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What an earth shattering secret, it has been told that Theo is the true descendant of Debini, the forbidden fruit of Ama and Debini, Medusa stripped away his powers so he could he could live a normal life but fate had it’s plan for him, Ama isn’t dead but asleep, Will Theo succeed in his plans? What Happens next? The next episode commence….










Sweats trickled down Nature’s core as the sun shown brightly, The energy radiated from it caused Tumor in the sky as a green portal appeared at a familiar building


James and Harry who noticed the strange portal quickly spranged on their feet, preparing foranything to come as they cringed with fear, their fears slowly faded away as they sighted a familiar scent, Theo could be seen emerging from the green portal as he approached the twofigures


“Hey pal, you been gone for so many days, why’d you suddenly decided to show up!!” Harry asked “Yeah and this is new, what’s up with the update??” James chipped in

“Am so sorry guys, I should have listened to you, I… I… I lost my powers, I lost the dagger!!”


Theo said, relaxing on the chair as the two figures stared at him with written surprises, James nudge Harry to sit down and they did as they swing upright him


“What do you mean Man? Am confused” James said “Yeah, me too!” Harry contemplated

“It’s a long story and I really need your help!!”




“Letmeget thisclear,soyoumean,Debini’syourFatherandYourmotherisAma,youhadpowersbut Medusa stripped them away from you and now she gaved them back toyou?”


Harry asked and the latter nodded as they all stared at each others, a seering heat flowed down their Core as James clutched his head tightly


“SoZarnak’sdead,hedidn’treallyknow whathewasdoingandhadbeenunderthecontrolofDebini the whole time??” Jamesasked


“Yes, time is against us, Debini is planning on unleashing War on Earth and only I can stop him but I can’t do that without your helps??”


Theo stated, a smile escaped the latter’s lips as they slowly stirred on their feet, boring their eyes on Theo who look dumbstruck


“What do you need us to do??” Harry asked, Theo smiled as he slowly approached them, their destiny laid ahead for them


“We head to the Cave!!!”






The atmosphere looked grim as silent echoes filled the cave, lightening flashed and the sky Brine with the ocean as a green Portal appeared, revealing Theo and Co as they emerged from it


“Whoa, so cool, I never thought I would have the chance to visit this place again!!” James said with so much wonder.


“Quite playing around, you really need to focus!!” Theo said “About that, I think I found my weapon already!!”

Harry said, pointing towards a green dagger which radiated green fire, The cave erupted into a deep laughter as Theo fell weakly on the floor, the latter looked dumbstruck as they couldn’t fathom why he had to laugh


“Areyoukiddingme,that’sliterallythemosthardestthingtodoandyouneedfullfocus,Ireallywent throughalotbeforeIcouldmovethedagger,it’shastodealwithyourWillpowerwhichyouprobably don’t have!!”


Theo said, the rest had a confuse look as they plunged towards Theo, boring their face towards Him for more explanation


“Okay, what do we need to do?? Can’t we just choose any weapon here??” Harry asked


“How I wish you could but, it doesn’t work that way, if there’s one thing I have learnedfromZarnak. ”


Theosaid,pausing abitaspastmemoriesofZarnakcloudedhismind,tearsstreameddownhisfaceas he looked numb, something kept tugging his mind about Zarnak, Harry and James who understood his feeling made way towards the him as they patted him on hisback


“It’s not your fault Theo, you didn’t know then and that’s why you have to fight for him, you need to clear his name, For Adam!”


Harry stated, Theo who became tugged at their words slowly cleared the tears that boiled up in his eyes as he pedaled down the fully arranged weapons


“If there’s one thing I have learned from Zarnak is that, you can’t choose your weapon, instead you have to let it choose you, it’s the only way to find your life Symbol!!”


Theo explained, sweats trinkled down their faces as the cave became filled with an intense aura, the latter held a face of confusion at Theo’s explanations


“What’s a life Symbol??”Harry asked


“Good question, a life Symbol is what connects you to your willpower, finding your life Symbol makes it more easier for you to get access to your weapon, then, Carly was my life Symbol but it faded away after I defeated Therak and fulfilled my promise to her, right now am yet to find my life Symbol!” Theo explained


“Okay, How do we find our Weapon?? How do we know it chooses us??” James asked “Close your eyes!!”

Theo ordered, his voice carrying authority round the gloomy cave as James and Harry positioned themselves, a piece of sweat could be seen dripping from their faces as their eyes were shut close


“Feel the seering energy, fill your willpower, clear your mind from all thoughts, feel it leading you to your Life symbol, Walk towards this weapons, let your mind choose for you, feeling the intense aura cursing through your veins, you are a rock over a thousand years old, you have been kept in the dark for too long and now you need a bath, what do you do? Feel free, feel yourself as one with your weapon, you are in a void realm, your weapon is there, get hold of it!!!”


