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Chapter 12 Daxton’sPov

I drove with full speed watching the cab Rayna was in drive to an unknown direction. “Rayna where the f**k are you going, you driving me crazy ” I thought to myself and pulled in front of the cab Rayna was in. I got out of the cab,followed by her friend then Rayna came out ranting. “YOU!!, ARE YOU BLIND CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT YOU ARE DRIVING, DO YOU WANT TO CAUSE AN ACCIDENT, GET YOUR CAR AWAY FROM THE ROAD” Rayna yelled atme.

She didn’t seem to recognize me anymore. “Rayna it’s me” I said holding her shoulders. “I DON’T CARE WHO YOUARE, YOU ” I interrupt her by hugging

her, she stops ranting and cries on my chest. “Daxton my baby I miss her, I miss her so much” She cried. Her friend pulled her away from me not before giving me a bad look. “It’s okay Rayna” Her friend assured her and walked her to the cab to take them home



~~Kate’s Pov~~

Looking at the glass of wine on my head and the half naked young man beside me made me smirk evilly. I use my long fingernails to play on his bare back. “So tell me Gregory, how was it” I asked and watch him stand up staring at me lustfully. “I swear Kate never in my life have I tasted something as sweet yours, I wish we could have more than just sΒ£x, I wishwecould. ” I stopped himby

raising my hand at. “You know we are only together for what we want” I said. “So when you called her, did she actually pick” I asked and he nodded the positive. “Well yes she did pick and she’s supposed to be at the hotel already, but she’s only going to get disappointed there because am only playing with her, well that’s the fun of the issue. Am going to make her and her wonderful boyfriend for locking me up in the prison for the past nine years, I’ll make sure her little jewel pay forher sins” He said then looked at me then stands up to continue. “While I was in prison, she was gallivanting with her driver boyfriend and to even worsen things while I was rotting in jail my mother got sick and I was not there to take care for her until she died. I FUCKING LOST MY MOTHER ” He yelled. I rolled my eyes at his stupid show of emotions, everyone loses their mother so what’s the big deal. How I met Gregory was a huge coincidence, I met him at the welcome home party dad hosted for me. When Brian and his daughter walked out of the hall, I followed them. Then I noticed there was a guy in black, wearing a black cap spying on Rayna . Once Brian and his stupid family drove away, I called him and asked him why he was peeping. Well after that we both realised, we hated that bitch Rayna and kidnapping her daughter was the only way to get back at her. How dare she flaunt my Brian in front of me. That little bitch. I’ll make sure her little angel suffers forit.



“Here take this” Jennifer said as she handed me a cup of water. I collected it and took a sip then returned the cup back to her. Then I looked at Daxton, standing beside the wall and giving me a concerned look. “Rayna what the hell were you about to do” Jennifer yanked at me. “Am sorry” I said. It wasn’t my whole fault either, try losing the only thing you value in this life and you’ll know how difficult it is to stay calm. Someone just called me to meet him at a certain hotel to discuss about Isa’s Kidnap. “Jennifer look this number, it called me. They know something about my baby” I said and gave Jennifer my phone but Daxton is more quicker to collect it. “Are you sure this number called you” He asked and I nodded. “Okay” He said and dialled the number on his phone. “It’s switch off” He said and dialled it


again. “Don’t bother whoever called was playing a prank on Rayna” Jennifer said. “But the person knows about my baby Daxton please call him for me” I said.

Daxton came forward and used his hands to wipe my tears. “Rayna I promise you, Isa would be here before 8am, and this is not coming from just any guy, this is coming from a father who would do anything for his family” He said. Feeling assured, I hugged him deeply. I withdrew from the hug seconds later and he walked out with my phone in his hand. “I know Isa would be back Rayna, I don’t like that guy but I trust him. I feel when he his around you are safe, and trust me this hunk of packs loves you” Jennifer said. I didn’t know whether to smile at her comment or frown that she was saying something like this when my daughter was not safe. I half smiled and went to the bathroom to take my bath.


~~Daxton’s Pov~~

I drive on full speed to the special detective I hired. His house was a few miles away from the police station. I knocked at his door and it was his wife who answered. “Good morning” She greeted and showed me to her husband.

“Good morning Mr Rader” I greeted and thanked his wife. “The kidnapper called Rayna this morning, this is number I hope you can track it” I said. He collected it from me and brought out his laptop.

