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Episode 18 Daxton’sPov

It was a good thing Rayna’s mother, Jessica the cab man and I already had a good plan. I was really scared when Mia told me Rayna was leaving but luckily I had a good plan. I even bribed the cab man to take her to my mansion while I drove behind.


Rayna’s Pov

I was still surprised and angry while Isa was getting excited, of course she would be excited since she knew it’s her father’s home.

“Ma am sorry, but 5 million dollars is a very big money” He said and got out ofthe car. Shock didn’t allow me to move at all until Daxton came to the car window and opened the carseat.

“Daddy” Isa squealed excitedly and came out of the car leaving me dumb founded. “Rayna come out” Daxton said with Isa on his arm and his hand stretched forward. I ignored it and came out of the car.

The cab man offloaded my luggage and apologized to me then drove off. Mom and Jessica came out of Daxton’s car, I knew immediately this was a plan work by all of them. Mom came forward and touched me calmly.

“Rayna let’s go inside to talk” She said. I want to resist but the looks on Isa’s face melted my heart and I decided to go inside.



“Isa come let’s go and play in the garden with Aunt Jessica” Mom said, her motive was to excuse us.

Immediately they left, Daxton came forward and held my hands, I didn’t fight back but my eyes were all cold. Thinking about what I saw in the magazinealmost made me breakdown but I decided to be strong, I won’t let Daxton see my cry. “Where’s your fiancee?” I asked. He sighed and starts explaining everything that happened. I listened with irritation, God selene can be so disgusting, Jessica was right after all, it was all a planwork.

“Immediately I regained consciousness, I made sure I came back to you immediately to clarify all things” He said, I was crying already. “Daxton” I sobbed and huggedhim.

“I can’t hurt you deliberately Rayna, I love you too much for that, I would die for you Rayna and it’s not a joke”

“Am so glad we’re okay now, am sorry I didn’t listen to you the first place” I said. He pulled me away slowly and wiped my tears.

“Your tears are like diamonds, I can’t afford to see them waste, don’t cry”

He pulled me back and hugged me deeply, I thought of telling him about my pregnancy but I decided to wait and see what happens.

“Rayna” A female voice called and I saw Debbie standing at a side folding her hands and looking sober. Daxton looked at her and the soft look on his face turned to anger. “Debbie I want you to pack your things now and leave for aunt’s place, I don’t want you to stay here till noon” He yanked at her.

“Bro am really sorry, I didn’t know what came over am so sorry, Rayna am sorry”

She knelt down and started crying

“Daxton she’s your younger sister, you can’t punish her like that, youare the only one she’s got” I pleaded with him

“She risked my life, she helped that selene trapped me, she doesn’t even care about me” He said

“No no Daxton I really care about you, I made a mistake am really sorry” She came to me on her knees and touched my leg.

“Debbie what are you doing” I said and pulled her up.

“Cmon don’t cry, we all make mistakes” I said and embraced her warmly. I only hoped she wasn’t faking it.

……………….. SELENE’S POV

I sat down in my own comfort inhaling the smell of the cigar and drowning myself with a bottle of alcohol, I was sitting in front of the mirror and saw how


miserable I had become. A knock was heard on the door but I refused to stand up so the person had to open the door and walk in

“God Selene what’s this, you’re killing yourself can’t you see it, this is very harmful for you and most especially your baby” Kate yelled and snatched the cigarette from my hand. I was about to take another sip from the bottle but Kate dragged it from my hand.

“Do you want to kill your baby” She asked.

“Why should I care, Daxton denied the baby ” I sobbed

“Well we both know Daxton isn’t the real father of your child”

“But Daxton doesn’t know this, he just denied immediately, and went back to that bitch, he went back to that bitch, I HATE HER, I’LL KILL HER, I’LL KILLHER AND HER DAUGHTER, I’LL MAKE SURE I MAKE HER SUFFER” Iyelled

across the room.

“Selene we will surely make her pay, but for now you have to focus on your child, Dad must not know you are smoking and drinking, so stand up and let me call the maids to clear the room before Dad comes back” Kate said and pulled me up.


