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Zarnak is dead but he wasn’t wicked, Debini has appeared and taken the dagger rendering Theo powerless as he’s now a human once again, What becomes Malia and his friends, Medusa appeared and took the weak Theo, what Happens next? The next episode commence…..









Darkness filled my eyes as I jerked up from the terrible dream I just had, trailing my fingers all the way to my heart, tears streamed down my eyes as I couldn’t feel the dagger, I had become powerless, Debini Was going to kill my friends and Malia, the thought of it alone made me broke down to more tears as I couldn’t fathom what to do next



I gently raised my head up, feeling a presence, I gasped as I saw some bunch ofsnakes snarling and hissingatme. Medusa’s


Yes, she had come to rescue me, she was the last person I had seen before jerking into the deep slumber I just had, red candles flickered around the strange room as extreme heat filled the room


“Medusa!! What are you doing here??”


I asked stupidly, staring at her I expected am answer, she grinned evilly as she stood abruptly and rested comfortably on her huge tail, her hands glowed brightly, pointing them towards her huge tail, the tail glowed reddish, radiating a seering heat as it formed a huge dust and transformed to human legs, I gasped as she advance towards me


“Is that the way to thank the saver of your life, you would have been dead if I hadn’t rescue you, your heart was ripped opened!!”


Medusa explained, I shuddered, tilting my head as I fumed with her explanations, my mind flashed back to the dark event that happened hours ago, I trailed my eyes to my chest, true to her words, they had miraculously heal as a single scratch couldn’t be seen


“Thank you for saving me, I owe you one!”


I said with a face of humor, she nodded as she sat on the huge bed I sat on, something tugged my mind and I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful face, her red lips which would taste a lot like strawberries, I trailed my eyes all the way down to her cleavage, her huge hips, the thought of it alone created a a huge budge in my trousers, something tugged my mind again, causing me to snap out of my fantasy


“Why did you save me? You promise not to get involved, so why did you save me??”


I asked, grumping my face as she slowly raised her head to meet mine, she smiled as she made to speak “Because I owe your mother a promise, a promise to protect you!”

She calmly stated, my heart suddenly felt soft at the mentioned of mother, I was born an orphan, I never got to know my parents, I searched for them but met no clues untill I finally gaved up and settled with James and Co


“Did…. Do.. did you know my Mother?? Who’s she??”


I asked calmly, my heart softened as she stared lustfully at me, I heaved a sigh of frustration as she made to speak


“As it ever Dawn on you why the dagger chose you?? No one has ever yielded the dagger except the descendant of Debini and Ama, Therak once yielded the dagger with anger but it took control over him, have you ever ask why you moved it? Why it couldn’t control you? Why it choosed you ?”


She asked calmly, her face held curiosity, the air cracked and the fabric of reality opened as I dived into a realm of deep thoughts, reminiscing over her words which Pierce through my ears with each passing moment, I never wondered why the dagger chose me, why I moved it or why I gained control over it’s burning rage


“No, I have no idea, it just happened to chose me cause I was special!!”


I replied, she moved an inch closer to me, breathing heavily under my face as she erupted Into a deep laughter, I frowned my face at her remarks, staring eyed dagger at her untill she had calmed down


“It didn’t chose you because you were special, it choosed you because you are a descendant of Debini, the Forbidden Son of Debini and Ama!!”……




Debini could seen walking outside the throne room, dark waves evolved round him as he advanced towards Dewok’ssoldiers


“Intruder, Capturehim!!”


A warrior roared as he sighted a man walking out of throne room, Debini smirked evilly as he stood his ground, staring devilishly at the warriors, the air thickened as the dagger glowed reddish


“What!! Debini’s dagger, yield by master Theo, the descendant of Debini and Slayer of gods!!”


A warrior stated as he sighted the glowing dagger, Debini erupted into a huge laughter at the mentioned of Debini’s descendant, a grin escaped his face as the warriors surrounded him


“And who told you I have a descendant??”


Debini asked but none gaved him and actual answer as they all clutched tightly to their swords, the realm of darkness darkened as Debini stood perplexed before the Warriors


“Say, Join me in my quest to end the World and I will let you rule along side me, we will destroy the world of humans and create a great history for childrens to come”


Debini stated with a smug, the rest of the Warriors stared at one another as they bursted into an overwhelming laughter, the air cracked and the fabric of great terror ripped opened as Debini slipped and dashed towards the warriors, ripping the heart of one of the warriors as he stood firm, holding the heart of one if the warriors, the warrior gasped, staring at the deep hole in his chest, Debini grinned


evilly as the man dropped dead, the rest of the warriors gasped, terrified at the horrific scene they had just witnessed, clenching of swords could be heard as they all dropped to their feet, bowing before Debini whose eyes briefly changed colour for a bit


“We are so sorry my Lord, you are the one true king, what do you need us for??”


A man who seemed to be their leader asked, Debini smirked as he stood before the bald head man “That’s the spirit, go home and be rest assured, tomorrow we attacked the humans!!!”….




