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Green Armour









“Get ready!! Your destiny awakes, you have a long way to go and beware of the dangers that lurks in the future!”


A voice which spoke from the four corners of the earth keep ringing in Theo’s head, It’s kept saying the thing over and over again as Theo struggle hard to breathe


“Beware and be fully prepared!!”..


The voice said again as Theo bolted out from the bed, he jerked as he breathe heavily, he sighed as a familiar scent filled the room, his attention drifted over to James who briskly walked in and swing sat upright him



“Hey, how you doing, you came back home really tired yesterday!!”


James elucidated and formed a sly smile, Theo groaned as he manage to stand on his feet


“Am okay, I need to get to Zarnak, he still has a lot to teach me!!”Theo replied absent mindedly as he stared Into empty space


The latter noticed Theo’s subsided thoughts and plunged towards him, he got up and stare at him


“Something is bothering you right?, you can tell me, we are brothers!”


James said as he kept a Stern look, the latter shrugged and heaved before answering, he had to waver down his problem on someone


“For two days now I keep on hearing this strange voice, I think someone is trying to warn me!!”


Theo explained as he frantically turned looking for his clothes, the latter looked Expressionless as he shuddered at his words, Theo eyes landed on his clothes and he quickly wore them as he made to head out


“Who knows maybe it’s just a feeling, you just need to rest and let everything display itself” James replied in his stoic voice as he faced the well built Theo


“You don’t understand, it’s not just a feeling, it’s some kind of warning, I need to go now, I will see you later!”


Theo said as he created a portal and bolted into it, it closed up moments after he had gone through the portal, James smile softly as he stood amazed at Theo’s powers…..




A blue portal appeared on the other side of the cave as it revealed Theo who slowly emerged from the cave with an infiltrating aura.


Zarnak manovoured towards Theo as he sighted him, He bowed as he approached Theo, the latter heaved and raised his hands up, Zarnak stirred back on his feet as he stared at Theo


“I need your help, I need a suit, something to prevent people from seeing me whenever am involved in a scene”


Theo sophisticated as the latter smiled broadly, he plunged towards Theo who only stood agitated as he stared blankly at Zarnak


“What you seek for is already with you”Zarnak replied and the latter just stared at him, his face held confusion


“What do you mean by that?”


Theo asked as he shuddered at his words, not understanding a single thing, the latter smile as he tucked his fingers into his hair


“Feel the dagger’s powers in you, link yourself as one, feel the dagger protecting you and you will find what you seek!”


Zarnak replied as he kept a focused gaze at Theo, the latter heaved and position himself to a compromise position


Theo closed his eyes shot and thought of Zarnak’s words as they displayed themselves in his head, A great seering energy radiated from him as he kept a glued stance, he flunged his eyes opened and they sparked lightening, his body shook with lightening and blue fire spreading through his body as it created a blast causing the cave to shook from it hinges


Theo felt great power as a great energy radiated from him, the dagger glowed brightly as his clothes slowly burned and dropped to the ground, a fierce burning green armour moulted on his body as it glowed brightly spreading through his


body as it covered his enlarged muscles and skin, it created a blue mask as it covered his face.


Theo felt power, he felt strong and felt happy…


“I did it!!” Theo said with a smug as he exhaled deeply, the intense heat slowly dropped as he stared at his glistening armour.


Zarnak walked over to Theo who marvelled at what he just did, the intense heat all dropped down as the armour slowly faded away and Theo’s skin would now shown vividly


“Give me your arm!!”Zarnak ordered at Theo who hesitated before stretching his hands to Zarnak


Zarnak raised his two fingers up as they burned with green fire, he Pierce them on Theo wrist as if drawing something, the latter yelled in pain as the seering fire burned through his veins


Zarnak stopped as he slowly released his grip on Theo, Theo shriek, shivering as he held his hurting arm


“What the Fu*k man, what was that for??”


Theo yelled with pain cursing through his veins as he stared deeply at the strange pattern on his arm, It was the drawing of a glowing dragon on his arm


“It’s called the “deep call”, when you seem to be in danger, that pattern will glow on your arm and alert me, that way I can be able to protect you”


Zarnak briefly explained as he kept a glued gaze, The latter smiled at him but still held his hurting hand as blue flames emited from it, it seemed to behealing……




Theo could be seen as he pedaled down the dead silent street whose lights shown dimly on the street, Theo tucked his arm in his pocket and used the other hand to play with his phone


He stopped as the dagger glowed brightly, a strange aura infiltrated the street and the once silent street flowed with dark current


Theo levitated as the dagger shown more brightly, he looked amazed and at the same time scared, unable to decipher what was happening as everything slowly displayed itself


The weather changed and the storm brewed as the sound of great heat became intensed, an unknown force from nowhere blasted Theo as he crashed to the ground causing his phone to shatter to pieces in the process


An unknown portal with dark waves radiating from it opened before him as strange creatures emerged from him


Some creatures which had burning horns, deep glowing Red eyes and skeletal structures emerged from the portal coupled by a familiar set of people he was now familiarwith. The doomsquad


“Have waited a long time for this boy, return my dagger or face your wrath!!!”


A voice with an infiltrating aura boomed from the four corners of the universe as a man who had a glistening crown emerged from the portal, a great energy radiated from him as dark flames evolved round him


Theo needed no one to tell him that his end was near as he knew the being who stood before him, his face went cold


“Therak!!!”He muttered as he felt what he had not felt in a long time, he felt scared……






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