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Episode 2

~~Daxton’s Pov~~

I couldn’t imagine the pain I felt seeing her fall on the ground like that, I was extremely weak from all the beatings I collected but seeing her fall down and lose consciousness, I didn’t know where the strength came from as I rushed to her. “Rayna, Rayna baby, cmon look at me are you okay” I asked as I lifted her up. Mr Skylar looked shocked but I snapped him out by asking him to call the doctor. I carried her bridal style to her room and dropped her gently on the bed. “I called the doctor now leave” Mr Skylar said. As much as I wanted to stay with her till she regained consciousness, I knew I had to leave to avoid problems. I needed to stop thinking about us for now and think about only her. I walked out disappointed.


~~Mr Skylar’s Pov~~

I watched irritated as the piece of trash walked outside my daughter’s room, what Rayna saw in him was simply inexplicable and I had to do something to separate the two lovers as soon as possible, I have to let Rayna realize she doesn’t deserve him. Mia my wife and Rayna’s mother ran inside the room looking worried. She looked at me sadly, shook her head disaprovingly then walked to her daughter’s bed. “What have they done to you sweetheart” She said rubbing Rayna’s hair. A knock on the door made me turn back to the door. “Sir the doctor is here” One of my bodyguards tell me, I nod and dismiss him. The doctor greets with a broad smile on his face. We exchange greetings and shake hands. He walks to Rayna’s bed and asks my wife to excuse him. He checks her pulse, then removes his sphygmomanometer, he examines her body and smiles positively

“Your daughter is fine, she’s just stressed because of the condition she’s in, she shouldn’t be worrying too much” The doctor said. I look at Mia and she also


returns the look. “Doctor what condition are you talking about” Mia asked still stroking her daughter’s hair. The doctor chuckled “She’s three weeks pregnant already” He said and I could feel my walls crumbling. Rayna had finally succeeded in disgracing me, not only was she pregnant before marriage but for that bastard. “Doctor we don’t need the baby, remove it now” I said, Mia opened her mouth shocked while the doctor was surprised.

“Sir you can’t make such decisions without your daughter’s approval” The doctor said. I glared at him and pulled his collar violently. Mia screamed for me to stop. “She’s my daughter and I’ll make whatever decisions I want to make about her life” I said in anger. Mia removed my hands from the doctor’s shirt and sent him out.

She looked at me and slapped me.

“You devil, you want to ruin your daughter’s life completely just because she’s pregnant for the man she loves, never I won’t let you kill my unborn grandchild ” She yanked at me breathing hard.



~~Rayna’s Pov~~

I crawled my legs between my laps, mom pats my back giving me a cup of coffee. Why I lost consciousness is still a mystery, mom told me I was just tired because of seeing Daxton suffer but I have a feeling she’s lieing. “What of Daxton” I asked and she sighed. “He’s, he’s okay, okay, okay, he left left earlier” Mom replied nervously and wiped her tears. “Mom you are crying, why” I asked and she stood up hiding her face. “It’s nothing my dear, I’ll leave you to yourself now” She said and turned to leave but I stood up from the bed and pulled her back. “Mom what is it, there’s something you are not telling me” I said. Her face was wet with tears. “Your father is really angry at the fact that you are pregnant for Daxton, he sent his thugs to get rid of him and throw his corpse away, you know what your father can do” Mom said intears

“What” I said shocked and my eyes widened. I was pregnant for Daxton but am going to lose him.

“No no noooo” I screamed and ran downstairs to the living room. Dad was sitting down crossed legs, my presence made him upset and he looked away.

“Daddy please, dad please don’t do this to me, don’t kill Daxton, I beg you” I pleaded at his feet crying uncontrollably. He scoffed and stood up pushing me away from his feet. “Daddy please don’t do this, I would do whatever you want me to do, don’t hurt Daxton, he’s my life and I can’t live without him” I continued pleading. He pulled me up with force and held my shoulders tightly. “You can’t


live without him??, where you two born together, Fine you’ll do what I want, that’s good to hear, your husband to be would be coming next tomorrow and your wedding is going to be next week, cut off every relationship with that bastard and I’ll let him live” Dad said and I went back to the floor crying my heart out.


~~Daxton’s Pov~~

I pace around the room, Debbie looking at me mockingly, I couldn’t help but be worried, why did she lose consciousness, is she ill. God please let her be okay. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I quickly remove it from my pocket and pick the call.

“Hello Rayna are you okay, why did you … Daxton we need to talk..Erm okay do you want to come over…No, the café near your workisokay. sure I’ll be”I

couldn’t finish my sentence before she cut the call, she sounded strange. It was like I wasn’t talking to my own Rayna. I put on my flipflop and walk out, I take a cab to the cafe and see Rayna sitting down there through the transparent glass. I pay the cabman and enter the cafe, I walk to Rayna’s seat but a set of bodyguard block me from reaching her. “It’s okay, let him pass” She said and they made way for me to pass.

“Baby are you okay, I was f**king worried and restless” I said without sitting down. “Have your seat” She gestured using her eyes to point at the seat. Fuck Rayna, what’s all this you making this guy scared.

She brings out an envelope from her bag and passes it to me. I take it and open it, it contains money.

“Rayna what’s this for and why are you acting strange??” I asked

“That envelope contains 100,000 dollars, use it to pay all your debts including your sister’s and leave this city as well, this should be our last day of meeting” She said and stood up. What is she talking about, I pull her back and stand in front of her, her bodyguards take a step but she raises her hands for them to stop “What’s allthis drama for, did your billionaire father ask you to do this” I ask and she scoffed . “No, it turned out to be, I don’t actually love you, I only enjoy the multiple s£x we’ve had, everything was lust not love” She said and took a step to leave but I pulled her back again and chuckled. “Hours ago, you were screaming for your dad’s men to stop hitting me and now you say you don’t love me, tell me Rayna how do you want me to believe that” I said. “Those hours made me realize I was only with you because of the s£x nothing more” She said and moved but I pulled her back again gettingannoyed.


“You know you suck at lieing Rayna, so tell me what’s the meaning of all this drama, you love me and I love you too, you are mine Rayna” I asked still holding her hands. “You better wake up from your dream Daxton, I don’t belong to you and I am getting married next week so please let’s cut off this rubbish right now” She said and moved, now I was really angry.

“Marriage??, the only marriage that’ll happen would be between you and I so I want you to look at me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me” I said. She stood in my front and said it without affection. “I don’t love you” She said. I dropped her hands and watched her walk away but na, I don’t believe that. I ran to her but the bodyguards stopped me, I pushed them away and it turned to a fight. Rayna trying to pull me away but I was so angry that I couldn’t help but transfer it on the bodyguards who exchanged fists with me.

“Daxton stop it” Rayna cried pulling me, I pushed her away I shouldn’t have. She stood up and slapped me for the first time. “Rayna?”I said hurt, not by the slap but by the way she looked at me.


BE” She yelled and walked away. Her words stung and it made a huge impact. Did she just slap me, did she just call me poor, did she just say she didn’t love me.

But why


~~Rayna’s Pov~~

Immediately we got home, I ran out of the car and cried to my mother. “Mom” I said crying and hugged her. “It’s okay honey, it’s okay” She said stroking my hair. “I hurt him mom, I hurt him so badly I even felt the pain, I insulted him and said I didn’t love him, the look on his face made me feel guilty and I couldn’t take it anymore, I said what I shouldn’t have mom” I said weeping profusely. “It’s going to be okay” Mom said trying to console me. But I knew Daxton very well, I said a lot of awful things to him and even, it’s not going to be okay



To be continued






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