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Brian Pov

I had watched her come out of the house, the one opposite my restaurant. She was watering the plants and the urge to go meet her came to me, so I decided to.

“You” She said shocked.

“We meetagain. cab woman” I said and she frowned a bit.


“What do you want” She asked dropping the watering can and pulling away the gloves.


“Is this where you live”


“Why do you ask, is it your business”


“No. it’s just ever since I started with the restaurant I have never seen youhere



“Well I just moved here, now can you please leave” She said rudely.

I chuckled a little, probably she didn’t know me that’s why she’s talking to me like this.


“Okay what of my money” I asked



“Which money, I don’t remember borrowing any money from you”


“Has cab woman suddenly forgotten about the car she damaged yesterday, you scratched my car remember” I said and she gasps.


“Ohthat am really sorry but I don’t have anymoney”


“Really??, but you sounded so sure yesterday like you were a billionaire, it’s a shame that you are just a cab woman”


“Ouch, did you come here to insult me or what, I only scratched your car. Rich people like you shouldn’t complain about little scratches, besides you said yesterday that it was one of your cheapest cars”


“A cheap car you can never afford” I said and smirked.


“Were you born arrogant or do you just find fun in frustrating me” I rolled my eyes and shrugged.

“Whatever, I don’t even know why I was discussing with a low class. Poor people like you don’t deserve to associate with Rich men like us” I said and walked away living her boiling in anger.



The bastard, who the hell does he think he is.

“I, Ayna Caine low class. How dare he” I said and stormed inside.

I looked at his restaurant from my window, so he was the owner of the restaurant, if I knew he was the owner I wouldn’t have accepted to buy the house.


I walked to the kitchen to prepare dinner before Axton comes back fromMom andDad’s.

“I’ll just make noodles, am really tired” I said and brought out some onions and a chopping board.

I start chopping the onions and thinking about what that annoying bastard said to me. I was so busy fuming in anger I didn’t realize my finger was the next to be cut by the sharp knife.

“Ouch” I cried out looking at my bleeding finger.


The door bell rings so I walk to open the door. “You’re back” I said


“So you didn’t miss me” Axton said and noticed I was holding my finger.


“The f**k!! how did you cut your finger, you’re so careless” He said and walked me to a couch.


“Just wait let me bring the first aid box” He said and ran upstairs.

He came running down minutes later and helped me stop the blood then put a plaster on it to cover the wound.


“Thanks” I said and walked to the kitchen but he called me back.

“Tell me how did you cut your finger, what were you thinking of” He asked. “Nothing” I lied and entered the kitchen.

Axton follows me inside the kitchen.

“Ayna go rest, I’ll take over” He said. “It’s okay Axton I can manage”

“I insist” He said.



ran upstairs.

I opened my laptop and start searching for job interviews.

I looked out the window and saw the restaurant, the lights on the sign board CUISINE’S BEST was still turned on which means they haven’t closed yet.

I sighed and continued getting busy with my laptop.


I was getting dizzy when Axton called me for dinner. “Dinner’s ready princess” He said entering my room.


“Princess???, somebody has cooked poison for somebody” I mocked. “Oh come on, are you trying to say I can’t cook”



“Yeah you can, I wonder what you burnt in the kitchen” I said and got off my bed. I took a spoon of the noodles but spat it out immediately.


“How is it” He askedsmiling.


“So delicious my mouth won’t even accept it” I mocked again. “Am ordering pizza” Hesaid.

“Please do”


“Paying from your purse though” He said and ran out with my purse.

“Hey hey come back here thief” I yelled and ran after him. He ran outside the house but he bumped into someone and he fell down.

“Thank you” I said and snatched my purse from him. “Am sorry my brother bumped into you”

“It’s okay” She replied.


“It’s not okay, can’t you see where you are going or are your eyes damaged” Axton said angrily standing up.

“Axton you bumped into her don’t be a d**khead” I said. “Whatever” He said and walked inside.

“Don’t mind my brother, he’s angry at the fact that he’ll be paying for pizza” “It’s okay, you the pretty girl my friends be talking about since”


“Pretty girl??, friends?” I asked confused.


“Here we are your neighbors, my friends saw you since and they can’t stop talking about you”

I laughed a little.


