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Something bad happened, Adam is dead but who killed him? What or Who attacked Harry and Co? Medusa told them that Debini can’t be stopped once freed, is that true? What’s now gonna happened? The next episode commence…..







Maybe it was a coincidence or maybe it was a fact that the sky were also mourning Adam as it flashed with lightening




Theo screamed as he fell on his knees while he grapped the dead body of his friend, shivering feverently as tears streamed down his face


“Stay with me Adam, come on Bro, please stay with me, No!!!!”


Theo yelled, screaming out his lungs as he clutched Adam’s body tightly, he stared weakly at the pool of blood, tears streamed down his face the more as he sighted Harry and James, laying weakly on the floor


“Th. Theo!!!!”


James weakly stated, stirring his eyes to Theo’s direction,the latter sharply turned his head to James, dropping Adam’s body as he plunged towards the weak James


“Who did this?? Who the f**k did this!!!”


Theo roared with dark aura etched in his voice, coupled with a spike of Venom, tears stream down their faces as he stared weakly at James


“They came after house….They…They. They were after you, they wantedthe

dagger…. We .. we tried fighting but they killed Adam!!”


James weakly stated with teary eyes, Theo fell weakly on the ground, sorrowful, weak,angry. Depressed


“Who are they!!”Theo asked, his voice creating a blast a stye whole place shook from it’s hinges


“They…. They called themselves..the… The. The Dark Shadow!!”Jamesreplied


“They will pay!!” ….





It was morning, the sky drizzle with the rain, the atmosphere was grim and the silent sobs echoed round the cementary


Sure enough, lightening flashed through the sky as the rain dropped down his tears, sorrow filled the place as it blended with the air


“And may his perfect sould rest In peace!!”



A man assumed to be a prophetic stated as a coffin went deeper into an hollow hole, the tears increased as James and Henry plunged towards the coffin with bandaged arms


They dropped a bunch of flowers on the coffin, staring deeply at the coffin with pain written boldly on their faces, tears streamed down their faces as they took slow steps backwards


“Am gonna miss him!!”Harry said


“Yeah, me too, an really gonna miss him!!”James retorted sheepishly “Where the heck is Theo??”Harry asked, his face held concern

“I don’t know man, he didn’t show up, he blame himself for what happened!”James replied, fixing his gaze in the crowd


“But why would he blame himself for that,? I mean, it’s not like it’s is fault or something!!”James stated


“I really don’t know man, there’s definitely something going on!!”….




Lightening flash and the thunder roared as everything became dark, sorrow loomed, revealing a figure who knelt on Crystal pearch with thunder rumbling in the sky


He radiated great amount of dark energy as darkness evolved round him,the rain had stop but the night was still cold as the figure remain unshaken


Soon, a dark seering energy erupted the Building, spreading through Crystalpearch as the sky became even darker, Theo spranged up on his feet as a dark smoke howered above him, the smoke swerved towards him, merging together as it formed a man with Dark green eyes whose face was covered with a blackmask


“You are mourning your dead friend I see!!”The Masked man stated grimly “Who are you??”Theo asked..

“Your nightmare!”The figure retorted smirkenly, the latter kept a silent phase as he listened with keen interest


“You really are a bad friend you know? You couldn’t even attend his burial, seeing him for the last time I guess!!”


The Masked figure added, glaring Theo a mocking look, Theo moved away from him with a frown, glaring deadly at him as anger boiled down his veins, the dagger glowed dark, radiating dark aura as Theo stood agitated before the figure


“Who the Fuck are you??”Theo roared


“You can call me the dark Shadow, give me the dagger and escape my wrath!”


The Masked man stated grimly, the latter stared blankly at him, shooking with anger as he stood perplexed at the information that divulge in him


“You….You. You killed Adam!!!”


Theo asked the dark auraed man who stood before him as he emitted dark smoke, the dagger glowed brightly as Theo’s eyes sparked with lightening, veins sprouted out of his neck, spreading through his body as he awaited an answer


“Yes I did, itfelt so. Good, his dominating aura, the look in his eyes, the waybe

begged ” The Masked man stated, smiling sheepishly as he cuddle with his scary claws




Theo screamed as the pain became unbearable and racked through his body, he dashed at the Dark Shadow with lightening speed, grapping him by the neck as he pinned him to the ground..


