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Theme; Introduction


Like before








The cold and eery silent night dominated the night.

Thunder struck and A dim light that could nearly be seen in the dark was revealed. The light illuminated a building that seem like a hall and it was located in the woods






“My Lord, we have to do something on what the future tells us, the boy is gonna be a threat if he acquires the dagger’s powers”a figured said why bowing down before an unknown figure


“I know about that, but the dagger is still with me for now, I have a plan for it if it’s goes missing”The unknown figure replied with his arms behind his back


“And what plan do you have my Lord for your servant is at your service”A figure asked


“Don’t worry about that, when the times comes I will know what to do”The unknown replied


“Your wish is my command my Lord and I will serve you for eternity”The figure replied


“Go now and stay low, just play your part and everything will go according to as plan”The unknown figure said and walked towards the hall of darkness…..









“Get your lazy assup now d’you wanna get fired??”Adamyelled


I jumped out of bed at the mentioned of fired


I’ve been looking for a job my whole life and I won’t risk getting fired on my first week


I quickly stood from the bed as I dived into the bathroom, I came out in seconds and wore my clothes



“Come eat breakfast before you leave”Adam yelled at me as I got down the stairs “Later, gotta go to work now”I replied and with that I went out to work…….

Fews minutes later I got to the restaurant to see Mr James giving me that “You-are- fired kind of look


“Good morning Sir”I quickly greeted as I approached him


“What’s so good about the morning Theo, you were supposed to be in work around 8 am and now it’s already 11:30, give me a good reason why I shouldn’t fire you”Mr James said pouring out his anger to me


“Uhm…. I……Amgonna. “I was still stammering when his phone rang andhe

excused himself


I thanked my stars cause I didn’t know what I was gonna say to him else I would have been a dead meat, good for me I guess


Oh my manners, let me give a quick introduction of myself


My name is Theo Martin’s, am 22 years old, I lived with my friends as I got no parents, am kind, strong and quite handsome, have always wished for a better life but it seem not to be happening, I always fantasized about me getting powers but who am I kidding, Right?? Enough of all that, I need to get back to work before Mr James comes strangling me


…..🦚🦚……. Whoa

Today went quite fast, I changed to my clothes after we closed for the day I headed outside just to see my friend Carly waiting for me


“Mind if we go home together”She asked and I just giggled at her as I hugged her



“Sure, be my escort, I said to her as we both walked down the lonely path The forest was quite silent as we were the only creatures that could be seen

I don’t know why but have got a bad feeling about this, I didn’t want to walk down this path but Carly insisted and I had no reason to deny her request


“So tell me, how did you manage to cope with Mr James today”she said and I just looked at her


“C’mon, Adam told me you woke up late today”,she added and I just nodded my head in agreement


“Have got quite some skills off my sleeves and Adam is quite a broadcaster” I said to her and she couldn’t help but laugh……..




Therak could be seen sitting on a king size throne which can contains up to 50 people if asked to sit on the throne


Someone hastily walked into the throne room and bowed before Therak “Greetings my Lord, you called for me?”he said in an uneasy manner

“You seem bothered, any news about my dagger??”Therak asked as he stared eyed daggered into his subject


His subject hesitated for a while as he knew the worst that would befall him if Therak heard bad news


“Not yet myLord,but “he couldn’t complete his statement as hesuddenly

began to chocked and floated in the air


Blood gushed out from his eyes, noise, ears and mouths, in a matter of seconds he dropped dead to the ground



“Clean this mess now”Therak ordered at his subject who flinched as they were greatly horrified at what they witness


Their Lord just kill the man without even touching him or moving an inch, he just seem to kill him with his mind


Two subjects came and dragged the dead body away from the scene


Just as they were leaving, a surbodinate of Therak entered the throne room full of smiles


“Good day my Lord”he uttered as he bowed his head in respect


“Tell me you bring good news about my dagger or you lose your life”Therak stated in a cold manner looking away from his supposed subject


“Yes my Lord, I bring good news about your dagger”he finally said and Therak turned his direction at him immediately


He grinned evilly at his subject and in a matter of seconds he was behind his subject


“And what news do you bring Gomok”he asked and Gomok turned to face his Lord


“We got news from the Eagle squad that your dagger has been spotted on Earth and I came to inform you the moment I heard”Gomok replied grinning evilly


“Finally, after waiting and searching for 2 thousand years, it has finally been found, Gomok take the doom squad and go to Earth, I need you to retrieve my weapon, I trust the five of you will bring back my weapon, do not fail me”he stated and Gomok nodded in agreement as the doom squad appearedimmediately


Therak clicked his middle finger and a portal appeared, it closed up the moment Gomok and the doom squad walked right into it


Therak sat on his throne as he giggled loud and evilly………….











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