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Episode 14

~~Rayna’s Pov~~

I looked at him and watched him smirk mischievously, he just regained consciousness and all he could think of was naughty things. “Well you want it too” My subconscious mocked me. Well it’s been more than 3 years. “Rayna am dieing here” He said and pulled me closer, this time I was sitting on his bed and our lips were almost touching. I brushed my hair backwards and closed my eyes slowly while Daxton cupped my chin.

“THE HELL!!” Debbie shouted and the banging of the door followed. I stood up from Daxton’s bed quickly and looked at Debbie’s dangerous looks and Selene angry eyes. “You dirty swine” Selene said crying and charged for me. I closed my eyes and move back expecting the worst but I opened it when nothing happened and saw Daxton holding Selene’s hand while she struggled to break free. “Daxton let me go” She said still looking at me while I stood behind Daxton cowering in fear. “Do you actually want to slap her” Daxton said and let her go. “Brother don’t tell me you are back together with her, this cheap thing” Debbie said. I felt insulted and came out of my hiding place that is Daxton’s back. I looked at Debbie then head for the door but Daxton called me back. “Rayna where are you going” Daxton asked. “Please just let me be this time” I said and sobbed then walked out of the hospital.

I stood at one corner and smiled, I touched my heart and felt it beat rapidly. Then I touched my lips and thought of what happened between I and Daxton making me blush and laugh.

“You acting a movie” I heard a masculine voice say, I turned back and saw Taylor standing with folded hands. “Tay Taylor” I said and kept a straight face. “Have been watching you for some seconds now and you were acting like those womenin zee world who finally found love” He said. I gasped and thought of what to reply to defend myself. “Sooo you watch zee world, a guy, a detective for that” I said in defense. “Miss Skylar, I have a wife, who burns my food extraordinary everyday ” He said and I nodded laughing with him. “So how’s Mr Caine doing, and when did you become a nurse in this hospital” He asked observing me, I smiled and tried mixing words together. “Amamam ” I stammered scratching my hair.He

chuckled and touched my shoulder. He really seemed familiar and I felt homely talking to him. “Soooo concerning the kidnap case, you’ll be very surprised to


know who was behind it” He said. He pulled me away from the corner I was standing in and showed me a picture on his phone. I opened my mouth in surprise, he was back, Gregory the same guy who kidnapped me 9 years ago but Daxton saved me, he risked his life for me just like he did for Isa, he’s my hero. I smiled thinking of Daxton again. “Hey cinderella” Taylor says waving his hand in my face and snapping me out of my thoughts. “Aren’t you a happy girl today, one minute you’re surprised and another minute you’re blushing like a high school teenager who just got a boyfriend” He teased me. I brushed my hair backward and pretended to be upset. “So what’s bad if am happy, is it a bad thing to be happy” I said and walked a few distance away from him. I went to the drinks machine and slipped a dollar to bring out a drink. Taylor came closer and I handed him a peach drink, although am allergic to anything peach. “Peach???, no no no Rayna am allergic to peach” He said and I gasped. “You don’t mean it, am also allergic to peach” I said. I took two apple drink and gave him one. “Mine is hereditary though, I got it from my father” I told him taking a sip. I looked at the time and realized it was getting late.

“I have to go now, I have to go pick my daughter” I said. “Are you not going to tell Daxton” He asked. I thought of Selene and Debbie, hell no was I going back there. All I needed was to change and check out.

“No, I’ll just leave” I said and walked away.


Daxton’s Pov

I sat on my bed looking at the two women nagging at me, one was my sister who was really annoying and Selene who was forcing herself at me. I couldn’t do anything to stop Rayna from walking away. I was still weak even though the naughty side of me wasn’t weak at all. I sighed and ignored the both of them by laying my head on the pillow and shutting my eyes. At least they can’t stop me from seeing Rayna in my dreams.


Rayna’s Pov

“Mummy!!” Isa squealed happily and ran to hug me while I spread my hands to hug her. I lifted her off the ground and threw her up. “Honey how are you” I said and dropped her down. “Rayna, you’re back” Dad said. “Mummy Grandpa said we are going to be living with him from now on” Rayna said pulling my dress happily. I looked at him and he smiled, I faked a smile back. He was back with his attitude, doing things without asking my permission. “Where’s Granny” I asked and Isa’s smile turned to a sad face.