A week later


Rayna’s Pov

Today is Isa’s birthday, my baby would be +1 today. I still haven’t told Daxton am pregnant yet but Debbie knows already, she’s really nice to me and am really grateful things are finally looking up for me. Daxton is hosting a big party for Isa in his mansion, this is the first birthday he’s celebrating with his daughter, he’s so happy and I can’t wait to make him more happier when I break the news to him. “Rayna this red dress would look good on you, I don’t like that blue, it’s showing your baby bump way too much” Debbie said and handed a red dress forme.

Daxton had gone to the boutique to get some dresses earlier for the party and I can proudly say he has a good taste in choosing female clothes.

“Debbie this jeans and crop top would fit you perfectly” I said handing it to her, she collected it excitedly and thanked me.

“You’re the best sister in law” She said and hugged me.



Today is going to be one of the best day on my life, not only am I going to be a father again, am also going to propose to Rayna and this time nothing’s stopping


me, Debbie had told me about Rayna’s pregnancy and asked me to act like I didn’t know anything about it.


Rayna’s Pov

Everyone I knew was present at Isa’s birthday, the atmosphere was really lightened up. Isa and Daxton were having a good time together and everyone was having a good time. I had a glass of apple juice at hand and was enjoying myself as well until the lights went off. I was surprised and I looked around but everywhere was dark. I felt myself surrounded and I became scared until the spot light shined on me and I was shocked to see Daxton already standing at my front. “Daxton what’s going on” I said realizing we were both the centre of attention.

He held my hands and smiled then went on his knees, I covered my mouth. “Rayna I fell in love with you the day I saw you. You complete me in every way. I want to share every moment of my life with you, I will take care of you and I will never make you cry . I promise to never leave you alone, I promise to be with you for life ( he brings out a ring from his pocket) will you marry me”

Tears streamed down my face as I watched Daxton propose to me, I nod my head slightly and said a yes. I could see Daxton was super happy as he stood up and lifted me off my feet. The lights came back and Isa came to join the happy moment.

“Daxton there’s something I should tell you” I said and whispered in his ear. “Am pregnant”

He looked at me happily but not surprised, like he already knew am sure Debbie told him.

He laughed and hugged me


Some weeks later


I stood in front of the mirror smiling at myself, the wedding gown looked so perfect on me, and my smile made it more beautiful. Finally I was getting married to someone I truly love, finally I would be happy.

“Rayna it’s time” Dad said from the door. I nodded and wiped my tears to avoid it from ruining my makeup. I sighed and walked out with Dad.

We both walked down the aisle with the “Here comes the bride” theme played by the keyboardist. I walked on the alter while dad left to sit down.

The procession started.

We took our vows together and then exchanged ring, it’s really happening.


“Do you Rayna Skylar take Daxton Caine to be your lawfully wedded husband, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do” I replied smiling.

“Do you Daxton Caine take Rayna Skylar to be your lawfully wedded wife, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do with all my heart” He replied

“And now, by the power vested in me , I hereby pronounce you husband and wife

.You may kiss your bride” The priest said and Daxton pulled me closer and kissed me like his life depended on it, everyone clapped and made excited noise.

I was finally his wife




I would let her enjoy for now, she got married to my man today well she should enjoy it while it lasts cause when I come for her, I’ll be coming for her hot. I would let her watch everybody she loves die in my front and make sure she suffers.

Then Daxton would have no choice but to forget her and start a new family with me.


The excruciating pain was here again, but not as painful as before because Daxton was here. I don’t know why am due today, it’s not complete nine months and am sure my baby is not premature like my first child. Daxton didn’t want us to know the sΒ£x of the baby, he says he’s very sure it’s a boy. I also want a boy too.


I screamed in pains grabbing the sheets of the bed, I was sweating profusely. “Mrs Caine you can do it you have to push harder” the female doctor said. I groaned and closed my eyes then made a big push.

Then I saw the happiness on Daxton’s face. “It’s a boy” the doctor said.

I felt the urge again, the feeling that my stomach wasn’t empty and I needed to push again, but this time I was really exhausted and I could feel the life sucking out of me.

“Mrs Caine you have to push again, you can’t lose consciousness now” I heard the doctor say but I was going already, I couldn’t help it. Daxton was yelling and


everyone was panicking, I couldn’t hear anything but I knew something was going wrong. I felt my heart beating slowly and I feared the worst was about to happen. Don’t forget to share if you want the next chapter quickly

To be continued







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