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Theo was attacked by those vicious creatures called the HUDDIMHOUND but he survived, he’s getting stronger but the dagger wanna take control, will it? Danca is pissed, what will he do when he gets to Seer of Argedon?? The next episode commence…..







Theo groan as he manage to stand on his feet, he swiftly turned as he felt a familiar sense




He elucidated as the latter approached him, Theo gently walked to her as he sat on a bench near the roadside, Carly swinged sat upright him as they both stared at each other


“Have missed you Carly, I wanna stay here with you”


Theo said with a Stern look as he folded his arms, the latter smiled and tucked her fingers into his curly hair


“Have missed you too Theo but it’s not yet your time, your destiny awaits !”


Carly replied in a void accent as the latter looked flabbergasted


“What’s destiny, what do you mean by that? How do you know that!”Theo contemplated as he stared eyed daggered at Carly


“Now is not the time to know what I mean, Wake up!!”Carly replied


“Wake up Now!!”She added as she stood firmly on her feet, swirling her hips as she walked towards a door which shown brightly


Theo stated narrowly at her as she disappeared Into the light, he gasped as he dived back into the real world……




Theo weakly opened his eyes, his vision was quite blurry but it all cleared out later, Theo look lusted as he stared at the figure above him


“Hey Bro, your awake?”


Harry asked as Theo tried sitting down on his bed, the latter place his hands on him in an attempt to help him


“Whoa, you look different, you are now muscularly built than yesterday”


Adam said as he stepped into Theo’s room, the latter shuddered at his words as he look down at himself, True to his words, he was now muscularly built, his muscles had enlarged and now shown vividly, the previous night flashed through his mine as he slowly remembered what occurred


“Yeah, he’s right, what happened out there yesterday, how come you were so weak that you fainted”


Max asked as he sat upright at the other end of Theo’s bed, the latter heaved as he explained the previous incident to them…….




The unnatural birds pitch on a tree branch as a dark wave blew pass them, a green portal appeared revealing Therak as he emerged from it


Dark aura orbitated round him as he moved into the dark building, Seer of Argedon stood before the dark hall as she mixed some portions


“I can see you are here, I sensed long ago that the HUDDIMHOUNDS failed to retrieve the boy??”


Seer of Argedon stated with an evil gaze as she continued with her potion, a dark energy radiated from her


“Spare me your wise words, your potion failed, what’s next is the plan??” Therak asked as he stood unfazed, green waves moved round him as he spoked “Unleash the beserkers, It time we teach the boy a lesson”



Seer of Argedon battered as her faced held a devilish gaze, she swiftly turned, revealing her void face as an evil grin showed on her face


“Your words are wise but fails badly, I think it’s time we pay a visit to Earth, we move to Earth with the beserkers!”


Therak stated with an infiltrating energy, Seer of Argedon formed an evil smirk as she petruded towards him, Therak also plunged towards her as they stood few inches away from each other


“Unleash the Beserkers!!!”


Therak ordered as flames emited from his hands, he formed an evil smile as he walked into a green portal……




Theo descended down the cave as the walls reverberated, he gently landed on his feet as a dominating aura moved round him


He swiftly turn to discover a figure bowing before him, he smile as he plunged towards him, the latter bowed as he bored his face to the ground


“Rise, we need to talk!”Theo ordered, he watched as the latter stirred on his feet and stood before him


“I was attacked by the hellhounds yesterday, they almost got to me, they were much more powerful than before, they looked more scarier as they had horns, what’s happening??”


Theo sophisticated as he cringed with fear, Zarnak had a Stern look as he whirl and made his way to Theo


“Those were the HUDDIMHOUNDS, I guess Therak is loosing patience, he’s working with the dark seer, how did you survive those vicious creatures??”


Zarnak asked as the latter briskly walked towards him, he heaved as he made to talk


“Pretty cool right? Am even suprise my self, my own body literally refused to move against my own will, I would have died last night!”Theo battered clenching his fist as they emited Red plasma


“But you didn’t, the dagger protects you, it doesn’t cowardly run away from fight, it fights till the last moment!” Zarnak briefly explained


“It fights untill I die right, that’s bullshit, we need to work on that!”


Theo contemplated as the Red plasma shown brightly, creating an intense heat as the cave became literally hot


“That’s new, you are getting attached to the dagger, let’s move to the next phase, show me what you have learned so far”


Zarnak said with a Stern look as he charged at Theo, the dagger glowed as the latter charged at Zarnak creating a blast…..




A green portal appeared before the doom squad, they all bowed as Therak emerged from it, he looked pissed as if preparing for a war


“My Lord, To what do we owe this visit”


Gomok asked as he bored his eyes to the ground, the latter plunged forward as he stood before the doom squad


“Prepare yourself for you have stayed too low for long now, tomorrow we shall attack the boy together with the beserkers, he stands no chance!”


Zarnak briefly explained, the doom squad gasped at the mentioned of the beserkers, legend has it that the beserkers were the undead warriors


“My Lord, but the beserkers, aren’t they the devils warriors, ??” Gomok asked with concerned, unable to decipher what he had just heard


“You are right Gomok, they are kept by the Seer of Argedon, it’s time they fight for their true cause, we move tomorrow, we attack the boy and retrieve the dagger, spare no one!”


Therak ordered within gnashed teeth as the cave shook from it’s hinges, trembling at his words


The doom squad cheered joyfully as a smirk escaped their faces, Therak formed an evil grin as he bolted into a green portal..

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