“Grandma is in her room, she’s sad. I think she’s angry with me because I asked her a question” Isa replied playing with her hand . “Which question” I ask knowing Isa to be very inquisitive.

“Your mother was showing her some pictures and mistakenly showed her the picture of when she was pregnant with our first child, Isa asked about the baby and that upsets your mother, she’s been moody since, it’s a good thing you are here, go talk to her” He said. I nodded and walked upstairs, it’s been 29 years but mom still hasn’t forgotten about her first son, he was a still born and mother lost him. She always wanted a male child and it really hurt her when she lost her son and also realizing she couldn’t give birth again after having me.

“Mommmm” I whined and sat on the bed, she cleaned her tears and sobbed lightly. “Rayna you’re back” She said sniffing. “Mommy” I said like a child, I do that whenever she’s crying . “It’s ok am not crying again, how is Daxton” She asked diverting the topic.

“Mom it’s been 29 years, let’s forget about the past and focus on the present” I said.

She smiled and hugged me, “it’s okay honey, it’s just I feel like my son is still alive and I can’t stop thinking about him whenever I look at my pregnancy pictures” She said. I smiled and patted her, she’s a good mother.



I pressed the alarm and my wife came running. “Hey boy, back from the hospital” She said and my son came running. “Daddy” He said excitedly and I played with his hair. “Hey champion” I said and we all walked inside.


“Thanks honey” I appreciated my wife who served me dinner. “Honey there’s something amusing me and I can’t help but ask now” “What’s it” I asked.

“You know the girl that was kidnapped, Isa. Have been looking at her pics for a while now” She said and handed me her phone. “Can’t you see her and John looks alike, besides there’s a resemblance between you and her mother, both of you look alike with the same color of hair and blue eyes, just like Isa and John” She said.

My wife always observing things.

“Looking at the little girl picture, she does looks like John but I don’t think Rayna and I look alike ” I said hoping for the conversation to end. Amy won’t let me enjoy the food.

“I still think both of you look alike” She insisted. “Honey guess what” I said. “What” She asked.


“You and Kim kardashian look alike” I said. She frowned and pouted.

“Don’t tease me, am serious about it, there’s a resemblance between both of you, almost the same features,it’sreally. ” She continues but I cut heroff.

“Hey look, it’s 9pm, mehek is starting” I said. She stood up immediately and ran to the living room.

I chuckled, women and zee world, at least now I can enjoy my food. Me and Rayna look alike, what a funny thing to say. She does seem familiar but I don’t think we’ve met before.


Rayna’s Pov

“Isa your daddy is okay, we’re going to see him tomorrow, now go to bed, it’s late” I say trying to make Isa stop worrying about her father. I haven’t even told her he’s her real dad yet, she still thinks of him as her fake father but she loves him very much. Sometimes I getjealous.

“Mommy, I want to see daddy” She insisted. “Isa , I told you already we’ll go tomorrow” I said and kissed her goodnight then tucked her in bed. I watched her sleep then walked out of her room and went to the corridor, I looked up, the crescent moon and the shining stars illuminated the sky. I smiled warmly, tucking my shoulders in my coat as a result of the cold. Then I thought of doing something I haven’t done in ages,singing..

I cleared my throat and inhaled deeply, then I start singing one of my favorite song from my heart, thinking of Daxton, Isa, mom, dad, Taylor and every special person in my life although I don’t know why Taylor is included.

My phone vibrates, I bring it out from my coat and read the message sent to me by an unknown number.

“Who texts at 11pm with an unknown number”

“Your voice should be added in 1000 ways to die ๐Ÿคฎ so horrible, I hope you don’t kill my child with this kind of horrible voice, my EARS ARE BLEEDING”I read the message outloud.

“The f**k” I said offended and saw Daxton standing at the door grinning. I knew he was the one instantly

“I have a bad voice??” I said and he nodded. “Very bad, please stop singing” He said. “Fuck you” I said and he smirked mischievously. “Yes baby you can f**k me all you want, am always available” He said.

“Daxton you are one bad guy” I said and he chuckled. “Mommy what is f**k?” I heard Isa tiny and sleepy voice say.


Daxton and I looked at each other surprised. “You are in trouble” Daxton whispered in my ear and folded his arms.

To be continued I finally posted..

Trust me it wasn’t easy.. TBC






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