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Theo eyes glowed brightly as it emitted blue fire, his whole body began to burn as lightening spark round his body, a great energy radiated from him, filing the cave with deep aura, yelled in pain as he finally fainted on the ground….









Theo was woken up by a tap on his shoulders, he jerked up and groan as he did


“What the Fu=k!!, How did I get here??”He ask as he stood up from the bed he layed only to find Adam almost entering


“Guys, he’s awake”Adam yelled as he walked towards Theo who still looked confused


“How did I get here, where did you guys find me?”Theo asked as the others stumped into his room


“Uhm… Some guy who called himself Zarnak brought you in”Harry said


“Huh. Right, I had to clear things off my mind”Theo said and sat back on hisbed


“You should drink this, it will help you quickly recover”Max said as he handed over a cup to Theo, he gulped everything in at once and handed it back to Max who only stared at him with shock eagerly seen boldly on hisface


“Why. Why’d you looking at me like that”Theo askedsurprised


“Dude, that tea was way too hot cause I just prepared it and you just gulped in everything just like that without even feeling a little bit hurt at all, are you some kind of alien?”Max asked jokingly


“Uhm Sorry, I guess I was way too tasty”Theo replied, Max and the othersleft,

leaving him to rest


“What the he*k? How come it two daysalready?Thedagger But zarnak’sa

dragon, how come he’s human??”Theo thought as he made way into his kitchen



He switch on his gas and made to cook, just as he turned, he hit a cup and just as it was about falling, Theo stretch his hands and it stopped Midway and flooded back to original place


Theo gasped as he took slow steps backwards and accidentally placed his hands on the fire, instead of burning, his hands emited blue smoke without burning and he felt no pain at all


Theo gasped, shocked as he felt no pain, he punched himself so as to confirm he wasn’t dreaming


The door opened and Harry walked in, his face held confusion I thought I heard you gasp, anything wrong?”

Harry asked as he walked over the cabinet “N… Nothing, just thinking about Carly” Theo lied, well it wasn’t partially a lie “Then why is the gas on?”

Harry asked and Theo regained his wits and switched off the gas


“Planning on cooking but not anymore, I need to get to somewhere now… ”


Theo replied and exited the room, heading towards where his life had took a change…




Gomok and his army of doom squad could be seen pacing up and down in annoyance


The dagger reactor started beeping loudly and a blurred image appeared on it’s screen, they all gasped as they were filled with rage


“The dagger has been taken, it has been woken, it’s great power is far greater compared to ours, how do we now stop whosoever awoke it?” A member of the doom squad stated with great fear etched in his voice


Instead of fright, Gomok surprisedly laughed and the doom squad marvel at him


“We will get it, whosoever acquired it’s powers is new, he/she doesn’t know how to control it’s power yet giving us an advantage”Gomok replied without showing any sight of remorse


“But how do we find he/she, the image was blurred and we didn’t get to see his face”Another added


“Never mind about that, I have the perfect plan for that, you guys should go create some havoc in the city, the dagger rider will show up since the dagger always response to chaos”


Gomok replied with an evil grin, smirking evilly as his face held an evil gaze


“It’s time I retrieve the dagger and make my master proudandsomeone just made it easier forus”


Gomok added and grin evilly as the doom squad made their way out of the cave……..





Theo ran, he ran faster than he could imagine as blue lightening emitted from him…


He got to the cave in no time and he didn’t stress at all


“Zarnak, come on, show yourself”Theo added as he skiptically turned looking for Zarnak



“Yes my Lord, you called for me and your great servant is here to worship you!”Zarnak said bowing his head in respect


“Are you crazy or what? Who’s the heck is your Lord”Theo replied turning his head to Zarnak’s direction, Zarnak just bowed his head without saying a single word


“Okay get up, I came seeking for your help”Theo added as the latter stood up on his feet


“What’s bothering you my Lord?”Zarnak replied


“First of all, stop calling me your Lord, I understand about your serving the dagger bullshit but can you just call me Theo?”Theo said and Zarnak nodded in agreement


“Just a while ago, I gulped in an entire hot tea without feeling a single pain, then I stopped a cup from falling Midway with my hands and put it back in it’s original place and just now , I ran all the way from my home to this cave without feeling a single stress ”


Theo added and Zarnak heaved, taking in a deep breath before speaking


“That’s just the normal signs Theo and there are the least of your powers, there’s so much more you can do than that”Zarnak replied and the latter just listened in disbelief


“The dagger was forged from the deepest dark magic of our world, it possesses any power its owner thinks of, so therefore you can possess any power you wish to have”Zarnak added as the latter stared at him with great wonder


“You mean I can possess any power I think of?”Theo asked and Zarnak just nodded in agreement


” But it not that simple, you have to believe that you can acquire the power before you can truly possess it, Why don’t you try reading my mind or creating a fire ball from your hands”


Zarnak said and the latter gaved him that “i-don’t-know-how-to-do-that look


“Just focus your mind on your emotions, your powers comes from different angles and emotions is one of them”Zarnak said and the latter positioned himself in an attempt to try out what Zarnak said


The incident of Carly’s dead flashed through his mind, he groan, burning with rage as he read Zarnak’s mind


“You said I can do anything I want, that’s what your mind said”Theo replied as he yelled happily


“Okay great, now try reading my mind again, what am I thinking right now”Zarnak asked


“You said I will get good at it if I give it my best, that’s what you just said”Theo replied, grinning happily


“Good, now try conjuring a fireball from your hand like this”Zarnak said as he conjured a fireball from his hands an threw it at Theo……..








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