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It’s been six months already, Debini has visited Theo in the dream, what’s he trying to do?? The unknown is yet to be known as he’s planning on breaking the seal on Debini, will he succeed?? The next episode commence……













The wind blew softly towards a building as it merged with the sun which shown brightly on Theo’s room


Theo jerked from the bathroom, clad in a towel as he stood before a table, he took his phone and dialed a number


“Malia ” Theo spoke dimly with his phone placed on hisears


“Hey buddy.” Malia spoke from the other end of thephone


“You busy??” Theo asked

“Nay,. You wanna hang out”Maliareplied


“Yeah, how about we grap some cookies from “B-NORT STORE”Theo asked, grinning stupidly as his ran through his hair


Alright Meet you there in 30Malia replied, forming a happy grin onthe

other end of the phone as she hanged out


“Yes baby. Yes yes yes”Theo elucidated happily as he danced to the tune ofa

music booming from his speaker


“Holycow!!! What the f**k man?? Have you been standing there thewhole



Theo asked as he face Harry who stood behind the doorpost and witnessed the scene


“Yeah, what makes you smile??”Harry asked


“Uhm Later, will speak to you later!”Theo sophisticated with a smugand

Dashed out of the room…..




The streets loomed with people as they pedaled down the gloomilous streets, the sun shown brightly on two figures as they chatted and walk down the Streets


Theo and Malia could be seen giggling stupidly as they stood before an old bookstore


“You are really one funny guy you know?, am happy I met you!”


Malia stated, smiling sheepishly as she made her way down the street, the latter blushed as his cheeks turned tomato red


“Whoa, thank you, you arealsospecial “Theo replied with a sense ofsincerity


“Come on, let’s try out the old man tricky store!!”


Malia stated as she plunged towards an old store, the latter smiled and grin as he plunged after her


“Hey, wait for me!!”Theo yelled, running after her


The wind had stopped but the day was still hot as the sun shown brightly, Malia got to a store and approached the seller as she picked a weird object


“Check out this, it’s a dragon toy!!”Malia elucidated “Ohhh, that’s cool, I could buy that for you!!”Theo replied


“Uh? You don’t have to, am kinda okay!”Malia said “I still insist, you can pay for the next one”

Mike stated, grinning devilish as he took some notes from his pocket and gave it to an old Man, the latter smiled as she made way with the dragon toy


“Thank you!!”Malia said, walking away as she made way to another store, the latter followed suit after her


Suddenly, the sky darkened blurring Nature’s vision, lightening flashed and darkness loomed round the streets as everything slowly faded and vanished


Theo gasped as the rain dripped blood, he was in an entire different realm, he held his mouth with horror as he notice a being whose eyes glowed Red with blood dripping from his lips


“You. ”


Theo uttered, taking slow steps backwards as the realm became even darker, the creature radiated dark energy from it’s body, causing leaves to burn and dry off with dark flames emitting from them


“Give me the dagger, it belongstome. ”


The being bartered, heaving heavily as it plunged it way towards Theo, it montrous voice echoing round the strange realm


“Who the f**k are you?? Why do you wantmy dagger ”


Theo asked, cringing with fear as it showed vividly on his face, the creature frowned and moved towards him with lightening speed, Theo shrugged as he hardly saw him move


“I am Debini ”


The creature stated and dipped his hands into Theo chest as he removed the glowing dagger, the latter shrinked and felled to the ground…..




Theo yelled as he bolted back to the real realm, his vision was blurry but later cleared off to reveal Malia standing before him with panic written boldly on her face, sweats trickled down his face as he breath heavily, he traced his hands to his chest but felt the dagger still there


“What the f**k is wrong with you?? What happened to you!!”


Malia asked, sounding frustrated, her hands wrapped round Theo’s head, the latter gasped as he stirred on his feet


“Am sorry, I need to go…. “….




