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I tried locking the door on their faces but one of them stopped me.


“What what do you you guys want, don’t come any where near me” I said moving back as they walked in. Each step they took forward, I also took one backward.


“You know this won’t be happening to you now if your brother hadn’t been a hero, now where’s he?”


“I guess he saw us coming and ran away” One said and they all burst out in laughter.


“Don’t you guys take one more step, and please leave my house if not I’ll call the police” I said and they all burst out laughing exposing their ugly teeth

I shrieked in fear when my back hit the wall, I was cornered.


“Please don’t touch me” I begged realizing things were getting serious. It was only me versus 4 stupid men.


“We should have fun with you” One said and touched my hair. I removed his hands immediately but he gripped my wrist so tight I could hear my bones crack.


“Let go of me, you’re hurting me” I cried looking at his red face.


“Hold her” He ordered two of his men and both held me, one taking each hands. I start screaming on top of my voice and the third guy covered my mouth.


“This is going tobefun. I just hope you’re going to be tight” He said. I closedmy

eyes and started crying, was this how I was going to lose my virginity, true rape.


I was lost in my fears I didn’t realize they’ve released my hands and all I could hear was sounds of punching and men groaning.

I opened my eyes slowly to see them all running out one by one. “Are you okay” He said and touched me and I shrieked in fear again. “Hey hey cab woman, it’s me” He said.

“You” I said and hugged him feeling awkwardly safe in his embrace and crying on his shoulders.

I released myself from the hug sooner and wiped my tears. “Thank you” I said.

“That’s all, you just going to say thank you, I just saved you from losing your dignity as a woman and you just gonna say thank you”


“Then then what should I say, should I bow at your feet and worship you” I asked and he chuckled.


“You can do that too” He said and I looked at his hand, he was bleeding on his middle finger.


“You’re bleeding” I said and he shrugged.


“It’s nothing, but you can suck the blood away if you feel too appreciative”



“Ewww no” I said and he laughed again.


“So where are your bodyguards, have they resigned. Well I don’t blame them you really are one annoying human being”


“Firstly they are my friends and if there’s any annoying human being here is you” I said and he scoffed.


“You know you talk too much for a lady, maybe I should just continue where the guys stopped” He said and moved closer.


“If you come come cl close I’ll break break your head” I said confidently He laughed


“You are not even scared of me” “Why should I be, you can’t hurt me” “Oh really, what if I actually hurtyou”

“No you won’t” I said facing him confidently.


“You don’t even know me” He said and his phone starts ringing but he ignores it. “You should pick your calls you know” I said, he sighed and picked it.


“Hello 30 seconds” A female replied from the other line, I could hear it since it was on loudspeaker.


“Shit, I didn’t turn the loudspeaker off” He said embarrassed and cut the phone. “Sooo your name’s 30 seconds” Isaid and he looked at me angrily.

“My name’s Brian not 30 seconds” He said.


“Oh really, you find fun in calling me cab woman, why shouldn’t I call you 30 seconds”


“If you ever call me 30 seconds I’ll…”


“You’ll do what, what exactly would you 30 seconds do” I said and he covered my mouth.

“Am leaving” He said upsetly and removed his hands from my mouth. “Bye 30 seconds” I said, he glared at me and walked out.




30 seconds, she dares not called me that outside. Evelyn’s such a brat, how dare she call me 30 seconds on the phone


Cab woman is really lucky I was coming out of the restaurant only for me to see those hooligans troop in her house. I knew something was wrong instantly and I felt very protective of her although I still don’t why.



Evelyn yelled at my old cleaner as I walked in the restaurant.


“What’s going on here” I asked looking at the old woman pick up the tray and walk to the toilet looking hurt.


“Brian can you see what your waitress did to my dress” She said angrily showing me the wet part of the dress. The customers looked at her dissaprovingly.


“Evelyn you can’t just barge in my restaurant and talk to my workers anyhow” “But ”

“She spilled water, just water on you don’t disturb my customer with a nuisance attitude, go and apologize to the old lady now”



“But Brian”


“Your luck is that you are my mom’s guest, apologize now” I said

The old woman walked in the scene looking sober, she was about to apologize but I stopped her and looked at Evelyn.


