Fri. May 10th, 2024




Ayna and Brian finally got married, 2 years later Axton got married to Dina.

Dina was 2 months pregnant before the wedding while Ayna put to bed a week after the wedding, a bouncing baby boy.

Dennis and Brian ended their feud all thanks to Ayna.

Aunt Kate planned on having revenge on the Caine’s family so she came to New York but was arrested at the border.

Dennis and Miranda found love interests in each other, after a one night stand. Isa got married to her fiance and A year after their marriage, Isa had Quadruplets

, 2 boys and 2 girls.

5 years after Brian and Ayna’s marriage they decide to divorce.

Lol just kidding, their love strengthened more as Ayna gave Brian another son again. Cameron being the first son and Tyson being the second son.

Brian secretly calls them 24 minutes and 27 minutes, Only Ayna can understand




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