A slight wind aroused in Theo’s room as a blue portal appeared, revealing Theo as he emerged from it, the dagger glowed brightly


Theo stood agitated as he patrolled down his room in annoyance, dipping his hand into his pocket while the other hand ran through his hair


He breathe heavily as his mind drifted over to the event that happened minutes ago, his faced held horror


“What the f**k was allthat?? Debini Who the f**k isthat??”


Theo thought, his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a creaking sound, Theo raised his head up, colliding with Harry’s face as he emerged from the door


“Who the f**k is Debini Man??”Harry asked


“It’s nothing Bro, just some kind of fantasy!!!”Theo replied


“Come on Bro,stop lying to me, it’s written boldly on your face!!” Harry contemplated


“Okay Man, it’s started two weeks ago!!”


Theo said, heaving heavily as he explained the whole event that happened


“This is serious, you need an explanation, someone who haves knowledge of things beyond our imagination!!”Harry said


“You mean Zarnak”


Theo asked and the latter nodded, sparing him a concern look as the latter spranged on his feet, unable to decipher what to do next


“Will be right back, it’s time I pay Zarnak a visit!!”


Theo stated, clutching his fist as the dagger glowed Red, creating a blue portal which radiated blue waves, the latter nodded at Theo who walked into it, causing the portal to close up….




“My Lord, the Warriors of Danglet have layed down their weapons, they serve no one but you!!”


A bald head man clad in blue ropes Stated as he bowed down before his king……



“Tell the Warriors they are welcome, all are one with each others!!”


Zarnak replied, his voice carrying authority round the room, their thoughts were interrupted as lightening flashed through the palace room, revealing a blue portal which radiated blue waves


The Warriors pointed their swords at the creature who emerged from the portal, the dagger glowed brightly on his chest



“Impossible!! Debini’s dagger!!” A warrior asked with a shock expression


Zarnak flicked his hands and the warriors retreated their weapons, the latter smiled as he plunged towards Zarnak


“Hey buddy, so good to see you!!”


Theo elucidated as he walked towards the throne with arms opened,The warriors pointed their swords at him again as they saw him walking towards the throne


“Bow beforeourLord. Mortal!!!”A fierce Warriorcommanded


The warrior suddenly dropped his weapon, gasping for breath as he felled to his knees shivering, he gasped for breath as he couldn’t catch his breath


“Enough, anyone who tried to stop him will face my wrath, behold Is the Descendant of Debini, the killer of Therak, Slayer of gods!!”


Zarnak battered, his warriors gasped and dropped their weapons as they bowed down before Theo who stood amazed


“Enough if all this, I need your help Zarnak!!”Theo said


Zarnak flicked his hands once more and the warriors dispersed one after the others,

Zarnak scoffed as he plunged towards Theo


“It’s been long, what can I help you with my Lord??”Zarnak asked


“It all started two weeks ago, a man keeps appearing to me, he wants the dagger,he callshimself Debini!!”


Theo stated, the latter gasped and held his mouth with horror, he shifted back as he collapse on his throne


“Let’s move!!” Zarnak ordered as the latter followed after him, walking down the huge palace as they made their way to a strange room



“You see that ice block over there, blast it with the dagger’s powers!!”Zarnak ordered


The latter positioned himself, folding his hands as his eyes sparked with lightening, a fierce thud could be heard as an ice ball collided with the iceblock, cracks could be seen as it showed vividly on the iceblock


“Not bad, you have improved”Zarnak said


“What do we do about the dagger’s issues, I can’t keep on seeing him!!”Theo stated


“Debini is trying to reach out to you,he wants to claims his dagger, destruction will befall your world if you give in to him!!”


Zarnak stated, the air thickened by each passing moments as the realm became darkened, radiating strange auras from both figures, Theo gulped in the saliva that threatened to fall from his mouth as he cringed with fear


“What do we do now??”Theo asked


“We need to server your connection with Debini,you need to breakthrough his tricks, there’s only one person who can do that??”Zarnak replied


“Who??”Theo asked once more “Medusa!!!!!”…..





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