves then Ayna lets out a mocking laugh.




Later that night I decided to go to my boyfriend’s place. He hasn’t called me since to wish me a happy birthday nor did he text. Maybe something’s wrong with him.

Parking my car at his gates, I walked to his apartment. His door was not locked. I entered inside then walked upstairs to his room, the door was slightly opened. I heard laughters a female one to be precised. The foul stench of orgasm, Alcohol


and cigarettes filled the room and I could smell it from outside. I was about opening the door when a conversation started, I decide to eavesdrop.

“You know baby you are supposed to be with Ayna, I mean today’s her birthday. She’ll be upset”


“Yeah I’ll apologize tomorrow”


“Okay baby what about the money I asked you to give me. Hasn’t she sent you any money yet”


“She will, I just have to give her a good reason. You know I used mother’s illness the last time”


“Yeah poor girl doesn’t know your mother died years ago”

They both start laughing, feeling stupid I walk back down and enter my car. Everyone I knew were just friends with me because of my money and even my boyfriend was also among.

I cried and drove home, I wasn’t concentrating on the road and I bumped into a car.

“Danm” I said removing the hair from my face.

The car looked expensive, I know this because we have a lot of cars at home.

A guy walked out looking all angry, I was still shocked and I didn’t move until he came and knocked on the window.

I opened it and apologized.

“Can’t you see or what” He said angrily. “Am sorry” I apologized.

“Who hires female drivers, give me your boss number. I must tell him to sack you” He said. I looked at him upset, just because he’s handsome doesn’t means he can talk rubbish.

“I said am sorry, do you want me to pay for the damage” I asked and he laughed.


“Do you think you can just pay for it, you’re lucky this is one of my cheapestcar” He said.

Getting tired of his rantings, I snatched the phone from his hands and inputted my number.

“Here that’s my number, call me in the next 1 hour I’ll send your money to you”


“I don’t need your money, but I’ll make sure I call you so you can give your boss the phone” He said.

I don’t even know the boss he’s talking about


I looked at his phone and watched him save my name.

“Wait wait, what did you save my name as, I didn’t tell you my name”

I saved it as annoying cab woman ” He said and walked away stillupset.



I yelled and ran out of the car TO BECONTINUED

By Queen






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