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Episode 9

~~Daxton’s Pov~~

Whatever I am doing right now is not exactly what I planned for Rayna but here I am hurt because she’s hurt. The cut in my hand didn’t compare to the cut in my heart seeing her bleed. I wasn’t strong after all, I don’t want to care for her. I really want to hate for everything she’s said to me that day but here I am carrying her like a fool even though she’s probably someone’s else. I carried her out of the hall through the back door and dropped her near the car . “Wait I think there’s pharmacy besides here, I’ll be back” I said and turned to leave but she held me back.



I needed to tell him why, I needed to explain to him why I said those hurtful words to him. I could see the hatred in his eyes but his heart said otherwise. “Daxton there’s something I need to tell you, about what happened years ago” I started with but he slipped off my hand and turned to look at me, the usual coldness again. “Am only helping you with your leg because I feel guilty for pushing you away, don’t think am doing this because I care. So whatever you want to say keep it to yourself” He said and walked away. I folded my fingersand


swallowed. “Rayna” Someone yelled from behind. I looked back to see Brian carrying Isa who looked worried.

“Mama” She screamed and dropped from Brian’s hands, she ran to where I was standing. She looked at my leg and gasped. “Mama you are bweeding, why” She asked. Brian asked the driver to drive the car to where I was standing. “Rayna let me take you home” Brian said. Isa told him about my foot. “Rayna how did that happen, you know what let’s take you to the hospital first” He said. “Bu Bu but” I tried protesting and looking out for Daxton. “Mummy let’s go'” Isa said pulling my dress. I looked down at her and smiled, I want to wait for Daxton but then I thought to myself, he would probably see Isa and I wasn’t sure if am ready to tell him the truth about his daughter. I don’t know what Daxton would do when he realizes she is his daughter. Am not selfish am just not ready to have another heartbreak. “Okay let’s go” I said and Brian assisted me in entering the car. “Mummy sorry” Isa said and petted me. I pat her hair gently and the driver starts the engine , I looked back and saw Daxton through the back seat window. He stood there looking as the car drive away, he threw the drugs on the floor and stepped on it angrily. I sighed and turned back, I felt someone’s hand on my face. “Mummy why are you cwying” Isa asked. I smiled and drew her closer. “Mummy isn’t crying, it’s my foot” Ireplied.


I had my legs bandaged at a pharmacy then we drove home. “Thanks Brian goodnight” I said.

“No thanks for helping me today, and make sure you take care of yourself” He said. He pats Isa on her then waves goodbye at her. I watch him walk away then I close the door. I turned back to look at Isa who was looking upset.

“Honey what’s the matter” I asked.

“Mummy where’s my daddy, everyone at the party has a daddy and a mummy but I only have a mummy, Is Brian my daddy” She asked. I smiled halfly and carried her on a table. “Cmon darling let’s get you out of this dress” I said trying to ignore her question. “So do you still want to eat dinner or are you okay” I asked.

“Mac and cheese mama” She said and I chuckled. It’s very easy to take her mind off that question after all she’s still a little child. I went to the kitchen and made dinner for her.



I had followed Daxton to the restroom, I watched as he carried her out, I knew there was a chemistry between them, looking at the way Daxton eyes softened


made me jealous. I felt like coming out of the toilet I was hiding from and spoil their romantic moment but I decided to wait. Once he carried her out of the restroom, I came out to see the mess he had made. I followed them through the back door and watched as he left to get something for her, then a man and a little girl, probably her husband and her child.

They drove off in the limousine and Daxton came back really upset and angry. I walked to him and saw how red is his were. She was the same person that cooked the food I served him the other day, is this why he said the food was special. Is she really that special to him, he acts like he has no heart but today he just showed me his heart belongs to her.

We got home and the first thing he did was pour himself a very strong gin. “Daxton” I called out to him, he was in the bar room drinking his soul out. “Getout Selene” He said codly. I smirked and walked to where he was sitting, I poured myself a drink too and drank. “What are you doing selene” He said slurred. “Am drinking, isn’t that what we do to drown her sorrows” I said. He chuckled and faced him. “What sorrows do you possibly have” He asked. “Well am in love with a guy who doesn’t love me back just like he’s in love with a lady who doesn’t love him back” I said. He shakes the almost empty glass and faces me. “So who’s the guy” He asked. I laughed and sat opposite him. “He’s sitting opposite me right now” I said and watched as he got drunk. He laughed and took a sit distance away from me. I smirked mischievously and sat on his legs. He was shocked but too drunk to do anything. “What what are you you doing, stand up” He stammered. I rubbed his chin and smiled. “Why do you waste your time on her when am here for you” I said and placed a kiss on his lips. He reciprocate the kiss but it doesn’t lasts for long because he quickly withdraws and stands up pushing me away. “Don’t you ever try that rubbish with me again” He said and walked out of the barroom.