“The phone is switched off, it’s going to be a difficult task and it would take more time” He said. “But you can do it right” I asked and he nodded. “Yes but it would take time” He said

“Coffee” His wife ordered. “No thanks” I said. “Well if you don’t drink my wife’s coffee, I might probably be slower” He said. I collected the coffee from her and drank it swiftly making both of them chuckle.

15 minutes later

“Done” He said tapping on his laptop. “You you’ve gotten it, like are you sure” I asked. He nodded and tapped me on my shoulder. “Let’s go” He said. “Erm, there’s no squad?” I asked and he chuckled. “Am a special detective, am my own squad, besides we are not going there to just shoot, whoever called is in a hotel right now so we have to go now” He said. I nodded and we both stormed outside, he connected his laptop to his car and he drove to a popular hotel in the Westside. “We’re here” He said and we got out of his car. We entered the hotel and took the elevator, once the elevator stopped and we walked out, I met Selene’s sister. Kate. “Hey” She greeted nervously. “Hi” I said and walked away, there was nothing we needed to talk about since we were not related.




“Please speed up we can’t loose him” I told the man, we’ve gotten who kidnapped Isa and he turned out to be Rayna’s ex boyfriend whom I saved Rayna from when he tried raping and also kidnapping her. My skylar was so upset and made sure he was given a life imprisonment verdict, probably he had escaped from prison to set revenge for Rayna. “Mr Caine we can’t just speed up when we are following him, if he finds out that we are following him, he might change course ” He said. I apologized and watched the bastard drive into a warehouse. “Now we have to alert the police, Mr Caine you have to stay calm, your daughter would be okay” He said and looked at me. I was getting impatient, and then the gun shot sound made me more impatient that without thinking I ran inside the warehouse. “Mr Caine wait” The detective called but I was too worried about my daughter to listen.



HOW HARD IT WAS FOR ME TO MAKE HER SLEEP” One of the kidnappers yelled at Gregory who was smiling evilly while Isa was crying. “My mummy” She cried out. “Hey shut up you little brat, if not I’ll blow your f**king brains off” He said pointing the gun at her head making her cry more.

It was getting late and I already made a promise to Rayna to bring our child home.

“Daxton what the hell are you doing” The detective whispered to me and handed me a gun.

“The police would soon be here so let’s be patient ” He said.


HER” Gregory said and the guy besides him widened his eye. “So soon, I thought you said one week” He asked. “WELL SHE ALREADY GAVE ME THE MONEY SO NOTHING MORE, BESIDES HER PRESENCE IS SICKENING, I SAY WE KILL HER NOW AND SEND HER BODY TO HER FUCKING

MOTHER” Gregory said, hatred written all over his eyes. He pointed the gun at her head again and she screamed louder that I couldn’t take it anymore. I shot at Gregory’s arm from my hiding place and soon the sound of gunshots and Isa’s cries filled the warehouse.


~~Rayna’s pov~~

“Rayna calm down its just 46 minutes to 8, sit down and be calm” Jennifer said while I kept on pacing around looking at the wall clock. Suddenly my phone rings bringing me out of the panic world I was in.”Hello….hellomommy. darling


darling how are you, are you okay, are you hurt, tell me is everything going to be okay baby. mommy daddy is hurt, the bad man was going to shoot mebut

daddy push me away, blood is coming out from daddy chest, am scared mommy…..honey calm down where areareyou. hospital mommy, thedoctors

havetaken daddy. look baby nothing is going to happen, give the phone tothe

owner i want to speak with himplease….okaymommy. and darling please don’tgo

anywhere, please, mommy loves you very much…..I love you too mummy..


I run inside the hospital and leave Jennifer to pay the cab man. I looked around and asked for Daxton from the nurses but they seemed rude and arrogant. “Mummy” Isa yelled and ran to me. I hugged her deeply and sighed a breath of relief. Then checked her body for any injury, I was shocked when I saw the blood stain on her cloth. “Baby are you okay” I asked and she nodded. “It’s daddy blood mummy, daddy is badly hurt” She said and I became scared instantly. “Aunt Jennifer” Isa screamed excitedly and ran to Jennifer. “Jennifer please stay with Isa, I need to check on Daxton” I said and she nodded. “Isa’s mother??” A man said. I turned back to look at him, he was holding a gun in his hand. “He’s in the VIP ward” He told me. I thanked him and ran upstairs to his ward and met two people at the door, Selene and Debbie, Daxton’s younger sister. I knew entering seeing Daxton is going to be almost impossible now, but I need to see him very badly, I need to know how he’s doing but that would be very impossible especially when Debbie was giving me a deadly glare…..

To be continued







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