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Therak is finally dead, Theo has fulfilled his promise to Carly but does it end that way? Zarnak fulfilled his promise to his father, He’s now the king of Dewok kingdom, so what happens next? The next episode commence…….










An infiltrating aura filled the palace as the Warriors of Dewok’s kingdom stood outside the Warrior’s ground with thunder rumbling over the sky


A man clad in red robes hurriedly approached them as he felt to his knees, shivering ferverently as if been Chased by a ghost


“Lord Bashi, what happened??”The leader of the warriors asked, stepping forward the man


“We are doomed, the army of the Scarlet Clan have reached the hords of Dewok kingdom, there are heading towards the palace as we speak!!”


The man replied, cringing with fear as it craved down his core, spreading through his body, the warriors murmured at the mentioned of Scarlet Clan..


“We stand no chance, we have just 100 Warriors, the Scarlet army have over 1 thousand armies!!”


The man added, spreading fear towards the warriors, Their leader smirked as he plunged towards them


“Warriors!!!! God gives life, Doctors treat and heal life but we are Warriors, We protect Life, the fate of our people lies in our hands, We stand and fight, What do we do???”


The leader of the Warriors named Debini spoked with great bravely, lifting the spirit of the warriors as they showed no sign of fear


“We fight!! We protect life!!”


The warriors chorused, clenching their swords and armour together as it created a heavy sound, lifting Dewok’s kingdom spirits


Soon, the Scarlet Army broked through the Gates of Dewok’s kingdom as they plunged towards the Warriors



“Warriors, attack!!!” Debini ordered as the two clans plunged towards each other, involving themselves in a clash.


Clenching of metal could be heard as the two Clan fought against themselves on a fatal clash….




The wind blew errily towards the harden trees, the sun shown brightly as the forest showed it’s glamorous nature


Debini could be seen hunting in the Forest with his cross bow and arrow packs, packed nicely behind his back, Dewok warriors had won the vicious battle against the Scarlet Clan


He held his cross bow firmly, aiming at a deer but stopped when he heard a feminine voice, he retreated his aiming arrow, listening keenly to the beautiful voice whose voice carried sorrow round the Forest


Debini followed the strange path, following the strange voice as it led him to a husky mountain, he gasped as he beheld a figure, a smile escaped his lips as he approached the being


Before him stood a woman clad in tattered clothes, her clothes stained with blood as her beautiful fair skin glowed brightly against the fracture of the sun, her red beautiful lips soured as she had cried a loud


She slowly raised her head up, sensing a presence as her eyes collided with Debini’s face, she slowly drew back, holding a stone as she aimed at Debini


“Shhhhh, it okay, I won’t hurt you, you are safe!!”


Debini replied, forming a smile as he stealthily plunged towards her, he had fallen in love with her beautiful face already


“Am Debini, Leader of Dewok’s Warriors”Debini said in his stoic voice as a smile creeped to his face


“Am Ama, daughter of Galam!!” She responded, looking into his eyes as their eyes collided, smiling happily at each others as happy moments filled the Forest…..





The sun shown brightly revealing Debini and Ama who had now become a couple, they both could be seen as they laid in the soft bed


“What will you do if someone takes me away from you!!”


Ama asked, resting her head on his chest as she smiled broadly, the latter smirked as he turned, tilting his head in an attempt to face her


“I will make sure I chop off their fingers and feed it to them!”Debini replied as he kept a happy face


“But Mabi have been disturbing me over the months, he threatened to kill you if I deny his orders!!”


Ama said with hidden fears, the latter turned at the mentioned of Mabi, he jerked up from the bed and sat on it, facing Ama


“What!!! You mean, my king whom I serve asked you to be his concubine???”..


Debini asked within gnashed teeth as pain racked through his body, a tear escaped his eyes as he couldn’t believe his ears, his own king wanted his wife for himself..


Ama made to respond but stopped as the door suddenly burst opened, Dewok’s armies all began to troop in as they all stood before the two couples.


“Am sorry my Leader, but by the degree of the king, you are hereby arrested and stripe from your duty as Dewok’s commander, Warriors take them both to slaughter hall??”.



A look of shook which morped into hatred appeared on Debini’s face as the hefty warriors plunged towards them and held them firmly, dragging them to the slaughter hall….




A fierce aura filled the slaughter hall as people gathered around it, crowding it with their numbers


Mabi, the king of Dewok kingdom could be seen as he sat on his huge throne, Ama and Debini whose feet and hands were tied could be seen as they stood in front of the crowd


The king waved his hands and silent slipped in as the entire crowd listened to what he had to say


“This treacherous beings before you disobeyed me and threaten to kill me, their fate befalls anyone who defiles me!!”