Theo explained, the latter listened with keen interest as Theo’s words overwhelmed their thoughts, piercing through their ears at each passing moments, they slowly stirred on their feet, moving towards the hall of dominant weapons with their eyes shut close


Harrymovedtowardsthegreendagger,hegentlyraisehishand,aiming toplaceitonthehiltofthe dagger but stopped as his body drifted towards a weapon by itself, the overwhelming aura filled his body as he stood before an axe which blazed with black fire, burning in fury as Harry slowly plunged towardsit


A piercing screamed filled the cave as Harry slowly placed his hands on the hilt of the axe, the intensed fire slowly burned his hands, spreading through his body as lightening flashed, the atmosphere became grim as his eyes took a shade of yellow glowing eyes, the axe freed itself from his grip, floating on the air as it shrinked, disintegrating into a more smaller size and Pierce itself in his forehead as it formed a little symbol of an axe, Harry slowly opened his eyes, crashing to the ground as the heat died down


James moved in an unnatural pattern, waving his way towards a spear which orbited green fire, He made to take it but slowly tilted his head towards another direction, soon he stood before the outcasted dagger which burned with green fire, he heaved heavily as he gently placed his hands on the hilt of the dagger


An overwhelming scream filled the cave as the dagger glowed, reacting to his touch as the green fire cursed through his veins, burning through his hands as it spread through his body, he roared painfully as his eyes took a shade of green glowing eyes, the intensed heat died down as he slowly opened his eyes, the dagger slowly disappeared as it pierced itself within his heart


“Good, you made it!!” Theo said


“I feel strange, my body is radiating intenser aura, I feel powerful!” Harry said “Yeah, I feel strange too, I can feel your heartbeats at the same time!” James said. “That’s the power of your heirloom, you found your Life symbol!” Theo said

“And yeah, least I forget, Malia came looking for you, she send her regards!!”


James said, Theo eyes widened at the mentioned of Malia, he had completely lose tracks of time, he slipped and appeared before James in a flash


“When was this!!” Theo asked


“Two days ago Man, you are freaking me out, what’s happening??” James replied, Theo heaved a sigh of fright as he made to speak


“There’s one more thing I forgot to mentioned!” Theo said, pausing a bit before he continued “Debiniisgoing tokidnapMalia,hewantstokillher,Ineedtogettoherbeforehedoes!!”Theosaid “Oh shit, what are we waiting for, let’s get going!!” HarrySaid

The wind became fierce as Theo’s eyes flashed with lightening for some seconds, a green portal appeared, radiating green waves as they all bolted into the Portal….





Malia could be seen pedaling down the gloomy garden, the mansion was quietened as she was the only being that pedaled round the mansion


“Hmmmmm, so natural!”



She said as she picked a little flower and tugged it into her hair, soon lightening flashed as the sky became even darker, Malia slowly turned, falling to her feet as a black smoke swerve it’s way in her presence, merging together as it it formed a man with dark glowing eyes


“What!! She looks exactly like Ama!”


Debini said with a confuse gaze as he took slow steps towards her, Malia cringed fearfully as the latter towered above her


“Who…. Who… Who are you??” Malia asked “What a beauty, you will make a goodconcubine!!”

Debini said, benting low to her height as he placed his soft fingers on her lips, a piercing scream filled the Garden as Malia screamed with fear…..






The green portal appeared on the other side Malia’s Mansion, Theo and Co hastily emerged from it as they stood before the huge Mansion




Theo yelled, frantically turning as he searched lustfully for her, they kept searching for Minutes but found nothing as they slowly collapse on the soft grass


“It’s a dead end!” Harry said


“Am not giving up yet, I have to protect her!” Theo said


“Hey Guys, over here!!” James said, gesturing to the rest to joined him in a control room “What’s it? Did you find something?” Theo asked

“Yeah, I did, this place is a control room, monitoring everything that happens in the mansion, there’s a Cam at that corner of the garden, according to my knowledge, if I can hack into their system, I think I can get through their records and find out what happened the last few minutes!!” James explained


“What are you waiting for? Less talking, more doing, get started already!” Theo yelled


James slowly turned on the computer, some image displayed on the screen as James type some few things on the keyboard, Soon, a video began displaying, Theo gasped, clutching his fist tightly as they emited dark fire


“Am gonna to kill that son of a bitch, how can a Father be that wicked?? Am gonna put an end to him!!”

Theo said with rage cursing through his body


“Take it easy Man, we need to plan this through, what if he’s leading you to a trap huh??” Harry asked “I don’t care, I need to put an end to him, that’s the plan!”

Theo fired, heaving heavily as he slightly raised his head up, creating a portal and started heading towards it, the two friends stared at each other, unable to decipher what to do next


“And where are you heading to??” James asked “To Dewok Kingdom!!”

Theo said with venom cursing through his body as he dived towards the portal, the two friends heaved heavily as they followed after him, bolting into the portal which in turn, closed up…..






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