“Well at least I made you kiss me today, who knows what we would be doing other days” I said and fantasized on the thought of Daxton and I grinding our naked body together.

“Soon he’ll be yours selene, soon”


~~Rayna’s Pov~~

“Isa stop playing on the bed and come here to take your bath, aunt Jennifer is not around to take you to daycare today so don’t disturb me and come here fast” I yelled at Isa from the bathroom. She walked inside smiling mischievously. “Isa what have you been doing” I asked. “Nothing mummy” She replied folding her


hands. “No you did something, this is exactly what your father does when he tells a lie” I said and quickly realized I had said something I shouldn’t have.

“Co_come and have your bath” I said.

After taking her bath, I carried her out of the bathroom and saw what she did on the bed.

“ISA!!!” I screamed shocked at the mess.

“Sorry mama” She apologized looking sober. “Have told you countless times not to touch my makeup, now you’ve messed the bed with it” I said. I was going to scold her until she gave me a sorry look like she was going to cry. “Baby am sorry, I just don’t like it when you don’t listen to me, promise you won’t do that again” I said. “Promise mama” She said clasping her hands together. I smiled and kissed her soft cheek.

“That’s my girl” I said happily and prepared for daycare


“Mummy bye bye” Isa said waving her hands at me. “Bye darling” I said and watched her walk away gleefully . I touched my stomach and groaned in pain. It was that time of the month and I was out of sanitary pads. “There should be a grocery shop nearby” I thought to myself and entered the car. Fortunately a Grocery shop was behind the Daycare. I walked inside and asked the lady behind the counter to show me where the sanitary pads where. She used her hands in directing me. “Thanks” I said and she smiled back.

I walked to where I was directed and saw the pad all the way up and I couldn’t reach for it. “Seriously who the f**k arrange things like this, the owner of this shop must have failed a brain test” I said annoyed and tried reaching for it which was hurting my foot. I finally reach it and almost tipped but someone caught me. “Oh thanks a lot” I said and looked at who helped me. “Daxton” I said.

“What happened to your husband, did he break his hand, because I remembered last night he couldn’t help but have his hands all over you ” He said and turned to leave.

“Daxton what of your hand” I asked.

“None of your business” He replied. “Those ice cream, I thought you don’t take sweet things” I said trying to continue the conversation. “It’s not mine” He replied. “Okay, for a friend??” I asked. He turned back to look for me. “It’s for my daughter” He answered. I felt my heart shatter into many pieces, he probably would have a wife and a very happy family . “Your your daugh daughter” I stammered. “Yes or you don’t think, I can have one, I have a beautiful daughterand


a wife too just like you have your own family” He said and walked away. I was broken again.


~~Daxton’s Pov

After walking out of the grocery shop, I head for the daycare. I already informed the teacher I was coming to check on the little girl today so she had promised to create time for me.


“Ice cream!” She screamed gleefully making me chuckle

“I wish you are my daddy so I’ll be getting ice cream everyday” She said and I laughed.

“What of your dad” I asked and she looked down sadly. “I don’t have a daddy” She replied sadly.

“Hey its okay darling, I’ll be your daddy” I told her. “Really, I have a daddy now” She said excitedly.

“So daughter what’s your name” I asked. “Isa” She replied happily.

“That’s my mother’s name too, you see we are connected” I said and she nodded. “Isa” Nancy called.

“Your mommy is here and she brought ice cream for you” She said. “Yayyy, more ice cream” She squealed happily.

“Mama!!!” She yelled and ran away. I turned my back to look at her mother. “Mummy see my Daddy” She said pointing at me. Her confused face turned to shock when she saw me.

“Dax Daxton” She stammered holding tight to Isa.

“You you have a a child” I asked as different thoughts ran through my mind To be continued










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