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Episode 11

~~Daxton’s Pov~~

Yesterday evening I called one of my men to help me do a check up on Rayna and where she stayed. I was missing my daughter so much and needed to go visit her. For three years have been away from my blood but not anymore, am going to my child to my Isa. After getting to know her address. I drove down there and saw her apartment was opened. I walked inside and looked around, pictures of Isa and Rayna hanging on the wall. I smiled looking at how happy both of them where but frowned immediately realizing they were living happily without me. Probably I


shouldn’t have taken this revenge issue too far. “I wonder where she is, why would she leave the door open like this” I thought to myself. I found a book on the couch and picked it up. It was Rayna’s diary. “I shouldn’t probably read this” I said to myself but curiosity made me open it but immediately Rayna walked in. “Hey Rayna” I smiled but it disappeared immediately seeing the bruise on her arm. “Fuck Rayna what happened to you” I said and tried touching her but she shoved me away and looks at me codly. She starts blaming me for the kidnap of our daughter which I know very well I know nothing about.


~~Rayna’s Pov~~

I washed the blood off my arm weakly, there was a bullet in my arm but it didn’t matter at all. “My baby my Isa, he has finally taken her, who knows what they are going to do to her” I said crying. I was losing a lot of blood and I was getting weaker by the second. “Rayna let me help you with that” Daxton said and tried to assist me with the water. “Don’t you dare” I said codly. “Rayna you are bleeding, please let me….” I raised my hand at him to stop talking. “Please get out” I said. He agreed and turned to leave but I felt a really sharp pain on my head and my body became jelly probably due to the loss of blood and screaming. “Da da Daxton” I called weakly when everything starts turning around for me. He didn’t hear me until I almost fell to the ground. “Rayna Rayna” He said and caught me quickly, everywhere becomes dark.


“Mummy, mummy, mummy please help me I don’t like it here ” I heard Isa cry. “Baby baby, honey” I said slowly and woke up. Everywhere was blurry but even still I didn’t see my baby. “ISA ISA BABY, MY DARLING” I yelled out resulting in a headache.

“Rayna, calm down” Daxton said. “Where am I” I said when everywhere starts to become clear. “You’re in a hospital madam, please calm down let’s check your vitals” A female doctor said.

I noticed the worried look on Daxton face, the way he paced around in my ward with a phone on his ear. “Since when have i been here” I asked the doctor who was now injecting me. “Since after 3am in the morning, your husband was looking really worried and scared, he hasn’t even slept since, you are a lucky wife, he really really cares” She said. Part of me wanted to smile but I corrected the doctor immediately. “Am not his wife, I don’t even know him at all” I said and she made an “O” expression. “Okay that’s all Mr Caine” She said and walked away. “Rayna are you okay, don’t worry we’ll find our child, I just informed thepolice


and special detectives, everything’s going to be okay” He said standing beside me. I sat up assisted with only one arm. “Why can’t you just admit the truth, you know where my daughter is, look look I know you are angry with me but…” He interrupts me by putting one hand on my shoulder, I look at the hand then at him codly and he quickly removes his hand. “Rayna I swear, I have nothing to do with her disappearance, and am going to do everything to make sure she’s back home to us” He said. I looked at his eyes and the coldness wasn’t there instead his eyes were soft and sober, probably he is saying the truth.



“Sis are you sure this guys would do the job well, I don’t want anything to point that am the one behind it” I asked Kate who was busy concentrating on the driving. “Trust me Selene, I don’t make mistakes in cases like this, okay trust me” She assured me. I nod my head and smile. Daxton would be mine no matter what.

Kate’s phone rang and I had to pick it forher.”Hello. WHAT” I yelled. “Whatis

it” Kate asked. “You know the guys we hired to get the job done, the ones we sent to kill Rayna and her child, someone just called and said they were all involved in an accident and they all died” I told my sister.

“What!!, Died, you know what switch off the phone, let’s go back home this isreal bad” Kate said, I nodded and we drove backhome.


