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Episode 15 Selene’s Pov

I screamed fury, my eyes widened and heart broken, I was hating Rayna more and more everyday. “How dare she, how DARE SHE” I yelled and threw the bottle of wine on the floor breaking it to many pieces. “Selene!!” My sister and Debbie screamed. I looked at their shocked faces looking at the floor and ignored them to sat on the bed. They both walk in making sure they avoided the broken bottle. “Selene what’s the problem” Kate asked. Everything was the problem, I was really hoping if Daxton gets discharged, he’ll come home but no he went straight to that bitch’s house. I looked at both of them and decided I wasn’t ready to start talking so I laid on the bed and rest my head on the pillow. “It’s nothing, I broke the glass by mistake, you guys can leave no harm done” I told them weakly and shut my eyes probably death might even take me.


Rayna’s Pov

I couldn’t imagine the joy in my heart seeing Daxton carry his own daughter in his arms.

“Honey do you want to know what f**k is” He asked her and she nodded.

“It’s a bad word okay, good kids don’t say it and you are a goodkidright?? ” She

nodded. “Good girl don’t say it anymore, that’s my baby” He said and she rested on his shoulders dozing away slowly. “She reminds me a lot of you” He said suddenly. “Really, me??” I asked folding my arms, men the cold was freezing.


Daxton looked at me and realized I was cold, he saw that Isa was fast asleep so he lays her inside and comes out back. He wraps his arm around my little body and made me feel warm by covering the both of us with his Jacket.

There was silence at first, I didn’t want to break it but Daxton did. “Am sorry” He apologized, I smiled to myself.

“For what”

“For everything I did to you and for hating you for the past years, am sorry. I don’t deserve you but still I’ll try everything tomake sure. ” I interrupt him byfacing

him and putting my finger on the lips. “Don’t say anything Daxton, I just want you to know no matter what happens, I’ll never stop loving you” I said and kissed him lightly on his forehead by standing on both toes, Daxton is damntall

“You missed a spot” He said and touches his cheek. I lean in to kiss his cheek but surprisingly he turns and I kiss his lips, I try to lean back but he tightened his grip and made sure our lips were still together. I closed my eyes slowly and allowed him explore part of my mouth with his tongue. The cold disappeared immediately and now I was feeling hot. The hotness increased when Daxton starts to form a hickey on a neck. It was a feeling of pain and pleasure. He pulled my coat off slowly leaving me in my lingerie. He starts to pull that off too but I stop him . “Daxton we’re outside” I whispered. He smiled and lifted me off my feet then carried me inside, inside my bedroom then dropped me gently on the bed. There’s only one word ringing in my head now, love. I closed my eyes and allowed him pull my clothes off. This isn’t our first time so nothing to hide from him.

“Rayna so you love me, just say it and I’ll make you feel complete like a woman tonight, say you love me” He said. “I….love. you” I said and he took my face and

kissed me deeply, this wasn’t a kiss of lust but a kiss of pure love, and after allowing him to explore my body, we made love that night, it was painful at first but Daxton made sure I adjusted before he continued. It’s been more than 3 years now and have finally felt complete, with Daxton.

We slept off without bothering to wear our clothes but the duvet was covering our naked body, this made me remember those days until my dad spoilt everything. I slept on his chest but woke up the next morning with a pillow under my head. “Daxton” I called thinking he’s in the bathroom but no response.

“What’s smelling nice” I said and walked out with the duvet wrapped around me to cover my body.

In the living room was Isa watching TV with a mouth full of pancakes and I shook in fear when someone wrapped their hands around my waist making the


duvet fall to the floor leaving me naked but luckily Isa is deeply engrossed with her cartoons, she didn’t even notice I was behind her.

“Such a scaredy cat” Daxton teased. while I bent to pick the duvet. Today is Saturday so I Isa didn’t have to go to daycare.

“Baby” I called and she looked back.

“Mummy morning, daddy made pancakes more delicious than your own, Daddy teach my mummy how to make delicious pancakes” Isa said and continued stuffing her mouth. Daxton smiled, obviously proud of himself. “You would never beat me in cooking” He whispered in my ear. I rolled my eyes at him pretending to be hurt and that made him worried.

