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Doom Squad


Like before











Therak clicked his middle finger and a portal appeared, it closed up the moment Gomok and the doom squad walked right into it


Therak sat on his throne as he gigglier loud and evilly……






Theo and Carly chatted nicely as the walked down the path


“C’mon, you can do better than that”Theo stated as he hit Carly slightly


“Ooh, seems like someone has grown some big wings huh?”Carly responded as she looked straight into his eyes


“Welll “Theo was saying when he sighted a portal opened right in frontof

them, he quickly grap Carly and hid behind a huge tree


Gomok and his army of doom squad walked out of the portal in their human form and looked around as they observed their surrounding


“Let me go Theo, I need to talk to them, this is science and this can prove that we can moved from one place to another in a matter of seconds if given the right proportion and calculations”Carly stated while staring at the unknown people


“Are you crazy, you don’t even know if they are armed or not!”Theo replied back in a rush


“To hell with you, let go of me”Carly stated as she remove Theo’s grip on her and ran to faced the unknown people


“Hey, that’s was actually cool, you know, tell me, are you guys scientist??”she asked and they halted in their steps as they turned back to look at the direction where the voice came from


“Finish her”Gomok ordered and one of the doom squad matched forward


He closed his eyes and opened it back, his eyes transform to a shade of pure black and something like bone came out of his hand and wrist, he fully transformed to an animal but stood erected as a man


He opened his mouth and a huge, long tougue came out of it and caught Carly as it wrap it tongue around her and brought her closer to him, he pierced his hand into her Tommy and she yelled in pain as she dropped to the ground


Gomok smiled as he towered above the weak body below him, he grinned and finally left with the doom squad


Theo came out of his hiding the moment they were out of sight, he watched with horror at what just happened


He carried Carly on his arms as hot tears streamed down his checks No!!!!

“Stay with me Carly, don’t you dare closed your eyes Carly, please stay with me, don’t leave me Carly, don’t you dare leave me”he said all this while in tears


“I…… I should…… Have listened…. To you… Promise me you will get Justice and revenged for me??”Carly struggled as she managed to speak to Theo


“I promised you, I will find your killer and kill them, they will pay for that, they will surely pay dearly for that, I promise”Theo replied to Carly in a whisper as she closed her eyes


“Thank. You”she said her final words as she laid her head gently on his arm,her

hand slowly dropped to the ground as she gaved up the ghost with her head still resting on Theo’s arms………………


An infiltrating dark aura filled the woods as Theo sensed a presence of aln unknown figure. Gomok


“Whoa, looks who want to kill us, are you sure you really wanna try that??”


A deep gruttaral spoked from a direction, Theo swiftly raised his head andlooked at the direction the voice came from, his eyes collided with Gomok and the doom squad as they stared evilly athim…


“You!, I will make sure I kill you guys”Theo yelled with anger causing through his veins as he slowly stirred on his feet and plunged towards them


Someone from the doom squad transformed into a white creature which lookslike a dragon but has no wings as Theo approachedhim


Theo made an attempt to punch the creature but it dodged and use it head to hit Theo as he crash to the ground, giving him some bruises on his knees Extraordinary everyday from





Theo staggered back on his feet and made to hit the creature again but it head- butted him and punched him so hard that he suspended in air and hit his back against a tree


“Quit playing with him him and finish him”Gomok ordered and the doom squad marched towards Theo


Theo stood on his feet as he turned and starts running, he ran with the little strength left in him with the hope of getting back to them some other day


The doom squad activated their powers as they hop from tree to tree while pursuing Theo


They finally got to him and surrounded him giving him no hope of escaping


Theo staggered backward and hit his leg on a rough edge of a tree and falls as he rolls into a deep hole


He yell in pains but his voice soon became an echo as nothing could be heard


“Let go, he’s dead”one of the doom squad stated as they stared at the deep hole, turned and left…..




Darkness dim round a building as lightening struck, a figure could be seen entering a building as dark aura evolved round him


“Master The future is about to take place just as you plan!!”He said ashe

approached the other figure above him



“I know that, you can’t stop what has already been there, let the future play itself out”The other figure replied


“Yes Master, your servant takes his leave now”He said


“Go but stay low for now, we strike when the time is right!”The other figure said “As you wish Master”The figure said, bowing before taking his leave

Dark flames orbitated round the figure as he dived into the strange hall, his laughter echoed round the building as nature shrugged as his remarks……






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