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… You want it long, hope I try??






“Good,now try conjuring a fireball from your hands like this”Zarnak said as he conjured a fireball from his hands and threw it at Theo…..








Theo frozed as he saw the incoming fireball, it approached him but his body unexpected moved by itself and the fireball missed it’s target


Zarnak threw another fireball at him and it collided with Theo as it sent him crashing to the nearest Rock beside him, he slowly stirred back on his feet as his bruise wound healed up immediately


His eyes took a shade of eeep blue as itemittedblue fire, his hands sparked with lightening as they folded with one another, creating a blue fireball, lightening flashed through the cave as he formed the fireball and threw it atZarnak


The fireball collided with Zarnak, creating a great impactwhich sent Zarnak crashing to the ground as he transformed to his dragon form against his will, he groaned as he stood up and transformed back to his human form


“Good you did it, now try connecting your emotions and think of yourself as a seering fire sealed for so long, feel the heat passing through your body and then transform to your lighteningform”


Zarnak said, The latter closed his eyes expectedly as he thought of his most painful moment the dead ofcarly



He flunged his eyes open as they blazed with blue fire, the cave became extremely hot as an infiltrating heat fire the cave, his whole body sparked and transformed to blue lightening as he felt himself controlling the lightening, he felt Strange, he felt weird,he felt powerful


“Thanks, see you later, gotta go before my friends find out am gone”


A voice rang out from the blue lightening as it flew out of the cave heading to God knows where!……..




Theo flew in the air and landed on the ground when he sighted the same creature that killed Carly creating an havoc in the city’s motor park


He flew towards it and carefully landed behind the creature, he quickly took his hood and covered his head so as to prevent people from recognizing him


The creature, so engrossed in what’s it was doing didn’t notice Theo’s arrivals as it kept leaping from car to cars causing a great uproar in the City’s motor park


Theo was filled with rage, anger sparked through his body, burning through his veins as he tasted for revenge, he clutched his fist, conjuring a fireball behind the creature as he threw it at the creature


The fireball collided with one of the creatures, creating an impact as it sent the creature crashing to a moving car, causing another accident


Theo sighted two other creatures marching forward him,


“We know you have the dagger, you awoke it, now give it back or die”The creatures chorused as they stood before their fallen partner


*one of the creatures formed a green liquid ball and threw it at Theo, the ball came in a slow motion and he dodged the green ball.


He Countered as he made a blue lightening ball that emitted flames and hit the creature who attacked him with it, and the creature vaporized into tiny particles.


Theo watched in awe at what he just did and didn’t know when the rest attacked him, his body reacted instinctively as he ducked and a claw nearly missed his head.


But he was to late as a tail hit him squarely in the chest and he crashed some feets away, he groaned in pains as he stood up and moved towards the creatures that charged for him and, everything became slow as the dagger glowed in his chest and he sparked with lightening, he moved through their midst and a portal he had unknowingly created sucked him in.


The creatures fell with a thud as their tails had been cut off….


Theo landed weakly on his bed as the portal appeared and closed up in his room.


He tried standing on his feet but couldn’t feel his legs as he was greatly injured by the strange green fireball


He was fully amazed at what he did as he drifted off to sleep………..




“Don’t you dare tell me that you lost him and failed on a simple mission”Gomok roared angrily as he sneered with rage


“He’s was really strong boss, he reached and acquired stage 3 of the dagger’s powers already”


The doom squad stated bitterly as they reported their encounter with the unknown hero to Gomok


“Are you telling me that a being who’s just acquired the powers of the dagger defeated you three and escaped??”Gomok asked as his voice ranged out of the cave in annoyance


“It’s not possible for him to have reached stagethree except Someoneis

teaching him how to yield the dagger’s power”Gomok added as he planned his next phase of plan


A portal appeared and Therak walked out of it as Gomok and the doom squad bowed their head in respect


“Any improvement??”Therak asked coldly staring devilishly at Gomok


“No my Lord, am sorry to say but the dagger has been activated and a being now yields his powers, I promise you we will find him and retrieve it soon enough”Gomok replied still facing the ground


Therak smirked and chuckled as he stretch forth his hands towards Gomok who began to chocked immediately as he floated on the air


Gomok yelled as the pain racked through his head and he groaned in pain

He gasped as Therak finally released him and he struggled hard to catch his breath “Find me my dagger or facetheconsequences Don’t let meinterfere”Therak

stated angrily as he created a portal and walked right into it…..


