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1 Thousand Years Ago


The atmosphere was quite normal as two figures who held Tridents could be seen just outside the great kingdom of Dewok


Clenching of Tridents sound could heard as they skillfully flunged their weapons at each other


“You have to try better than that Brother, Am a dragon”


Zarnak said as he tilted his Trident in the air and threw it at Therak who skillfully did a front flip and dodged the incoming Trident


“So am I” Therak said as he dashed at Zarnak with great speed


“You only yield the dragon powers Brother, you don’t have what it takes to shape shift into one”


Zarnak said in a mocking manner and that infuriated Therak as he leaped high revealing his Long Claws


“I might not be able to shape shift but I can fight like one”


Therak said as he sent a punched across Zarnak


“You know, one day Father will give me the throne when he die, I will rule Dewok kingdom and you shall serve at my side”


Zarnak replied as he skillfully dodged Therak punch and conjured a great deal of fire from his Trident throwing it at Therak…



Two days Later


Therak could be seen on a waterfall as he reminisce on what Zarnak said


“I have to be the one to rule the kingdom not Zarnak, I need to retrieve Debini’s dark dagger of the underworld”


Therak thought as he stealthily stood up and approached Droid’s keep


The air thickened and dark aura suppressed the entire place as Therak walked into the strange room


Debini’s dagger was kept on the great Alter burning with flames, Therak approached it and took it, feeling more powerful as the dagger Pierce itself in his heart


Veins sprouted out of his face as they showed vividly


“It’s time I take what rightfully belongs to me, no one can stop me now”He thought with a smirk as he marched towards Dewok Palace


Green smoke covered and move round him as he approached the palace, a man with a crown emerged from the palace as he approached him


“What have you done Son? It will consume you!”


The man said with concerned written boldly on his face “And who said I wanna be save, it’s time you die old man”

Therak roared and stretch his hand as green smoke emitted from him and dash towards the man, the man conjured fire waves and also send it to Therak


The dagger glowed and the green smoke penetrated through the fire as it hit the man with a great impact, the man crashed roughly to the ground, vomiting blood as he died instantly


“Father, please wake up!!”Zarnak said as he approached the dead figure on the ground


Zarnak swiftly turned, facing the latter as he had a shock expression “Oh, spare me the look, you are next”Therak said with a smirk

“Am gonna kill you for what you did, I won’t stop till you are dead”


Zarnak said as he burned with fire, his body fully transformed to a Red dragon and he dashed towards Therak who strangely stood his ground


The dagger glowed as black smoke emited, the sound of bone cracking could be heard as Therak transformed to a black dragon


The two dragons clashed at each other creating a great impact of air, Therak who proved stronger vomited toxic liquid, spreading towards Zarnak who yelled in pain


At the last moment of dead, Zarnak used his last strength to transform to a Red smoke, dashing towards the latter as he phased through Therak’s heart, he took the dagger and created a portal as he jumped right into it


The dagger made Therak powerful even when it was removed, Therak ruled Dewok kingdom as he seek a quest to find the dark dagger of Debini….




“Wake up Father, please wake up”


A voice ranged out in Zarnak’s head as he struggled to wake up from his nightmare while sweating profusely




He yelled as he jolted out from his sleep..





The soft breeze blew softly towards Theo’s room as he felt a gentle splash of water on his face


“Wake up dude, it almost Noon”


Harry said as he sat beside Theo who jolted out from sleep like a wounded Lion “Gosh, I slept off, I need to get to the cave now!”He said as he jerked from his bed “Relax man, just come eat breakfast before you leave”Harry said

“Okay Bro”Theo replied and the latter nodded as they both headed downstairs Theo sat on the couch as he dip his bread into his hot Tea

“Can you do me a favour and switch on the TV!?


James asked Adam and the latter nodded as he plunged forward and tapped a botton on the remote control, it switch on and a scene was shown vividly


“There have been a mysterious attack this morning which is still under going as we speak”


A voice boom loudly from the TV revealing the strange creature which was seen attacking the Bank as people ran Helter scatter



“Where is the Flame Lightening when we need him!” A woman screamed her lungs out as the creature projected towards her


“I need to go guys, they need my help”Theo said standing on his feet as he wore his hood


“You know you can’t really keep on going with that, they are gonna recognize if you keep on going like that, you need a befitting outfit”Adam said


“I will get back to that when am back, Right now, they need my help”Theo replied pointing to the TV


“Don’t worry Theo, you need to go now, lives are at risk”Harry stated, gesturing to Theo to take his leave


“Will be right back”


Theo said, clutching his hands firmly, the dagger glowed and a blue portal appeared


“You got this Theo”James said full of smiles


“Wish me Luck”Theo said as he dived Into the portal which later closed up


The portal appeared on the other side of the Chaos, revealing Theo as he emerged from it


The creature grapped a lady and made to gnashed her with it’s teeths but an ice ball from nowhere hit the creature as it crashed to the ground, releasing it’s gripped on the woman but Theo was fast enough to catch her before she felled


A loud uproar was heard from the crowd as they gathered and cheered the strange man who was known as the “FLAME LIGHTENING”


The creature which had some huge horns and a jagged rock-like body staggered back on his feet revealing it’s long scary tongue as green liquids dripped from it’s mouth


“Give me the dagger!!!”


It roared angrily as it made it way towards Theo who firmly stood his ground showing no signs of fear


“You will have to come getityourself BEAST!!”


Theo said within gnashed teeths as he kept a constant gaze at the creature, the creature shook with anger as it rushed at him with full speed….




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