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So Adam is finally dead, leaving Theo only with Harry and James, the dark Shadow has revealed himself but we are yet to know who he really is? (Dark Shadow is the unknown, the unknown are two, dark Shadow is a name for both of them) Harry have asked Theo for a piece of the cave powers but he declined, what happen next? Theo has a renew sense if duty, will he succeed? The next episode commence…..










The realm felt a renew sense of duty as it radiated an unnatural aura, lightening flashed and the sky roared as two figures could be seen as they approached a building


“Did you get the dagger??”Debini asked with venom in hisvoice “Nomaster,but ”

The dark Shadow couldn’t complete his statement as he clutched his throat tightly, gasping for breathe as he floated on the air, he purred as his other half looked at him with sorrow.


“Master, please have mercy, give us a second chance, we won’t fail you this time!”


Dark Shadow stated as his other half purred and gasped for breath, he suddenly dropped to his feet, shivering feverently as he breathe heavily


“Time is against me, I need to get my dagger!”Debini said

“We will retrieve the dagger Master, just give a second chance!!” Dark Shadow stated “Nonsense,Ihavebeensealedinthaticeblockfor thousandofyears,Ineedmydagger,mymost

precious weapon, it’s belong to mate, I need to get it at all cost, go, you have just one chance, don’t fail



Debini stated as dark aura evolved round him, filling the place with extreme aura, dark shadows smirked as they stirred on their feet


“With pleasure…. “…..




James spranged on his feet as a figure kept banging the door, tension filled the scene as he plunged towards the door




He stated lazily as he stood perplexed before Malia, boring his eyes on her cleavage, a slight bulge escaped his trousers as he lustfully stared at her


“Hey, mind if I come in?”Malia asked


“Yeah Sure!”James said, gesturing to her to come in as he opened the door “Do you mind if I serve you something!”He asked

“No, I actually came asking of Theo, is he around!”Malia asked


“Uhm No, he went for a visit, he had to do something withsomeone!!”


James who was caught off guard quickly thought of a lie, Malia frowned her face, swerving her hips as she slowly moved towards the door


“Is there anyway I can get through to him?”She asked


“Uhm Not really, I don’t really think so!” James stated, the latter heaved as she slowly opened theknot

of the door.


“Uhm.. when next you see him, tell him I asked of him, am worried, I haven’t seen him for days now, tell him I payed a visit!!”


Malia dimly stated, James nodded as Malia opened the door and walked away, heading to no where at all, James heaved, relaxing weakly on the chair as he bored his eyes to the a picture if Adam…


“What a day!!!”…




Nature hummed to the sound of sweet aura, the birds chirped sadly as they felt a dark aura, the winds blew feriously as a bossom fire blasted a tree, creating a crack as it felled to the ground


Thepathbecameblurryasitbecamefilledwithdust,soonthedustclearedtorevealedayoungboy whose chest glowed brightly, radiating a dark aura as his face nowshownvividly. Theo


He walked briskly towards a waterfall, clasping his palm over the other as it sparked with lightening, spreading through his body, his eyes turned Red and he roared, creating a blast which caused the water to rise and fall back due to his impact


“I promise you Adam, I will find the darkShadow,I. I promise you!”


Theo stated as he crashed weakly to the ground, boring his eyes to the waterfall whose scene was capturing


“Who’s there??”



Theo asked as he sensed a dark energy source from an unknown place, he quickly stirred on his feet, skiptically turning as the aura became more intense


“Hahahaha, hand over the dagger boy!!”


A strange voice which spoke in two forms stated as it boomed from the four corners of the forest “Show yourself, what the Fu*k are you??”

Theo asked as he felt a low growl behind him, a shadow penetrated behind, he swiftly turned to look at the unknown shadow but was too late as a claw swipe was evaded at him, he yelled as a deep claw slashed his his back, it dripped blood as it emitted dark waves..


“Am gonna kill you!!”Theo stated, feeling a renew sense of energy “Will you??”.

The voice stated as it boomed from a direction, the grasses strangely burned with dark fire as two figures emerged from it, their faces couldn’t be seen as they wore masks, their jagged like body was captivating as an unearthly aura radiated from them


“Dark Shadow!!!!!”


Theo stated with venom etched in his voice, he growl grimly as he stared eyed daggered at the two creatures, the two creatures smirked as they plunged towards him


“Hand over the dagger, our master need it!” They chorused in unison as they lurked round him “Come get it after I kill you first!!”

