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“We start now and I need to teach you the control of ice”Zarnak said as he folded his hands together and ice flames emited from his hands…..








The night breeze was strong as it blew past me with each minutes, my servant walked down the hall of darkness as he bowed down before me


“He’s getting stronger boss, the doom squad couldn’t even stop him as he had already acquired stage 3 of the dagger’s powers”


He said and just listen in awe while staring at him in a cold manner, I stealthily shifted from my position as I spranged up on my feet


“I know about that and he’s not yet a threat to me”I replied and he stared at me in disbelief, not expecting that


“Am afraid my Lord, danger lurks in the future, he’s getting stronger by each passing day and am afraid we might not be able to stop him if he’s fully attached to the dagger”


He said and I felt anger boil in me


“Enough! How dare you question my abilities? Do you think I won’t be able to face him when the time is right”I replied in annoyance as dark breaths emitted from my mouth


“Am sorry about that my Lord, am just been concerned, wouldn’t want anything to ruin your great plan”he said


“Never mind about that, I have a plan for that, let the boy yield the dagger for a little longer, he will help boost the dagger’s powers and when the time is right, I


will rip it out from his chest and take what rightfully belongs to me”I stated as he stared at me


“Your wish is my command my lord, what do I do now?”He asked


“Do nothing and stay low, soon the dagger will be mine and no one will be able to stop me”I said and I saw him blinked his eyes as sweats trinkled down his face


“Yes my Lord”he said as he bowed down again before leaving the strange building





Theo could be seen walking down the road in silent with a mysterious hood hunged round his head, he got to a certain street and saw how people panicked


“My little girl is in the fire…”he heard a woman wailed as he sighted a building “Can’t believe am gonna do this”

He said as he hid behind a tree


He clenched his fist together and transformed to the blue lightening as he flew up, he passed through the burning window and landed safely on the hot floor


“Anyone here, am here to help”


He yelled as he turned around looking for the unknowngirl “H Help.. help me.. it hurts”

His ears caught a faint voice and he followed the direction of the voice which led to another room of the building, he sighted a little girl behind a cotton as fire burned round her without any other escape route


He quickly remembered how he placed his hands on the gas without it hurting or burning him



He step forward as he began to walked through the fire without feeling a single thing, the dagger unimaginably glowed on his chest as his hands sparked with lightening, spreading through his body as his eyes turned blue


He took the girl in a bridal style as the dagger glowed more brightly “Hold on, I will get you safely to your mom”

Theo said as he transformed to the blue lightening and flew out of the burning building.


A huge Lightening struck just outside the building causing a blue smoke as everyone held one another in fear, the smoke cleared off and a figure could be emerging from it with someone on its arm


Theo quickly dropped the little girl on the ground as she ran towards her mom causing a great uproar by the people who witness the sudden strange thing that safe the day


Theo transformed to his lightening form and flew away as the people continue to praise him……


Dewok Kingdom


Therak could be seen in his palace pacing up and down in annoyance as the whole place was filled with dark aura


“This is taking longer than I expected, I think it’s time I visit the Darkly realm of dooms so I can see the Seer of Argedon, maybe she can help”


Therak thought grinning so evilly as his fingers clocked and a portal appeared, he walked right into it and it closed up appearing back at the other end of a strange world……. The Darkly realm of dooms…


He walked through a building with extreme dark aura as he saw a figure backing him



“Have been waiting for you, what took you longer than I expected??”


The figured said as it turned to face him


“I have comeforan. “Therak was about saying but the seer beat him toit


“I know why you came, they don’t call me the great Seer of Argedon for nothing” She said with an evil grin plastered across her face..

“you are here because of the boy that controls the dagger”


Seer of Argedon stated and Therak nodded positively, the seer grinned, revealing his toothless mouth.


“What should I do with the boy, the doom squad are not responding, they keep loosing the dagger”


Therak stated, Seer of Argedon turned to face Therak, the latter moved back as he saw his faceless face, it was only filled with darkness yet he could see.


“Do not trust Gomok, the dagger can’t be brought if the Doom squad are in charge” Seer of Argedon stated and Therak frowned his face confusedly…

“I trust your words seer, but what do we do?”


Therak asked grimly, The seer formed an imaginary grin that it showed on his void face.


“We unleash the Hellhounds, they would track and bring in the dagger”


The seer of Argedon replied and chuckled evilly, his chuckling echoed throughout the realm…..


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