“Okay your friends are they male or female”



“Two females, 2 males. It’s okay if you wanna meet them”


“Really” I said excited at the fact that I was going to make new friends. “Sure” I said and yelled axton’s name.


“axton AXTON AXTON!!!!” I yelled.


“What WHAT WHAT!!! am I running away!!” He yelled back annoyed. “Sorry please what’s your name” I asked.

“Dina You??”

“Ayna and you already know my brother’s name” I said and Axton walked in on us.


“What’s up” He asked and looked at Dina, he didn’t notice how beautiful she was until he now.


“Hi Axton am, sorry Axton hi am, am so sorry, Am Axton hi” He said and I laughed.


“She gets it, you’re Axton” I said and he sighed, I could see sweat break from his forehead.

Her friends came out of the house one after the order. We all greeted and introduced ourselves.

The boys name were Chad, Max and the girl name is Dora.


“I thought you said you had two female friends” I said and Chad scoffed.


“Well Miranda is the bitch amongst all of us, she won’t come except it’s an handsome guy with lots of cash” Max said

“With big d**k” Chad continued. “Yeah with big d**k” Max said.

“You guys should stop it, Miranda’s our friend” Dora said and poked Max.



“Am sorry baby” He said and put his arms over her shoulder. They looked really fun.

I invited them in, we ate a lots of pizza and played some games till it was 10.

I couldn’t help but notice the way Chad kept on staring at me, he would smile at me any chance he got.

“Ayna you said you are looking for a job right” Chad asked at the door. “Yeah” I replied.

“I work as a delivery guy in a restaurant, they need a female deliverer, you can apply for that”


“Is the restaurant by any chance Cuisine’s best??” I asked and he chuckled.


“Hell No, the restaurant hires really experienced people, am talking about BEST FOODIES”


“Best Foodies??” I said shocked, that was mom’s restaurant. Although it has many branches across the whole USA.


“You mean the one in New York right” I asked


“Yes of course, I can’t go to another state just to work” He said.

I don’t want anybody to know about my status and everyone in Mom’s restaurant knows that I am her daughter.


“You really don’t need to help me find a job.. I just remembered I am going for a job interview tomorrow morning” I lied.

“Really where” “Cuisine’s best”

Danm Ayna what are you saying.

“Really, are you also going to be delivering there”

Am not sure yet, you know what we’ll talk later bye” I said and closed thedoor.

I, Ayna Caine work in Cuisine’s best for that arrogant d**k. I’ll rather die.


I opened the door and looked at his restaurant, the lights were off already which means they closed.

I watched him come out of his restaurant, he looked at my direction and I quickly locked thedoor.

……………………….. BRIAN’S POV

I smiled as I watched her locked the door. I hated the fact that I was smiling but I couldn’t help it.

The way she responded to me with so much effrontery made me amused. She isn’t scared of me and that’s new…



“Mom am home” I said as I walked in.

She was smiling standing with a younger lady. “Hi Axton, you came home late” She said.

“This is Evelyn Smith” She said and we exchanged handshakes.


Immediately everyone stopped talking about random stuffs, I decide to use the opportunity to run upstairs but mom called me back.

“Brian wait. I think you and Evelyn should have a little discussion” “But mom, I need to sleep early”


“You can sleep anytime” She said and walked out.


“You have a good home” Evelyn said looking around.


“Erm Evelyn there’s something I need to tell you” I said and held her hands. “What is it” She asked blushing.

“I know my mother has told you a lot of stuffs about me but there’s something she hasn’t told you yet and am sure you deserve to know”


“Okay??, what is it”


“Evelyn promise me that once I tell you this thing you won’t change your opinion about me”



“Of course Brian I won’t, I loved you even before I met you and now I just love you more” She said.


“Okay here it goes. Evelyn I am a 30 seconds guy” “Pardon?” She asked.

“My sΒ£x performance is just 30 seconds, I cum fast and it’s only when am in the mood” I said.


“Excuse me” She said and stood up removing my hands from hers I knew I was already getting to her.

“See Evelyn once I enter am coming out, I don’t waste time, just 30 seconds” “You’re a 30 seconds guy??”

“Yeah I don’t want to destroy your life Evelyn, you deserve more than 30 seconds” “I can’t believe this?? 30 seconds”

“Yes, ask my ex girlfriend, she saved my name as 30 seconds”












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