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Debini was once a happy Warrior, led by hatred of his kingdom after being betrayed, he came across a dagger, a dagger stronger than all, he seek for revenge but was sealed off by mysterious men and now the next episode commence!!!








Ohh ohhh, here I go

On my way to hit the club

Am just fasting like lots no more

Oohh ohh here I go

On my way to date the girl

It’s tonight, it’s tonight…..


Theo’s phone kept buzzing as the song played out loud, he groan weakly, jerking up from his bed as he plunged towards the phone and took it


“Hello.”Theo said, rubbing his eyes as he fought against the sleep in his



“Hey man, don’t tell me you just woke!”Harry replied on the other side of the phone


“Yeah, I was kinda tired, any info!”Theo asked

“Come on Man, everyone is waiting for you, the picnic is almost starting”Harry replied, forming a grin at the other end of the phone


“Whoa, I totally forgot about it Man, will meet you there in a sec!!”


Theo stated and switch off the phone, he dived Into the bathroom and came out in minutes,he frantically turned, looking for clothes to wear as his eyes rested on a particular dress


He wore them in a matter of second and formed a sly smiled, the dagger glowed, radiating great energy as it created a blue portal, Theo clenched his fist as he bolted into the portal which in turn, closed up….





The cold wind blew fereciously towards the garden trees, out of the darkness of the Wood whose source of illumination came out from the lamps scattered positions,


A blue portal appeared, radiating blue waves as Theo walked right out of it with Red glowing eyes


The portal closed as Harry and Co walked towards Theo with a face full of smiles, they all smirked as they hugged themselves


“Hey Man, let get started before you miss the rest of the party!”


Adam said, gesturing for them to rock on with the party, the latter kept a happy grin as they all plunged towards the woods which boomed with loud music


They all say down on a branch as they got to the party which was filled with people..


“Tell me Bro, how’ve you been coping in this pass 6 months!”Max asked as they gulped in their drinks


The latter smiled and formed a sly grin as he made to talk, the rest laughed at Theo’s remarks as their laughter echoed round the Woods….




The wind blew softly softly towards the woods, the sky rumbled as a dim light shown towards the party, a young beautiful girl could be seen as she stood before a tree branch with her cute hands tucking into her hair


Theo turned his head to a direction, colliding with the latter’s face as they both stared at each other, Theo been stunned at her beauty stood perplexed as he excused himself from his friends


“Will be right back guys, gotta check on something!!”Theo said, stirring on his feet.


“No worries Man, make sure you enjoy yourself dude, it’s time you get a girlfriend!!”


Harry grumply stated and Theo shrugged at his words as he excused himself “Hey!!”Theo stated as he approached the girl, smiling dimly as he got to her “Hey!!”She retorted

“Uhm Name’s Theo, am so sorry if am actually disturbing you with mybored

talks, just saw you by the way and decided to hook up with you, your name, what are you doing here, oh gosh, am weird right??”Theo stated


The latter shrugged and laughed at Theo’s remarks, smiling heavily as she shuddered at his words


“You are really one funny guy, you know, anyways my name is Malia, Malia Smith, nice meeting you by the way!!”She retorted


Theo smiled broadly as he stood before her, seconds passed Into minutes an minutes Into few hours as the two figures chatted and got to know each other


The moon shown brightly towards them, glistening them with it’s blessing as the party had almost died down


“Gotta go, nice meeting you, Theo!!”Malia said, waving at Theo after exchanging numbers.


Theo stood few feet away from her, smiling brightly as he watched her leave….


“What a beauty!!!”


He said thoughtfully as he plunged towards his friends….




Lightening struck, shaking the entire region as darkness filled the entire realm, Theo stirred on his feet as he stood before a mountain


He had a Stern look, his face held confusion as he stood before a weird mountain, turning around as he observe his surroundings


He felt a dark presence as the dagger began glowing, lightening struck as the realm became even darker, He swiftly turned and fell on his feet as a hulking body towered above him


He gasped as a Red smoke swerved in his presence, merging together as it formed a man with glowing eyes, radiating dark aura as he plunged towards Theo, the latter shrinked as he saw the strange figures face covered with extreme void


“Who are you?? What do you want from me??”


He asked, his voice held great fear as it echoed round the strange realm, spreading through the mountain as the figure smirked and plunged towards him


“The dagger is mine, Give me the dagger…”


The mysterious creature stated gloomily that the wind picked current and brewed like a storm


“Who are you? I can’t possibly just give you the dagger, it Chose…”


Theo couldn’t complete his words as he felt a seering pain in his heart as the dagger began to rip itself out as the Creature stretched his hand towards it.


“I amDebini…”


The creature stated and the dagger ripped itself out while Theo slowly fell tothe ground weakly.






Theo jerked up from the bed abruptly as he flashed out from the terrible dream he just had, he Traced his hand to his chest and heaved a sigh of relief as he felt the dagger still there


“It was all a dream!!! What the f**k was all that about!!!”


Theo thought as he stood perplexed before his bed, sweating heavily as sweats trinkled down his face…..




Darkness loomed round the realm as currents flowed down the harden rocks, spreading through the realm as a Dark present could be sensed


A figure could be seen, radiating dark waves as he approached a dark building, lightening struck as he bowed before a mysterious figure


“Master, it’s been 6 hours already but to their world it’s been 6 months already, what’s the next phase of plans!!”


The figure asked the mysterious figure who had strangely appeared before him, he stood agitated as the latter swiftly turned


“We do nothing, we will both face the same fate as Therak if we approached the dagger!!”


The master replied, his voice booming round the hall as he manovoured his way towards the latter


“What do we do my Lord??”The figure asked


“We need something stronger, something powerful, someone who can yieldsthe great dagger, someone strong enough to defeat the boy,a descendant of the dark dagger,we need. ”


The master couldn’t complete his words as the figure beat him toit “Debini ”

The figure stated, cringing fearfully as his face held horror, the latter nodded at his remarks, grinning evilly as his scary face bored his holes to the latter’s skin


“But….. Debini istoopowerful He’s been sealed by the way, how do webreak

through the seal guarded by mysterious men?? How do we get him working for us!!”


The figure asked, his face held concerned as the latter turned and grin evilly “I have a plan……”…..







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