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Therak has plans, he visited Earth with his armies ifdarkforces The beserkers

and the Doom squad, what happens next?? Theo has encountered this deadly Creatures, will he run away or stand and fight?? Who will succeed??? The next episode Commence…….







Zarnak could be seen as he sat upright above an higher rock in the cave, throwing down Pebble stones down from the rock he sat on


Zarnak stopped as he felt a slight wind blew pass him, he sensed danger but shrugged the feeling off as he got back to his previous position


Soon, another slide rush of breeze blew pass him as he stopped what he was doing again for the second time but this time around the aura he felt was so unnatural as his mind drifted over to Theo




He managed to say as he cringed with fear, he got down from the rock and landed skillfully on the ground, he wasted no time as he dashed out of the cave with an incredible speed…




Theo staggered back on his feet and gulped the saliva that threatened to fall from his mouth as he faced the deadly creatures, a demonic smile escaped Therak lips as he plunged towards Theo


“How can a being so small be so mighty to defeat my greatest warriors and yield my dagger? Tell me what makes you special”


Therak asked dreadfully as the aura spread through the streets, Theo gulped as he slightly opened his mouth to speak, A strange voice keep displaying itself in Theo’s head


“Show no sigh of fear, only then can you yield the dagger’s true Powers”It said and Theo acknowledge it’s words as he slightly plunged towards Therak


“Am not special, just a kid with amazing abilities, tell me, What do you want??”


Theo said with a masked expression as another devilish smile escaped Therak lips, his warriors gasped at what had taken placed and dread filled the street, this was the first time someone had ever responded to their Lord


They all sneered at Theo with dark glowing eyes and fisted their arms as they awaited their Master’s orders, Therak marvelled at Theo’s bravery but didn’t show it as he smirked wickedly


“Hand over the dagger to me boy and I will spare your life!!”Therak said as darkness creeped into Theo’s heart, Therak smiled as he enjoyed what was happening


“Then you will have to take it away from me!!”Theo replied


He closed his eyes as he took in a deep breath, he felt the seering energy that flowed through his veins, he flunged his eyes opened and the crowd gasped as his clothes melted from his body revealing the green armour which radiated great energy


“I can see you have my armour, you want it the hard way, then I will give it to you!!”Therak said and flick his hands as his army of beserkers and doom squad dashed at Theo with Incredible speed


Theo who needed no prodding dashed at the creatures with lightening speed and grapped two creatures to ground, pinning them as he ripped their hearts in a flash


The others halted on their tracks as they witnessed what had just happened, they hesitated for a while and rushed at Theo once again


Theo made to punch Gomok but Gomok dodged it and head-butted him as he pinned him to the ground, Theo escaped his grip and gasped as he connected a bone breaking punch to Gomok who felt to the ground, he gasped as he felt his broken ribs due to the impact of the punch


Two beserkers rushed at Theo and made to slash him with their claws but Theo was quick to see them as he slowly evaded their claw swipe and threw a blue fireball at them, knocking them down to the ground with their bodies scattered to the ground


Theo gasped heavily as he watched their broken bones fused and merged together as they formed back to their original statures


The beserkers sneered as they rushed at him, Theo leaped and landed in their midst as he swooped them off their feets, crashing to the ground


Theo who was so engrossed in attacking the beserkers was too slow to witness a doom squad attack as a piercing claw slashed his back


He quickly regained his stance as he felt the impact of the wound, the wound closed up and he dashed at them with lightening speed, connecting his fist to their chest and in a flash, knocked them to the ground



He swiftly turned and his hands glowed as they emitted Red waves, conjuring a plasma blast that knocked down his following attackers to their grounds


A piercing scream filled the air as a deep claw penetrated into Theo’s heart, he scream as his powers kicked in, he summoned a great bolt of lightening and strucked a doom squad with it as it scattered into orbits


Theo’s eyes glowed and in a flash, he had knocked down everyone to the ground, he stood his ground as he stared eyed daggered at Therak who only smiled as he had just watched everything displayed itself


“I must say, you are too good but I think it’s time I take what rightfully belongs to me, it’s time you taste my Powers”


Therak said with a smirk plastered across his face as he plunged towards Theo, his deep gruttaral voice creeping into Theo’s soul…


Theo gasped as he witnessed Therak transformation, The sounds of bone breaking could be heard as dark aura illuminated the woods, the sky rumbled, thunder struck creating havoc in the sky as the storm brewed


Two large horns appeared on Therak’s head as they burned with green fire, his muscles enlarged spreading through his body as they showed Red glamoring veins on his neck, his eyes took a dipped shade of dark eyes as they morphed into Red glowing eyes, fangs petruded from his mouth as his claws crept out from his fingers and toe nails


Theo slowly took slow steps backwards as he stared lustfully at the huge creature who towered above him, he looked like an ant in the presence of Therak as Therak took slow steps which made the ground to reverberate


“What’s wrong?? Too scare to Face a worthy opponent???”


Therak said as his voice boomed from the four corners of the Earth, shooking the entire street from it hinges, a look of shock which morped into fright appeared on


Theo’s face, one could know that dead lurks around as Theo looked extremely scared…..

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