Theo stated as he dashed at them, the dagger glowed brightly as his body sparked with lightening, lightening flashed through the sky as the weather became even darker ,the two teams collided, creating a blast which brought down trees to the ground due to their impact


The two dark Shadow rushed at Theo, throwing plasma waves at him, Theo ducked the incoming waves as he skillfully spun his body, grapping one dark Shadow to the ground as he smashed his head on a rock spot of a rock, crashing to the ground as blood splattered from his head


Theo who couldn’t see the other dark Shadow was too late as a claw Pierce his skin, he roared as the pain racked through his body, his body seem not to be healing as it radiated dark smoke


The two dark Shadow dashed at Theo before regaining his stance, connecting a punch to his lower abdomen as they pinned him to the ground, blood gushed out of his mouth as he receive fast punches, too fast for the eyes to see


“You can do this Theo, you need to get revenge for me!!”Adam stated as he stood few feet away from Theo


“Adam, is that you??”


Theo asked weakly as he stared at a ghost version of Adam, soon his body faded away as he couldn’t see anything




A dark Shadow roared as a bolt of lightening struck his body, burning off his clothes as he got blasted, he yelled as the pain cursed through his veins, he slowly fell to the hard ground as the pain became immersed, lightening flashed and the storm brewed as he gasped weakly, not feeling his body


The other Dark Shadow smirked as Theo slowly sprun on his feet, his eyes took a deep shade of red as lightening sparked through his eyes, his body burned with fire as two little horns appeared on his head, dark Shadow gasped as he beheld a terrifying sign


Theo slipped and in a flash stood before the dark Shadow, slashing his neck with his deep claws as the latteryelledinpain,clutchinghisneckwhichhadstrangemarksofTheo’sclaws,Theostoodperplexed as his eyes rested on the dragon tattoo which showed vividly on the dark Shadow’sneck


ThedarkShadowgroaninpainduetoTheo’simpact,hefelledarenewsenseofhumorashedivedand bolted into a portal in aflash


Theo growl, shrinking weakly as his body regained their right shapes and turned back to their normal statures, Theo grinned as he towered above the weak creature below him, he bent and in a flash tore off the mask, he gasped, his face held confusion as he beheld a horrific sigh


“Gomok!!!”He stated, wearing a face of confusion


“You….. You…. You are in deep trouble,Debini…Debini Debi..”


He couldn’t complete his statement as he slowly dropped his head, giving up the ghost as his body burned and turned to ashes


Theorisedonhisfeet,heworedafaceofconfusionashetoweredbelowthestrangeashes,thedagger glowed, sparking heavily as it created aportal


“I need to see Zarnak, I need answers!!”



He stated as he dived into the portal which in turn closed up….




A slight wind blew pass the warriors of Dewok kingdom, a slight glimpse of a blue light could be seen sparking as a portal appeared, revealing Theo who bored a face of confusion


The Warriors all bowed down to Theo who was now known as the slayer of Therak in Dewok Kingdom “What do you want My Lord?” A senior warrior asked

“Take me to Zarnak!!”….




Theo could be seen pedaling round the throne room as he skiptically turned, in search of Zarnak “Zarnak!!!”

Theo stated, smiling Sheepishly as he felt a slight presence behind him, Zarnak’s “What do you want my Lord!!”

Zarnak asked as he plunged towards Theo, he crumbled on a rough spike of a wood and crashed to the ground, Theo rushed to help him up but stopped when he sighted something, tears streamed down his face as he radiated a dark aura, he felt anger, he sense a dark aura, he felt betrayed as he took slow steps forward him


“What’s wrong my Wrong!!” Zarnak asked as he noticed the moods swing in Theo “What’s that!!!”

Theo asked, pointing towards a dragon pattern on Zarnak’s neck, it glowed reddish as claw marks could also be seen, they showed vividly


“Oh this, it’s nothing, what can I help you with??” Zarnak asked, his face cringed with fear but didn’t show it


Theo gasped as his eyeballs turned White, the dagger glowed as he felt himself drawn to an unknown realm, he stood perplexed as he witness a slight image of Zarnak’s past, he gasped as he dived back to the real world, radiating a dark energy as he felt betrayed, tears streamed down his face as he plunged towards Zarnak who took slow steps backwards


“You are the dark Shadow??”….




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