The latter growl, smirking evilly as he escaped Theo’s grip, connecting a bone cracking punch to his lower abdomen which send him crashing to the ground


“Am gonna kill you!!”


Theo roared, stirring back on his feet as he dashed at the dark Shadow with incredible speed, he morphed with the darkness as he slash the latter’s arm


The latter growl at the impact, dashing towards a direction as he pinned an invisible force to the ground, Theo yelled as he became visible, the dark Shadowas he was called, threw fast punches to Theo who yelled as blood spattered from his mouth


Theo yelled, stirring back on his feet as he leaped at the latter and in a motion, connected a punch to the latter’s neck, tearing off his clothe, his fist landed on the latter’s clothe as he pulled off the cloth


“I have seen that before, tell me, who the f**k did you really are??”


Theo yelled, pointing towards a drawn pattern on the latter’s neck, it was the drawing of a dragon head on his arm, it showed vividly as it glowed Reddish


“Till we meet again, surrender the dagger, you won’t be so lucky next time!” The dark Shadow stated grimly, smirking evilly as he bolted Into a portal “Where have I seen that pattern??”….



The wind blew softly towards the building, sorrow filled the building as a blue portal appeared, revealing Theo as he emerged from it


“Hey Bro, come join us!!”


Harry yelled as he sighted Theo emerging from the portal, the latter held a depress looks she slowly crashed the chair



“Pass, lost my appetite!”


Theo replied, sounding sorrowful as he stared blankly at empty space, the latter shrugged his words as they all plunged towards him


“Come on Man, it ain’t your fault, you weren’t even here!!” James stated, his face held concern


“Then who’s fault is it?? It was all because of me, ifIhadn’t ”


Theo yelled with pain cursing through his Veins, he couldn’t complete his words as he broke down to tears,the latter heaved, clutching him tighly as tears streamed down their faces


“What do you mean by “if you hadn’t”?? Did you do something”James asked…


“Guys, I think I caused Adam’s dead, I released a great evil!”…



“Don’t you think it’s time we start helping you?!”


Harry asked Theo who stood perplexed at his remarks, the latter scoffed as he plunged towards him


“What do you mean by that!”Theo asked


“Medusa said you can’t defeat him once he’s been released, what if we try fighting all together!!” Harry added


“Yeah, we are stronger together, we stand a chance if we fight together!”James chipped in


“No!!!! You ain’t going near that cave or fighting any body!!”Theo retorted angrily



“Come on, stop been a stubborn knuckle head!!”Harry fired at Theo “I said No!!!!”

Theo roared with venom in his voice, creating a blast which jamm the whole street lights


“Come on man, we are just trying to help, we also wanna get revenge for Adam!”

James said solemely, his face held concern and worry


“No guys, I don’t wanna put you guys in trouble, am cursed, anyone who get near me get killed, I don’t want that to happen to you guys, you are my only family left now!!”


Theo stated solemely, his voice held concern, tears streamed down his face as he tilted his head to a direction, boring his eyes on a picture of Adam which was placed on the edge of a wall


“Take it easy Theo, we can dothis toge. ”


Harry was saying but Theo beat him to it as he bolted into a portal which later closed up, the two friends stared at each other as they relaxed on the chair…..




The birds chipped sadly as sorrow filled the woods, A portal appeared, revealing Theo as he emerged from it


He growl weakly, crashing to the rusty ground as he felt empty, he crawled to a branch, taking a deep breath as he bored his eyes to the stars, his eyes had become swollen and had a red shape as a result of his tears


“I failed you Adam, I thought all this was over, I….I…..I I Failedyou!!”


Theo stated as he broke down to tears, he felt an invisible presence as he slowly raised his head up



“You didn’t fail me, it’s not your fault, you need to remain strong and fight for me!!”


Adam stated, walking briskly with his palm clasped over the other, a happy grin escaped his face as he swing sat upright before Theo




Theo yelled as he made to hug Adam, he gasped as he felt no presence, Adam’s body had faded and turned to dust, he clutch his fist tightly as he broke down to more tears


He slowly stirred on his feet as his body radiated a great amount of energy, the dagger glowed brightly as he bored his eyes to the sky, he felt strong, he felt vengeance, he tasted for revenge, he had a new sense of duty..


“I promise you, am gonna find Revenge for you, am gonna find the Dark Shadow and end him for good, that’s my promise to you, I won’t fail in doing so!!”……





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