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Theo prepared and headed out to the dining for breakfast, his other friends were already there sitting.


“Where are you headed to?”


Harry asked as he deeped the bread in his hand into the cup which had tea in it. ” Ummmmm, A.. am meeting up with a girl today”

Theo who was caught off guard quickly formed a lie, others looked at him disbelievingly but they didn’t talk.


“Well… Who knows maybe you do hangup with some girl after you just Vanish to God knows where”


Max stated as he took a quick glance at Theo.


“I think I need to head out now, am running late…”


Theo stated and quickly excused himself and went out. The three friends looked at themselves and scoffed.


“Something is definitely wrong with him”


Adams chipped in, the room thickened the tension each passing moments after Adams spoke….


Suddenly a voice ranged from the Television diverting the attention of the three friends towards the television and a woman in her early 30s could be seen


Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, Reporting to you from the StarGlobal International statesthat


The woman said and the three friends listened with curiosity written boldly on their faces


We have had recent updates and damaging as this three creatures recently show up at the motor park causing an havoc and our best police couldn’t take down this species which were just three in number as they burned with fire but in human form


The woman added increasing the curiosity of the three friends as they kept their attention glued to the News.


Still on the news, a lightening struck and the Newscaster flinched with great fear written boldly on her face as it revealed a hooded Figure whose face was blurred as the Camera couldn’t catch his face


The three friends Watched with awe as the strange figure fought with this new breed….


The hellhounds(Breed) ran toward Theo with the Speed of light and gave him a heavy punch which sent him flying on the air and crashed to the ground before he could even see them


They were faster than the wind, Theo conjured a lightening and Threw it at One of the hellhounds but before anyone knew anything, he appeared at the back of Theo and conjured a Fireball and threw it at Theo


The Fireball collided with Theo who was greatly injured, he staggered back on his feet and adjusted his head a little bit as he missed the incoming Claws of an hellhound


Theo formed a Blue Fireball and threw it at the hellhounds but they caught they Fireball and absorbed it as their entire body began to burn with fire


Theo heaved with fear and swallowed the saliva that threaten to fall in his throat, he leap high and his hand expanded as he tried to struck the hellhounds with lightening but they dodged his hand and head-butted him as they dipped their claws into his chest in an attempt to remove the dagger


A repelling force threw them away as both teams crashed to the floor, The hellhounds stood on their feet and turned to look at Theo


“We will be back”


They chorused as they went through a portal and it closed up immediately leaving Theo behind who was greatly injured as blood gushed out from his wounded parts


The newscaster tried running over to Theo but he disappeared before they got to him and appeared at Zarnak’s place badly injured as he collapsed to the floor…


Who else saw that, the man on lightening saved the day and mysteriously disappeared. That’s all fornow


The newscaster said and the three friends turned to look at each other “Who else thinks what am thinking”Harry said

“What’d you mean by that”Adam asked


“That Theo is the strange guy right?”Max said and Harry nodded with excitement


“What are you guys saying?, I know Theo has been acting weird lately but there’s no way he could be the Strange guy”Adam said and latter turned to look at him


“Don’t you notice the way he comes back, giving lame excuses, always going out recently and most of all look at his clothes”Harry said filled with so much anger


“Ooh. Yeah, it’s making sense now, it’s the same Clothes the guy on the TValso

wore”Adam said yielding to Harry’s point of view


“Of course he’s right, or didn’t you guys see the way he reacted and hesitated when We asked him where he was headed to”Max said and the latter nodded in agreement


“We need to keep a closer eyes on him and watch his every move, we get more evidence and then we approach him”Harry said and they all nod in accordance……..





Theo landed on Zarnak arms as he layed on the floor, Zarnak hands glowed brightly,stretching

them towardsTheo


His wounds began closing up little by little untill he was fully healed, he weakly opened his eyes and turned his direction to Zarnak


“Who did this to you, how did you get this injured”


Zarnak asked and the latter adjusted himself before answering


“I was on my way here when some huge strange guys on fire attacked me, I threw a fireball at them and they absorbed it, they were after the dagger”


Theo explained and the latter heaved heavily as he began explaining


“Those were the hellhounds, the dark forces of the darkly realm of dooms and if they attacked then a great danger lies ahead as they won’t stop untill they get what they came here for”


Zarnak said as the latter heaved as fear creeped down his soul, spreading down his body as it showed boldly on his face……


“I need to get you ready”Zarnak said as he stood on his feets………



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