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“You better find it soon or else you won’t like the outcome of me”Therak stated and grinned evilly as the portal closed…..








The wind blew errily towards the silent forest, Lightening struck several as the birds hummed to the sound of a new rebirth….


Theo could be seen walking down the woods as old memories flashed through his mind, the memories came rushing back to him as he recall the night of the incident


He saw the huge tree he hid with Carly and couldn’t help the tears that stream down his face


He remembered her eagerness to learn the ways of newly enhance transportations



He got to the spot where Carly died as he felt great anger and rage burning down his veins, he wished to find her killers and put an end to them


“I promised you Carly, I will surely get revenge for you”he said as he continued walking down the woods


He finally got to his destination as he sighted a cave that led to the hole, he hesitated for a moment before leaping down the narrow path that led to the hole of the unknown, down and down he went untill he crashed to the ground


Theo staggered back on his feet and groan in pain, he swiftly turned around and observe his surrounding as he searched for the weird light but found nothing as the cave was filled with extreme darkness


He had a worried expression on his face as he continue searching for the blue light


On the verge of giving up, a blue appeared and shown brightly before him, Theo jumped on his feet and ran towards the light, just as he was about touching the light, it disappeared


“Wtf!!”Theo gasped, his face held confusion but it didn’t stop him from searching further


“I swear I had seen it glow now or maybe am just been tired”Theo contemplated as his phone dropped to the ground


He bent to pick it but just as he raised his head up, the blue light appeared once again and shown brightly on his face


Theo hesitated for a while thinking the blue light would disappear again but it didn’t, the wind blew eerily as he charged towards the weird light


He followed the direction of the light and it led him to a secluded area, The blue light shown brightly all over the place and Theo gasped as he saw the unbelievable


Before him stood So many objects and ancient artifacts which look like ancient weapons


He gasped as he saw different kinds of weapons an weird objects which were arranged according to their sizes and quality


He kept scanning the ancient artifacts and kept his gaze glued to a particular weapon. He got attracted to it as he sighted an ancient dagger whichemitted

Blue firefrom it’s two sided blades, he held his mouth with shock as he had never seen such a dagger in his life


His curiosity got the best of him and he made attempt to walked up to the dagger as he plunged towards it, he halted on his tracks as he sighted a Dragonwhich emitted fierce Firefrom it’smouth


Theo gasped as he gradually took slow steps backwards


“Fear not boy for I am the protector of the great dagger”The dragon said and Theo couldn’t believe his ears


“You. You can talk?? How’s that possible?? What place is this??”Theo

stammered as he replied to the Dragon still in shock


“I am Zarnak, I come from the Dragon tribe and we protect the great dagger from evil hands, I have waited for thousands of years to serve the right person who unlocks the dagger and yields the great power bestowed within the dagger”The dragon replied Theo who just listened with disbelief


“Wait a minute, you mean that the dagger before me is supernatural and the person who unlocks it yields it power”Theo asked, already adapting to the Dragon


“Yes you are right, he who unlocks it posses it’s power”The Dragonreplied as fire emitted from it’s mouth andnostril


“What’s this place”Theo asked, his face held curiosity


“It’s the gateway to my world and a placed far from your world, everything in here yields great power, a day here is a year in the outside world”The dragon replied,

Theo couldn’t believe his ears as he anger flowed down his core


“So that’s why everything change! All because I stayed here for a day”


Theo elucidated, the dragon kept a Stern look as it didn’t understand what he said


“Tell me Zarnak, how do I unlock this Dagger”Theo asked and the latter laughed loudly at Theo’s remarks


“You just have to removed the Dagger from its place, I have seen many great men try but fail, what makes you think you are special”The dragon replied and grin


“Because I am not special and I need to get revenged for my friend Carly, I need to get Justice for her, I need to protect my friends and city from those wicked creatures”Theo stated as he plunged towards the dagger


The dragon made way for him as Theo climed the Divine altar, the dagger was placed at the center of the alter with each side of it blades emitting blue Fire


Theo hesitated for a while before placing his hands gently on the dagger, he yelled and groan as the pain racked through his body, spreading down to his fire, his hands emitted blue smoke as the cave became dark


A repelling force threw Theo away as he crashed to ground, he yelled in pain as his hands were greatly burned by the dagger


“No one can remove it from it’s place, it has been there for thousand of years, just kindly leave”The dragon said as it flopped it huge tail


“No, I must do this for Carly, I need to get Justice for her and this Dagger seems to be my only hope right now”


Theo replied and staggered back on his feet as he marched towards the dagger once again


He gently placed his two hands on the hilt of the dagger and yelled in pain, the pain was intense as he used his whole strength in an attempt to move the dagger


His hands emitted blue fire as they burned, his eyes transformed to a shade of blue, lightening sparked through his eyes spreading through his body, Theo strangely levitated as he finally moved the dagger from it’s place


“At last, the decendant of the great dagger has been awoken and I will serve him with my life in this lifetime “Zarnak said as he bowed down before Theo


The dagger floated on the air still emitting blue fireas lightening sparked in the air, a seering energy filled the cave as it created a blast, shooking everywhere from it hinges, the dagger flowed gently as it Pierce itself in between Theo’sheart,


Theo’s chest opened up and the dagger made way into his chest, the wound shrienk as it slowly merged back to its original form


Theo’s eyes glowed brightly as it emited blue fire, his whole body began to burned as lightening spark round his body, a great energy radiated from him, filling the cave with deep aura, he yelled in pain as he finally fainted on the ground………





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