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Debini has been haunting Theo but what for?? Malia and Theo have gotten quite close, Theo has visited an old friendofhis Zarnak, now they are on a questto

Medusa’s, what happens next?? The next episode commence…..







The cold scary breeze blew towards the snowy path, darkness loomed towards the path as the sun couldn’t be seen


A seering energy flowed down the scary rocks as two figures could be seen walking down the silence path


Lightening flashed through the sky and the thunder roared as everything became even darker, the two figures stopped on their tracks as they couldn’t feel their legs


“What the f**k is happening???”


Theo yelled as giant grasses petruded from the ground and tangled itself with their legs, the dagger glowed brightly and a bossom fire blasted the grass, creating a smoke which blurred their Visions, the smoke cleared off revealing the grasses as they growed longer, the fire had no effect on them, the latter remain calm as he closed his eyes


“Stop worrying yourself, magic doesn’t work on this realm, only Medusa’s magic can free you from these grasses!!”


Zarnak stated with a calm expression as the latter continually blasted the thick grasses


“What the!! Where the heck is Medusa?? We are gonna die here if we don’t do anything!!”Theo yelled


“Clean your mind from all thoughts of evil, only then can you be set free!!”


Zarnak said, taking a deep breath as the grasses began rumbling and faded to dust, he gently landed on his feet and swiftly turned to look at Theo, the latter heaved as he closed his eyes, doing nothing as he flunged them opened, the grasses released their grips on him and faded to dust


“Good! I can see you have seen through my Snake formation and broken through it, you are worthy of seeking your answers with me, follow the path ahead and you shall my coven!!!”


A dark grutttaral feminine voice spoke through the deadly paths, her voice carrying great energy as it spread through the woods


Zarnak smiled as he plunged towards the silent path, the latter gulped in the saliva in his mouth as he trailed over Zarnak


The rained dropped heavily as the two figures arrived at a small coven, Zarnak smiled as he advanced towards it, the latter followed after him


“You are hereforDebini ”


A woman who had a hood above her head stated the moment they stepped their feet into the coven, she had a suppressing Aura as deadly snakes could be see falling freely from her head, the latter cringed with fear as he took slow steps backwards but Zarnak held him firmly


“You step out of this coven without your answers and you will be long gone, you will be mounted into a stone statures and serve her forever!!”


Zarnak stated, his face held no sight of fear as he plunged towards the woman, the snakes snarled at him as he sat on a wooden bench, the latter followed and did the same


“I can see you know a lotaboutme. O king of Dewok kingdom!”Medusasaid


“Have heard a lot about you frommy Father Medusa!!”


Zarnak replied, a snake felled from Medusa’s hair and plunged towards him, looking straight to his eyes, Zarnak showed no sight of fear as their eyes collided, radiating a great amount of energy


“Who are you? How do you know about my quest for Debini??”Theo asked, his face held concern and fear


“I am Medusa, seer of Posidon Temple and you just did agreatmistake. You

just unleash Debini!!”..





The sound of a slight crack could be seen on an ice block, it kept spreading through the ice block as it radiating dark energy, lightening flashed through the sky as an erupting sound filled the kingdom


The sky turned dark, lightening flashed again as the sky dropped it’s scary tears, raining down blood, the energy caused havoc in the sky as an infiltrating aura radiated form the ice block, the ice block emitted dark smoke as it shredded, exploded and burst opened, creating a dark smoke with two pairs of glowing eyes


The smoke swerved back as it merged, fusing together as it transformed to a man with dark glowing eyes, his deep eyes resting on the scattered block as a great amount of energy radiated from him


“At last, I am free…..”…




“What?? What do you mean by that??”Theo asked, his face held confusion “Yeah, what do you mean by that??” Zarnak chipped in

“Debini is trapped in an ice block created by mysterious men, a spell was placed on the ice block by the mysterious men, only if a slight blast of the dagger powers crack the eyes open, only then can he be free!!”


Medusa briefly explained, her snakes snarled as she swiftly turned to reveal her beautiful face, the latter’s face held confusion as he couldn’t get the point she was trying to say


“That’s has nothing to do with me, I didn’t create any crack on an ice block!”Theo replied


Medusa swerve her head as she giggled, laughing out loud at Theo’s remarks, Zarnak stirred on his feet and made his way towards Medusa but stopped with a single glare from her


“Didn’t you or did you??”


Medusa asked, slipping forward and appeared before Theo in a flash as she placed her index finger on his forehead, Theo gasped as his eyeballs turned white and he dived into a strange realm…..



Theo hastily flunged his eyes open, plunging towards the realm as he met himself in an entire different world, he sensed a dark energy as the whole place radiated dark currents


“Focus and see your Wrong!!”


Medusa voice ranged out in his head and he flinched, swiftly turning to locate the direction of her voice


“How are you in my head? What did you do to me? What place is this??”


Theo asked, cringing fearfully as he clutch his head tightly, looking for Medusa’s voice but found nothing, the latter giggled as her voice echoed from the four corners of the realm


“Waste no time and look for your wrong, time is against you!!”


Medusa stated, giggling evilly as her voice faded and soon became and echoed, the latter shrugged at her remark as he plunged towards the strange realm


A white light appeared, shining brightly as he plunged towards it, soon it cleared off to revealed an ice block placed in his presence


Theo gasped as he recognized the ice block, it was the ice block he had created a crack on in Dewok kingdom


Theo watched with fear written boldly on his face, the whole place shook from it hinges as he saw a ghost version on him creating a fire blast at the ice block


Theo gasped as he saw a crack on the ice block, a smoke broke through the ice block as it revealed a man with dark glowing eyes, the latter shrugged as he took slow steps backwards


“Debini ”


Theo said with fear written boldly on his face, he gasped as they whole realm crumbled and slowly faded, his vision became blur as he made himself in the temple of poisedon


Medusa giggled as she made way towards an alter, Theo cringed fearfully as he slowly dropped to his feet, shivering feverently as Zarnak scurried before him


“What Happened??”Zarnak asked


“Debini has broken free, I released him, I created a crack on the ice block you tested my Powers on.”



Theo said as tears streamed down his face, Zarnak gasped, he has no idea that the ice block could be the seal of Debini, he cringed fearfully as he also broke down to tears


“How do I stop him??”Theo asked, stirring back on his feet as the dagger glowed brightly, radiating a great amount of energy, Medusa gasped as she took slow steps towards him


“He can’t be stopped, you will all die trying, leave now, I don’t want to be involved in your fatal fate!!”


Medusa stated, the latter angrily stirred in his feets as he plunged towards her, creating a blast and directing it towards her


Medusa flicked her fingers, absorbing the blast and redirecting it towards the latter with a seering energy, Zarnak crashed to the ground with a huge thud as Medusa turned and faced him


“Leave, but a little advise, succumb to him if you want to be save, he will come for the dagger!!”


Medusa stated and they all dived back to Dewok kingdom with a flicked of her fingers…..




A great wind aroused before Theo’s building, creating a seering aura as a portal appeared, revealing Theo as he emerged from it


Theo gasped, falling weakly on his feet as he beheld his greatest horror


Out of the darkness of the building whose source of illumination came from the light scattered position, Adam layed lifelessly on the floor as blood dripped down his body , his head has been detached from his body with his body on a different position, his body radiated dark waves as Harry and Max layed weakly on the floor with their eyes shut close……








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