“Babe am sorry” He apologize while I ignored him and went to my room. I entered the shower and was about closing it but Daxton held the door.

“Babe cmon don’t tell me you upset with me, fine am sorry please don’t stay mad at me, okay you can cook better than me” He said. I was laughing real bad in my mind. “Daxton there’s something I want youtoknow AM SOFUCKING

HUNGRY AND I MIGHT END UP EATING YOU” I yelled and he laughed. “You you crazy woman” He said and tickled me. I screamed and asked him to stop but he didn’t.

I laughed heartily and I prayed it never end.


We all sat down in front of the TV watching the cartoon with Isa like a normal family but God knew Daxton and I weren’t concentrating at all, Isa was in the middle and he kept on touching me from where he was. Sometimes the crazy guy would play with my br**sts and I won’t be able to do anything so I won’t diverge Isa’s attention to somewhere else.


Mr Skylar’s Pov

It’s been 29 years but the guilt of what I did that day still eats me up, anytime I look at my wife I can’t just help but feel guilty. How could I let a still born child be my own son, its going to damage my reputation that’s why I asked the doctor to get rid of him. The child is a goner anyways, but my wife can’t just forget about that, she still broods over it.


Selene’s Pov

“Selene I don’t support you this time, this your plan is very dangerous, what if my brother gets hurt, I think we should just leave both of them alone” Debbie said after listening to my plan to have Daxton.


“Debbie I love your brother and I swear I won’t let anything happen to him, you see that Rayna she’s a hypocrite, once Daxton brings her home, she’ll make sure she lets you pay for everything and you know Daxton is blinded by his love forher so don’t let her back home in your brother’s life, I’ll make sure nothing happens to your brother” I convincedher.

“Selene you sure?” She asked and I nodded.

“Fine let the party begin and make sure Rayna is invited” She said and we both smiled devilishly.

Daxton is mine and would always be mine, it’s either I have him or no one else can.


Daxton’s Pov

Rayna and I walked on the streets, hand in hand, carrying Isa with one arm. Everyone who passed by had a comment to drop.

“Wow nice family” “Awwn their baby is cute”

“Isn’t that Daxton Caine, such a lucky woman”

“Wow this girl is hot” A guy said and this one angered me, Rayna smiled and this angered me more. I gave him a glare and he walked away hurriedly.

“Isa wait” I said and dropped her down, I pulled off my Jacket and wore it on Rayna.

“Daxton what are you doing” She asked smiling.

“Protecting my property, let’s go” I said and we walked a few distance again but stopped when my phone vibrated. It was a message from Debbie.


I sighed angrily when I saw the message, trust Debbie to do something foolish like this.

“What is it” She asked and I gave her my phone.




I opened the car door and watched the two most important people in my life troop out. I could swear Rayna was a goddess and Isa is a baby goddess. Even though she wasn’t smiling, she was still extraordinarily beautiful, she doesn’t wants to be here but I have a surprise for her, am going to use this party as a medium to propose to her, I can’t wait to bring her home where she trulybelongs.


We entered inside and became the center of attention, I greeted familiar people with hugs and the unfamiliar with handshakes….


Selene’s Pov

“Are you ready, he’s here already make sure you do your job well” I told the person on the other line. Tonight am going to risk my life but I don’t care. I’ll do anything for Daxton.

I walked to him and saw the way he held Rayna, I was dieing inside. “Daxton come stand here so everyone can see you” I said and pulled him away from the bitch. Then I made sure he stood where I wanted him to, under the chandelier.

Daxton’s Pov

After minutes of sharing my almost death experience with a lot of people for no particular reason, I decided it was time to do what I needed to do.


to put my hand in my pocket to bring out the ring but suddenly.

“DAXTON NOOOO” Selene yelled and pushed me away and boom the chandelier fell on her making her bleed and lose consciousness.

There was silence first but my yells broke it.

“SELENE!!!” I yelled and removed the chandelier then carried her body dropping the ring box on the floor. Today was supposed to be the most special day of my life but it has been ruined.

To be continued







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