“Am sorry for being rude to you” She said with folded hands.

The customers smiled seeing Evelyn apologize.


“I’ll go dry my clothes in the rest room, where’s the rest room”


“Ask one of the cleaners totake you. Mrs Bina, please follow me upstairs tomy

office” I told the old woman.


“Sir am really sorry for spilling thewater on. ”


“It’s okay ma, I called you up here for something different” I said and brought out an envelope then gave it to her.


“This contains money, a lot of money Sir. What do you want me to use it for” She asked.


“Ma am giving it to you”


“What why” She asked confused.


“Am giving you because you won’t be working here anymore” “But sir is it because of the spilled water. Please sir..”

“It’s not about that, its just I don’t feel comfortable ordering an older woman around, you’re just like a mother. I may be proud, arrogant and rude but I also have respect for older people. Am not sacking you. I just want you to stop working, I’ll still pay your monthly salary to you but you won’t have to work anymore” I said.


“Sir, I am so grateful to you. May you be happy, may you end with a woman of your choice, today you’ll meet the woman you are destined for” She said excitedly.


“Thanks for your service ma” I said and watched her leave.

I thought of what she said, today I’ll meet the woman I am destined for. It’s a good prayer for many people but for me Na. I don’t want to meet any woman now, I don’t want to be committed to somebody. Evelyn is already a mess in my life and am sure she’s not the one destined for me.

I’ll prefer to meet that lady when am older, probably the next 10 years then I’ll be ready for a serious relationship.

Now all that matters is my restaurant and my mother that’s all. “Today you’ll meet the lady you’re destined for” I said and laughed.


What a joke.


“Brian” Evelyn said walking inside.


“What, why exactly are you even here” I asked.


“I want us to know each other more, can we sit and discuss at the cold coffee shop” “Wow you already know everywhere”

“Your mother told me, she said if you don’t say yes I should give her a call” I sighedand slammed my hands on the table.

“This is blackmail” I said


“Whatever you call it, you’re still taking me to the coffee shop. I’ll be in your car waiting” She said and walked out


……………………… AYNA’S POV

I did justice to the box of pizza I ate as I thought about what happened earlier. I brought out my phone and called my brother.

“Hello Axton when are you guys going to be back”


“Ayna I’ll call you back, I can’t hear you” He said and cut the call.


Didn’t they say they were going to the Cinema, why does it sound noisy there. I shake my head and continue eating my pizza, the phone rings.


“Hello Ayna” Axton said, it wasn’t as noisy as it was before.


“We all went to the Fun park Ayna, trust me you are missing a lot” “Fun park???, how old are you, 10?? I asked.

“Whatefs, there are a lots of interesting fun stuff here and trust me you don’t know what you are missing, there’s the merry go round, the waterslide,the. ”


“Wait did you just say water slide, am coming to meet you there. Just tell me which park are you in”


“It’s a new one that just opened, am not sure you know it.. okay do you know that cold coffee shop”


“Sure who doesn’t”

“Okay good, take a cab there and wait, we’ll come pick you there” “Okay am on my way”

I changed my dress and locked the door then went out. I looked up and the

weather looked like it was going to rain.

I took a cab and it stopped at the coffee shop, I brought out my phone and called Axton again.




“Evelyn go inside and pick a seat, let me find a better parking space. I don’t want my car to be amongst this low class car” I said. She smiled and came out of the car. “I think it’s going to rain” She said from the window.

I found a good parking spot and parked my car there, then I walked out of the car dipping my phone and car key in the pocket.

Before entering the shop, I notice someone familiar although it was the person’s back that was facing me.


I walked closer and realised who it was.

“Cab woman??” I said and she turned to face me.


“30 seconds??” She said and suddenly the rain starts pouring.

We stood looking at each other as the rain poured on us, while everyone tried finding shelter from the rain, we just kept on looking at each other.

And for a while, it felt like nobody existed except from the both of us. TO BE CONTINUED..




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