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Brian’s Pov


I smiled mischievously as she looked at me mischievously, now she’ll leave by herself and go back to England.

“Am sorry Brian but..”


“But you can’t date me anymore right, oh thank God don’t worry I’ll pay for your flight back” I interrupted her excitedly.


“No that’s not what I meant to say, what I meant to say was am sorry but I’ll still love you like that” She said and my face turned sad.


“You can’t just love somebody like that, like we haven’t even met before”


“I know Brian but I fell in love with your pictures and everything. You don’t know how much I love you, I even let my closest family down, I feel so much for you and I’ll manage your 30 seconds like that” She said holding my hands.


“What if I told you I was gay??”


“You can’t be gay, you said you had an ex girlfriend and you look so manly to be gay”


“Evelyn I ”

“Shhh..” She interrupts putting her hands on my lips. “. it’s okay” She continued and walked awaysmiling.

I scratched my hair and thoughts of plans to get rid of her.


………………….. AYNA’S POV


“That guy Chad really likes you” Axton said while we were busy taking out of the trash which was mainly pizza boxes.


“Yeah the same way you like Dina” I said putting the trash in the garbage and closing it.

“No no I don’t” He denies chuckling nervously.



“Yes you do, you act nervous around her and can’t help staring into her eyes. I don’t blame you though, she’s pretty”


“Yeah she’s prettier than you” He said looking up and smiling at the stars. The fool is in love.


“Are you coming in or do you want me to lock you out while you count the stars” “Please do, I’ll go to Dina’s and ask her to let me pass the night at her place”

“You see you are in love, just come in. Mom and dad mustn’t know we haven’t slept yet, remember I told her I was about to sleep 3 hours ago” I said and closed the door.

I walked to my room and shut the door, I pull off my clothes and wore a nightie then went to sleep.

………………….. EVELYN’S POV

I smiled as I brushed my long brunette hair. Brian thinks he can actually lie to me

and get rid of me so easily. Hell no I won’t leave him so easily after what I sacrificed.



“Evelyn you will not accept this proposal, you have you forgotten what we planned. I watched you grow up so you can avenge your mother’s death and now that you are grown, you want to forget about everything just because of a man. A man’s picture” Aunt Kate yelled


“Aunt Kate, look at him. He’s so handsome, ever since his mother brought the proposal to me, I couldn’t help it. I fell in love instantly” I said ignoring her


“Evelyn you are going to forget about your mother because of a man!!” She yelled


“YES AUNT YES!!, wasn’t it because of a man that my mom died . If she cared about me she might still be alive for now but all she thought about was one stupid


Daxton Caine. You carried revenge on your head for good 20 years, can’t you just forget about it”


“Evelyn you would do as I say”


“You are not my mother” I said and walked away.




“Evelyn do you like my son” Brian’s mom asked.


“I don’tlikehim I love him” I said and continued brushing myhair.

………………… AYNA’S POV

The booming noise I woke up to made my morning so annoying. “Sarah!!” I yelled one of our maids name but no one replied.

Oh that’s right, am not living in the mansion anymore.

“Who the f**k is making such noise” I said pressing the pillow on my ear to reduce the noise but it wasn’t working.

I throw the pillow away and walk downstairs where the noise is coming from.

It was Axton, Chad and Max all playing a video game “The f**k” I yelled and went to unplug it.


“Nooooo” Axton yelled and looked at me angrily. “I was just about to win. I HATE YOU” He yelled.

“Thanks for unplugging it, at least he didn’t kill me” Max said. I smiled at him and frowned at Axton.


“Video games so early in the morning” I saidannoyed. “So. ”

“Don’t you guys have any other thing to do”



“Well today’s a free day for me” Chad replied. “Am a free Lancer” Max said.

“Well you know I don’t have anything doing” Axton said. I smiled and looked at them.


“Not in my house, no idleness. Since today’s a Saturday. We will use it as an environmental day, we will clear the street ”

“What!!” They all yelled.


“You heard me right guys. We will clear the streets” I said .

“Ayna you can’t just..” Axton said but I glared at him and he stopped. “Okay fine” He said.

Good, next time they won’t play video games so early again. Lazy youths.



I really don’t know why we are doing this, clearing the fallen leaves and cleaning the gutter, danm this is so frustrating” Axtoncomplained.


“C’mon it’s not that bad, it’s actually fun” Dina said.


“Of course it’s not that bad, I was just joking” Axton said and i chuckled.


“You know I never knew Cleaning was this fun, it’s really fun” Max said and everyone agreed with him.

It reminded me of Asher, he was a cleaner and we cleaned offices, restaurant and companies together. It was really fun.


“Hi miranda” I greeted as I watched her pass us like she didn’t see us. She ignored my greetings and walked away.


“Don’t feel bad, that’s how she acts” Chad said.


“Hey lemme help you with that” He continued.


“No thanks I can manage” I said..

“Erm Ayna are we also cleaning the gutters of the restaurant”

Axton asked pointing at Cuisine’s best, I was about to say no when somebody replied yes.

Everyone looked at him.

“Since you are cleaning the street’s gutter, you might as well clean mine” He said folding arms.


“Seriously, how do you do it. Appearing from nowhere and disturbing my life” I said angrily.


“You know him??” Axton asked.


“So you are not only a cab woman, you’re also a cleaner. Tell me how much is your fee” He said.


“Hey dude don’t talk about her like that” Chad said defending me.

I could see Axton getting upset, I had to hold his hands so he doesn’t do something stupid.


“Well you know I could have asked you guys to come in and have something but my restaurant is too classy for that” He said and brought out some cash.


“Here take this, for your sweats” He said and Max quickly snatched it “Max” We all said.


“What??, we all need the money” He said and dipped it in his pocket. He scoffed.


“Low class” He said and walked away.


“Ayna why did you hold my hand” Axton asked. I looked at him and shaked my head.


“Because I love you” I said.



We finished clearing the street gutter and I decided to get doughnuts for everyone opposite our house.


“Thanks” I said and paid the woman who sold the doughnuts.


“Hey sΒ£xy” A guy smoking in a van called out.

I ignored him and turned to leave but another guy was facing me not giving me way to leave.

“Excuse” I said trying not to inhale the foul smell of cigarette. That stuff really affects me badly.

“C’mon don’t be feisty” He said and touched my chin.

Seriously who does stupid things like this early in the morning.

You guys should let her go” the woman selling the doughnuts said. They glared at her and she lookedaway.

I swiped his hands away from my chin and raised my hand to slap him but he held it immediately.


“Don’t be so fast” He said holding.


“Let go of those hands” Axton said and punched him.

Chad, Max and Axton started a fight with them, they were 4. “You good” Chad asked examining my body.

“You guys should know one thing.. She is my sister and don’t you ever, ever think of touching her again. If not I’ll break your balls” Axton said and pulled me away.



We took our bathes later and ate the doughnuts. “Let’s go to the Cinema” Max asks

“Sure” Everyone replied.

“Am not going” I said and everyone complained. “You guys can go, I need to do something” I said. “Well I’ll wait” Chad said.



“No seriously, you should go” I said and convinced everyone to go.


After doing the laundry and dishes, I decided to play video games with the computer then I heard the bell ring.

“Wow they are back early” I said and opened the door only for my smile to turn into a frown then a scared face.

“What what do you guys want want” I stammered and swallowed. TO BE CONTINUED.





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