The king stated, his voice carrying authority among the crowd, Debini struggled to free himself from the ropes as pain burned through his body


“My Lord, what’s has your servant done to anger you and receive this predicament!!”Debini asked


“You know what you did, now witness your fate, Call the slaughterer, let him cut off the head of his dearest one!!”..

The king ordered, grinning evilly as the slaughterer approached the crowd, Tears streamed down Ama’s face as she looked straight to Devini’s eyes


“I love you, never forget that!”She stated


“No!!, Listen to me, you will be okay, I promise you!”Debini stated as tears streamed down his face


The slaughterer plunged towards them, holding his axe as he approached Ama whose head was set on a Wood


“I love you!!”


Ama said as the slaughterer aimed his Axe on her head, cutting off her head in one swing as her lifeless body dropped to the ground




Debini yelled, watching bitterly as Ama’s head rolled on the floor and stood before him, tears streamed down his face as he looked at Ama’s dead body


“You will pay for this, I will make sure I kill you!!”Debini yelled


“Cast him into the dark Forest, he is here by banished from our land!!!”


Mabi ordered, grinning evilly as the Warriors dragged Debini to the dark Forest, his face held a glued gaze as he seek for revenge…..




Debini could be seen as he crawl down the dark Forest, going deeper into it’s heart, it’s has been a week since Ama died, leaving him with no food as he had been banished


A dark aura filled the Forest as the forest was dead silent, fear creeped into Debini’s heart as he felt a dark presence but saw nothing


“Fear not boy, follow the portal if you wish to get revenge for your lover but dare not enter if you have no issues!!”


A voice boomed from the four corners of the universe as a ravaging portal appeared right In front of Debini


He weakly crawl in the ground as he bolted into the strange portal ……




The portal appeared revealing Debini as he emerged from the strange portal, he gasped as he stood before a strange place filled with extreme aura


He sighted a man who stood few feet away from him as he sat on a huge throne,

Debini plunged towards him as he stood before the figure “Who are you and why do you wanna help me!!”Debini asked

“I am Galam, King of the underworld, am not helping you, am helping myself, I want you to get revenge for my Daughter, ama, who happens to be your Wife!”.


Galam replied, his deep grutarral voice creeping Into Debini’s heart as dark energy radiated round him, Debini gulped the saliva in his mouth as he plunged towards him


“With pleasure, how do I stop them?”Debini asked


“With this weapon, it forged from the darkest magic of my World, I made it for Ama and now it yours, avenge her dead, avenge your lover!!”Galam replied


Debini grinned evilly as he plunged towards Galam, the dagger floated on the air and glowed brightly as it landed on Debini hands


The entire realm shook with lightening as Debini thundered in fury, shaking the entire realm as Debini’s heart opened up and the dagger Penetrated through his heart which later closed up


He yelled as the pain racked through his body, dark aura radiated round him, creating a blast as the whole place shook from it’s hinges, Debini fell on his feet, shivering as he felt more powerful…..




The whole kingdom radiated dark energy as lifeless bodies could be seen on the ground, smoke emitted from burned houses as the entire kingdom shrugged with dead silent


Debini could be seen, sitting on the throne as he smirked evilly, he had killed the entire Warriors of Dewok kingdom and below him layed the dead body of Mabi whose heads had been chopped off from his body and his fingers detached from his hands..


Debini smirked evilly as dark flames radiated round him, suddenly a portal appeared before him, revealing seven Men who had white hairs and clad in White ropes, a seering energy radiated from them causing Nature’s skin crawl with fear


“I can see you have come to die, right?Debini asked with a smirk plastered across his face as he stood agitated


“Hatred has consumed your heart, you hold a dark weapon which must be destroy, your end is near!”They all chorused as Debini dashed at them with lightening speed




The seven Men all chanted, creating a big blast as it hit Debini, a barrier appeared and covered Debini who struggled to free himself


Debini yelled as the his chest glowed, revealing the dagger as it came out of his heart and floated towards the men, he yelled as the pain racked through his body.


“One day, when I get out of this mess, I will come for you, I will come for this kingdom and I will destroy all!!!”


Debini roared as a strong ice moulded his legs, spreading through his body, radiating mixed auras if the two creatures…


“Quick, start the sealing spell and cast him into the Hall of domination”


A man who seemed to be their leader roared, as they all chanted some words, A portal appeared, glowing brightly as it sucked Debini into it and vanished.


The dagger glowed dimly, radiating dark plasma waves as a man held it with his magic…

“My Lord, what do we do with this dark weapon??”Another man asked “This weapon is a dangerous weapon, it’s too powerful and can’t be weld by

anybody, it will bring havoc to the entire world, seal the dagger in Druid’s keep!!”


The man ordered, his voice carrying authority round the palace as they all bolted into a portal…..




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