Medusa stated calmly, I fumed with anger as it surge through my body, the answer I got form Medusa burned down my veins with rage, I would have killed her if hadn’t lose my powers


“Are you crazy?? How can a human like me who got the dagger by chance be the Son of the greatest evil who existed 5 thousand Years ago huh? How dare you tell me that shit??” I asked her with fury, pouring out my anger to her


“Watch your tongue boy and let me do the explainings!!” Medusa said


“What explainations do you have to explain huh? That am the Son of Debini whose over 5 thousand years??” I yelled yelled with fury


“Stop been a knuckle head and listen, your friends life’s are at risk, how do you want to save your friends if you don’t know your true origin huh?”


Medusa asked, something tugged my mind by her words, my friends life’s were at sake and if knowing my true origin was the only way to save them then, I was gonna listened


I quietened at the mentioned of her words, gesturing to her to explain my origin, she heaved a sigh of relief as she made to speak


“You are the one true descendant of Ama and Debini, the fruit of their forbidden love, and that’s why youyieldthedaggerwithoutittakingcontroloveryou!!”Medusaexplained,Iheavedasighoffearas she made tospeak


“The dagger was forged by the deepest dark magic of the underworld, it was made specially by Galam, the father of Ama, your mother. Ama was born a demon with the heart of a human, she cared for humans but was framed for killing her kind in an attempt to save a human, her father got furious on hearing this and banished her from their world!!”


Medusa explained, and I heaved heavily, not knowing when tears streamed down my face, I clutch the bedsheets tightly as Medusa words played over my head again


“Ama received some bunch of punishments and headed towards a mountain where her life took a change, She met your Father who fell in love with her at first sight, Your father, Debini, took her to Dewok kingdom and got married to her, Mabi, the first king of Dewok kingdom lusted over her and threatened to kill her if she failed to be his concubine, your mother feared his words and been a witch, she sacrificed something so special to save your father!”


“She tapped into the darkest magic of their world, creating a dark spell which created a fake illusion of herself, your father and the fake illusion of herself were taken to Dewok slaughter dorm were she was beheaded, your father was banished from their Kingdom into the underworld were he met her father who bestowed him with Ama’s dagger, your father feeling betrayed by his people became consumed with hatred and seek revenge but was sealed off by mysterious men!!”


Medusa explained, I felt confused by explainations, If this was their story then, how did I become a descendant of Debini? How’s Debini my father? I felt more confused and couldn’t help but asked


“If this was their story, how then did I become the fruit of their forbidden love??” I asked with a sense of humor, the air around us thickened as the red candles that flickered in the room brought a seering heat that spread down to our core


“The spell had a consequence, it drained her entire life force, causing her to fall into a deep slumber, she was a good friend of mine so I saved her and brought her to my coven where I placed her in a seal which helped in maintaining her body but 5 thousand years later, I discovered an earth shattering secret, your mother was pregnant, carrying you for 5 thousand years caused the seal to break and she gave birth to you, I made a promise to her to always protect you, she dived back to the deep slumber after my promise, I couldn’t raise you to be part of this chaos so I dropped you at the human world after striping away your powers so you could live a human life!”


“This is your true origin and it’s time I give you your true powers but even with it, you won’t be able to stop your father!”


Medusa explained, this whole time, I listened with deep thoughts as I cried silently at everything that unfolded in my presence, the thought of everything gave me a seering headache and I couldn’t help but scream and poured out my anger to her


“Why?? Why me?? No wonder I never got to know my parents no matter how hard I tried, because there were long gone 5 thousand years ago, no wonder I had always had this feeling of been a supernatural and saving My friends and cities! Why me??”


I yelled in frustration, I grap the bedsheets tightly, squeezing them with the little strength I had in me, I was left with no powers, how do I get over this


“You have to be strong for your friends, for Malia!!” Medusa stated, my whole system sparked with lightening and became calmed down at the mentioned of Malia


“Where’s my mother, how do I wake her from her deep slumber??” I manage to ask


“I have a plan about that but now isn’t the time, you need to save your Friends, you need to save Malia, you need to stop Debini, what’s the plan??”


Medusa asked, I felt something tugging my mind and couldn’t help but fathom why I said that.


“I know how to stop him, what if I don’t have to kill my Father, what if I have a plan, but first I need to get my Powers and the help of my friends, together we stand a chance, I just hope Debini hasn’t gotten to them yet!” I said


“Very well then!”


Medusa said as she placed her index finger on my forehead, I gasped as I could feel my eyeballs turning white and couldn’t help but dived into this realm of extreme void, the only source of illumination came from a glowing orb whom I magically got drawned to it, I couldn’t help but placed my hands on the orb, the orb glowed at my reaction, it reacted to the touch of my hands as I felt my whole system burning withfire,theorbglowedbrightlyandImysteriouslyabsorbedit’senergy,feelingsomuchheatasIdived back to the real realm, I felt so strange, my whole system was radiating a terrifying energy, I saw Medusa gasped at my intensed aura, I felt strange, I could feel different flow of energies merging together and spreading through my blood, I felt so much strong, my mind was at ease, is this what it feels to bepowerful???”






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