“This is just f**ked up sister, now what are we going to do about it, she’s going to survive and Daxton would bring that bitch back home” I said crying, Kate hugged me . “It’s okay sis, we’ll figure out something soon” She said and wiped my tears. I love my big sister so much, always finding solutions to all my problem. I didn’t stay with Daxton for more than good 3 years just for one bitch to take come my place


~~Kidnapper’s Pov~~

“Hey little girl wake up” I said poking her. She woke up and started an episode of crying. “Hey have this” I said giving her a box of pizza and cup of orange juice. “It’s food” I say. She looks at it and pushes it away. “I don’t want pizza, I want my mommy” She cried out. I looked at her angrily then I looked at the spilled orange juice on the floor. “DO YOU KNOW HOW I GOT THIS JUICE, HOW DARE YOU SPILL IT” I yelled at her making her cry the more. “Boss he’s here to see you, I’ll handle the child” One of my guys said. “About time, I was almost losing


my temper” I said and took a deep breath. I glared at the child who whimpered in fear then walked out.


“So how’s she doing, hope she’s not creating any fuss” He asked. “No she isn’t, she’s actually happy here, she loves being with strange guys who are looking very dangerous” I replied in sarcasm. “Am sorry so here’s your payment, in the next one week once have collected the ransom make sure you kill her” He says and hands me the bag of money “Of course we’ll kill her, but you have to pay us more than this” I said and collected the money. “No problem” He said then took a peep at the little girl. ”Just like her mother” He said and smiled evilly then walked away.


~~Rayna’s Pov~~

“So you are saying he has a scar on his face” The investigator asks. I frown at his question and slam the table, Daxton stands up shocked. “ARE YOU JUST GOING TO ASK ME QUESTIONS AND DO NOTHING, YOU’VE BEEN ASKING ME MULTIPLE QUESTIONS FOR THE PAST HALF HOUR, JUST GO OUT

THERE AND BRING BACK MY CHILD” I yell pointing out and breathing heavily . “Madam please calm down, let’s do our job” He said. “Rayna calm down, let the police do their thing” Daxton said. I sat down slowly and made a bitter face. “Yes yes yes he has a scar” I said. I put my palm on my face and start sobbing.

Daxton pats me slowly.

I was asked to go home, giving a promise that Isa would be back home before the next tomorrow. I don’t believe them but no hurt in hoping.


“Thanks” I said curtly to Daxton after dropped me home. I staggered outside of his car and he quickly comes out of his car to helpme. “Please. don’t touchme”

I said and he quickly withdrew his hands from my aching body. His hands were suddenly something I didn’t want touching me. “Am sorry Rayna but I can’t leave you in this state, you can barely even walk” He said and suddenly he lifts me off my feet, I try protesting but am too weak. He climbs the stairs with me on his hands, then we reached my apartment and he carried me in. “I’ll get you a cup of water” He said and walked to the kitchen.

Jennifer entered inside to meet me half alive and half dead. “Jeez Raynalook what you’ve become, you are nowa liv. ” she stopped when she sawDaxton.

“Who’s he” She asked studying him. I stood up and ignored Daxton who was giving me a glass of water. I hugged Jennifer and cried on Jennifer’s shoulder. “It’s okay it’s okay, Everything’s going to be okay” She consoled.



Daxton’s Pov

It hurts, it hurts so badly to see her like this and there’s nothing I can do about it, to make things worse she’s avoiding me like a plague, I want to comfort her in times like this but I can’t and it’s killing me . “Rayna your phone is ringing” Her friend said and handed the phone to her.

“Hello who’s this……who??…..look I don’t have timeforjokes what do youknow

about my daughter…….please I beg you don’t hurt her, please don’thurt her okay

amcoming. please don’t hurt her” She cried and ran outside. “Rayna Rayna”I

called and ran after her. “Rayna where you going” Her friend asked but she ignored both of us and ran out of the building. She took a cab and I had to take my car and follow the cab.

“Rayna where you going” I asked nobody in particular. Her friend and I exchanged worried looks.





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