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Episode 20 Kate’s Pov

I looked at Selene as she stood in front of the candle light smiling evilly over her plan of blowing up the hospital.

“Selene you can’t kill hundreds of innocent mothers and babies because of Rayna” I said trying to convince her not to do it.


” I don’t care, have had enough, it’s either Daxton comes back to him or I eliminate everyone”

“Selene I have a better plan”

I pulled her closer and whispered in her ear. “How sure are you” She asked

“Very sure” I replied and called one of the maids. “Lora!!” I yelled and she came running downstairs.

“You called for me” She said using a rag to clean her hands.

“There’s something you’ll have to do for me Lora and your innocent face is just perfect for the job” I said and smiled. Selene looked at me and smiled contentedly, at least no killing of innocent people.


Rayna’s Pov

“Daxton I want to go home now, am tired of staying in the hospital” I said lieing on the bed

“Cmon my love, the doctor said you’ll discharged tomorrow, just bear it” “But..”

“No buts, your health first”

“How’s Isa, I haven’t seen her since”

“She came with Jessica earlier but you were sleeping and the doctor asked us not to disturb you, but don’t worry she’ll be back in the evening”


“Daxton I was really scared earlier, I thought I would die, i thought”


“Shhhh, don’t think of anything bad, besides I won’t let anything bad happen to you, am very happy Rayna, this time I get to see not only one but two of my own flesh and blood grow up, thank you Rayna for accepting me back into your life”

I smiled and hugged him


“Ayna and Axton look so beautiful” He said. I was surprised “Ayna??, Axton?”

“Yes honey, I removed the first letters of our names, do you like it”


“I don’t like it, I LOVE IT” I said and hugged him again.

……………………….. DAXTON’S POV


I help Rayna into the car while Mom and Jessica carries the babies. Debbie enters the car last with a bandage over her head and across her stomach.

“Be careful” I said and assisted her in entering the car.

“Daddy you help everyone inside the car, now what about me” Isa asked spreading her arms, everyone laughed while I chuckled.

“Cmon honey, you will sit beside daddy because Daddy loves you so much” I said and put her in the front seat.

I was about entering the driver seat when the doctor called me.

“Yes doctor?” I responded and walked a distance to where he was standing ” Concerning the nurse that tried kidnapping your kids, she just woke up”

“So has she said anything yet”

“She refuses to but the police are on their way, I’ll make sure she confesses” “Thanks doctor and please don’t tell my wife, worrying is the last thing I want for her ”


“Sure and make sure she comes for her postnatal, you knew she had a very hard time giving birth”


“Sure doctor, Thanks I promise to get back to you” “No problem”

We shook hands and went our separate ways, I drove home.


“Daxton I feel weak, like really weak” Rayna complained immediately we entered our room.


“Hey hon we just had a baby, its normal”


“Yeah but not like this when I had Isa, I feel really really weak” She puts her hand on her head


“Okay calm down, let’s walk to the bed” I walked her slowly to the bed but she fainted on my hands.

“Rayna, Rayna” I called and carried her to the bed. She really looked white and pale


Her mom was with the kids in Isa’s room while Jessica and Debbie were in Debbie’s room.

I brought out my phone and called the doctor.


“She’s okay, nothing to worry about she’s just tired due to the stress she went through before giving birth. Am thinking you guys should get a maid or something like that to reduce the stress for her”


“Doctor you’re right, I try telling this woman hereto let us get a maid, but she thinks she’s a super woman and refuses to accept any help”

Rayna pinched me at my back making me stand up.

“See she’s pinching me now, she doesn’t wants me to say anything”

” If you guys don’t mind I know someone who can help you” the doctor suggested. “Who doctor” Rayna asked

“Lora come in” the doctor called and a woman dressed in almost rags with torn slippers and bushy hair walked in. She had some bruises on her body


“Her name’s Lora, she ran away from her husband who hits her everyday, Lora tried to bear everything until she lost her baby, then she’s been running. I almost ran into her today when I was coming to your place, she told me her story and Ifelt pity on her. She said she worked as a maid before she was forcefully married to the beast, I was going to take her to the homeless organization but I think you guys would be morebetter”


“Doctor we don’t need a maid” Rayna said

“But if she needs money we can help her with that” She continued.


Lora went on her knees and starts pleading and crying.

“Please madam let me work here, if you give me money it would finish someday, am a very good maid, please just accept me. I promise I won’t disappoint” She ptleaded.

I could see the pity in Rayna’s eyes, Rayna has always been softhearted. “Okay fine” She said and exhaled deeply

“But please you need to have a serious makeover, you’ll scare my kids like this” Rayna joked and everyone laughed.

……………….. LORA’S POV


After Debbie showed me a room, I entered the bathroom and brought out my phone.






I smiled and put the phone on a table then had a shower.





“What do you mean you want me to kill the nurse, I already told Daxton she’s woken up”

“This is a cheque of $50,000 and this is my hotel room card, you can come meet me tonight let’s have fun”


“No buts doctor, you have to finish what you started” “But how” I exclaimed.

“You injected Rayna some stuff that made her fainted right” “Yes just as you said, I didn’t kill her”

“Okay you know what you did can not only make you lose your job but also make you go to jail”

“Are you threatening me” I asked and she laughed.

“No am not but let assume the nurse confesses am the one who asked her to kidnap the baby, I would go to jail but am not going to go alone” She said.

“Okay fine, I understand where you are going, I’ll get rid of her immediately” “Good doctor, rather than waste your sweat on this small issue come and waste it on my body tonight. It’s been long since I had fun and my Fiance travelled, bye” she pecked me on my cheek

God have put myself in big trouble



Rayna’s POV


I smiled happily watching my little angel suck my br**st milk so happily, Axton was with Lora. It’s been a week since Lora came working here and I can say I like her, she’s really nice with the kids.

“Madam can I come in” Lora said after knocking.

“Yes come in” I said and put Ayna gently in her cot since she’s already dozing away.

“Is he making a fuss already” I said and brought out my hands to carry him. “He’s sleeping already. Lora how did you do that, he’s always making a fuss” “It’s nothing ma, I just had to sing a lullaby for him”

“Thanks Lora, I’ll just put him in his cot as well”

“Yes ma, I’ll be leaving now” She bowed and walked out.

I watched her leave and went to the bathroom to take a shower.



I watched from my room as Lora walked out of Rayna’s room, she was smiling so innocently but immediately she locked the door, I could see the pure evil in her smile.

She walked past me and I called her back.

“Lora wait” I said and she flashed an innocent smile to me. “Your husband that always hits you, where does he stay” “Why…why…are…you…you ask..asking” She stammered.

“Oh I just feel, he should be arrested and brought to the law for hitting a woman to the extent of even losing her baby”

“It’s it’s a a past experience, I I don’t want to remember it again” She said trying to avoid eye contact.

“Or perhaps you don’t have any husband” She widened her eyes in shock.

“Of course I have a husband but I don’t want to talk about him (She starts crying) I don’t want to remember the past but you just reminded me. Please I can’t stand and allow you say such things” She wipes her tears and leave.

” You can fake those tears Lora, but I won’t buy them, there’s something odd about you and I would find out. I know I can’t do this alone, I’ll need the help of Taylor, Rayna’s brother. Am sure he would help me find out who you really are” I said to myself and went back inside my room







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