“You heard the master, Find the dagger!!!”Gomok ordered still catching his breath…………







Theo rubbed his eyes as he yawned loudly,he looked around as everything was blurry but with time everything became clear.

He staggered back on his feet and observe his wounds but they had healed up already

“Cool”he said as he dashed towards the bathroom


*Harry walked into Theo’s room to call him for breakfast but he wasn’t there, the sound of water splashing in the bathroom told Harry what was happening.*


*He turned to leave when something caught his attention, he walked over the bed and picked up the bedsheet, he stared at the sticky green substance that stained it.*


*At the same time, Theo got out of the bathroom only clad on white towel, Harry stared at Theo’s hand and saw the bedsheet in his hand, his eyes focused on the green substance*




*He muttered under his breath as he remembered how he had came across it, the liquid ball must have splashed on him after he dodged the attack*


“Uhm That’s just something am workingon”


Theo said trying not to disclosed his secret “Okay. Have you watched the news yet”

Harry asked


“No, not yet”Theo replied

“Alright, come join us downstairs”Harry said as he went down the stairs Minutes later Theo could be seen jogging down the stairs

“Hey guys”he said as he approached them and sat on the couch Max switched on the TV and a voice ranged out from the TV

They were so scary, they tried to eat me but he saved me….. He wasa hero. I

wouldn’t have been alive if not for me.

What would we have done if hadn’t been for him…


“Whoa. I don’t wanna believe this but I do, I thought powers werejust

myths”Max said as he was amazed


“Me too Bro, But this guy seems like a nice guy, afterall he saved them right”Harry said


Theo just sat there and listened to their ranting


“Gotta go guys, I need to see someone”Theo said and stood up heading towards the door


“Okay, see you later”They chorused as Theo scurried to the woods……..


Moments after Theo left, Adams, Max and Harry lookedat themselves *


*”Who else thinks something’s up with Theo?”*


*Max asked as he faces the others, they held aknowing look. *


*”Yeah, he’s been acting strangely since he came back from his urgent trip he told us he embarked on and after Claire died. *


*Adams chipped in and the others nodded in accordance, Harry stood up after he thought about something*


*”Why do I feel like he’s hiding something from us, come to think of it, he drank a hot tea without feeling pains and he now appears inside his room mysteriously, I think we need to Keep an eye on him”*


*Harry stated and exited the room leaving the two friends, Max and Adams with a confused expression*




Theo got to a quite place and transform to the blue lightening as he flew high in the sky and finally landed in the cave


Zarnak bowed his head in respect the moments he sighted Theo “Come on, you don’t have to that”Theo said

“I have to, I now serve you, you are my Lord”Zarnak said


“Okay, i came to ask for you help”Theo said “Am all ears, what’s bothering you”Zarnak said


“I got attacked yesterday by the same creatures who murdered Carly in cold blood, they fought me and hit me with a green substance like this one”Theo said as he handed over a little flask to Zarnak


He dipped his hands inside and they emitted dark smoke


“This is the dark poison, the only thing that can affect the dagger and slow down it’s healing”Zarnak said as he faced Theo


“Why do they want me, they asked me to give them the dagger but I refused,”Theo added


Zarnak heaved heavily without saying a single word, Theo knew that something was fishy and so he decided to ask


“What’s bothering you Zarnak, come on you can tell me”Theo said Zarnak took in a deep breath before talking………..



It was a long time ago, two thousand years back, I was once a little dragon who dwell in the dragon’s kingdom


My clan kept the dagger safe and guided it with their lives, I had a brotherwho was very cunning and wicked because he was the only one who didn’t have the ability to transform into a dragon but yielded the dragon’spowers


He went down the wrong path and sold our secret to Therak, Therak ambushed us and stole the dagger


I escaped only with my father and we lost everyone to the fight, my father knewhe had to take back the dagger or else Therak would unleash the demons of Debini so he put up a great fight with Therak even when he knew he wasn’t hismatch


My Father escaped with the dagger but was greatly injured, he gave me the dagger for safe keeping before he died, I traveled here and guilded the dagger with mylife for years…….




“Am so sorry about that”Theo said with concerned written clearly on his face


“Thanks but if those creatures attacked you and were after the dagger, it only means Therak sent them and you are in danger, you need to learn control of the dagger’s true powers quick before Therak approaches you himself”Zarnak replied


“Okay then, when do we start”Theo said as he stood up


“We start now and I need to teach you the control of ice”Zarnak said as he folded his hands together and ice flames emitted from it……..





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