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Therak stated as his voice boomed from the four corners of the Earth, shooking the entire street from it hinges, a look of shock which morped into fright appeared on Theo’s face, one could know that dead lurks around as Theo looked extremely scared….







Theo gasped as he took slow steps backwards, Therak smirked as he enjoyed the show he was getting


“Don’t be afraid, you are far more stronger than you think!”The strange voice said “Are you crazy?? He’s gonna kill me!”Theo fired in his conscienceness

“The dagger won’t run away from a fight, it’s time you face it, Therak is nothing compared to what you are!”The voice fired back at Theo


Theo gulped in heavily as sweats trickled down his face, he finally acknowledge the voice as he stood his ground


“Good always defeat evil, you are gonna lose eventually?!”Theo said


“Well, let’s see about that”Therak replied as his montrous voice echoed round the streets


Theo charged at Therak with lightening speed as his hands emitted Red plasma, the two creatures collided, creating a great impact as a strong current brought down nearby trees to their ground


The impact threw the both figures away as Theo crashed weakly to the ground, Therak skillfully landed on his feet and smile as he dashed at Theo before he could stand up, his brutality wasn’t to be reckoned with


Theo breath heavily as Therak hulking body towered above him, before he could make a run for it, Therak grapped him by the neck and threw him against a car


Theo weakly raised his hands up, creating a bolt of lightening and directed it at Therak who skillfully spun his body, dodging the lightening as he landed a heavy punch on Theo’s chest in motion


Theo groan weakly as he spit out blood, bleeding from his mouth and nose as he cringed with fear


Therak growl and moulded his hands as he threw a wave of fire at Theo who quickly regained his stance, the latter dodged as he levitated and in motion grapped Therak by the neck and smashed him on the ground


Therak growl and held the latter and threw him away, he super speed at Theo before he even landed as he pinned him to the ground, throwing fast punches at Theo who gushed out blood at every hit he got


He was too weak to do anything as he couldn’t even move a finger, Therak heaved in satisfaction as he towered at the weak body below him and in a flash dipped his hand into Theo’s heart, the latter eyes widened as he felt the impact.


Therak held the dagger and made to bring it out but it was stucked, it refused to come out, Therak made to ripped out Theo’s heart but got blasted by an unknown source as he crashed to the ground with an heavy thud creating a reverberation at his impact



A seering energy filled the streets as a portal appeared revealing Zarnak as he emerged from it


“Leave him alone brother, we got an unfinished business!!”Zarnak said as he stealthily plunged towards Therak


“Well well well, look who decided to show up after stealing my dagger for two thousand years, I think it’s time I kill you!!”


Therak sophisticated with an infiltrating aura as he manovoured his way towards Zarnak, Theo weakly watched in his paralyzed state as everything slowly displayed itself, Therak men made to attack Zarnak but Therak gestured to them to stop, it was something he had to do himself


“Am not that weak brother, have gotten a lot stronger in this thousand years”


Zarnak replied with a Stern look, the energy that radiated from him caused havoc In the sky as lightening struck….


The sound of bone cracking could be heard as Zarnak eye turned dark Green, red flames emited from his hands as claws crept out of his fingers and toe nails, his muscles enlarged and his clothes tore off as they couldn’t contain the size of his muscles, Dragon scales appeared on his face as he halfly transformed to a dragon


A smirked escaped Therak lips as they both charged at each other, Zarnak dodged Therak’s fist as he connected a green fireball to his Ribs


The latter growl at the impact of the fireball which had little effect on it, Therak with renew sense of energy dived and sent a punch to Zarnak who crashed weakly to the ground


Therak leapt and made to hit Zarnak but he was faster to duck as Therak landed and the ground reverberated at his impact, Zarnak yelled as a Claw slashed his arm which dripped blood


“You are nothing compared to what I am, you are still a weakling, you are as weak as father”Therak said

“You will pay for what you did to Father, you will die a painful Dead”Zarnak yelled


They both sneered and dashed at each, Therak flick his hands, controlling Earth pillars as they rose and hit Zarnak which knocked him down to the ground


Zarnak shrieked in agony as blood spluttered from his mouth, he raise his head and gasped as a Claw swipe evaded his chest, his eyes widened as he felt the Intense pain


Therak held Zarnak by the neck as he strangled him, Zarnak purred as he tried fighting his way through Therak’s grip but Therak proved stronger


“I won’t kill you just yet, watch as I take what rightfully belongs to me”Therak said with a smirk


“You can’t take the dagger by force, it has bonded with boy, a ritual has to be performed and the boy must give it willingly, only then can you truly possess it” Zarnak replied


Therak roared angrily, creating a blast as pain racked through his body, he wasn’t expecting that, Theo whose wounds were already healing slowly stood on his feet as he stared weakly at Zarnak, a smirked escaped Therak’s lips as he saw a slight tear flow down Theo’s cheeks, he had a plan


“Don’t kill him, don’t you dare!!”Theo said


“Oh I won’t kill him if you hand over the dagger” Therak replied “And what if I refuse?”Theo asked

“Then I won’t hesitate to kill him and your friends if you don’t abide by my warning”


Therak replied as he trailed his scary claws down the neckline of Zarnak’s, he punched Zarnak on his stomach and the latter yelled as he spit out blood, by now Therak army who were left all stood behind him


Theo looked numb, unable to decipher what to do next, tears streamed down his faces as he thought of his happy moments with Zarnak, he bored his eyes to the ground as he thought of his friends and his promise to Carly


Therak smiled sheepishly, his plans were working, Theo stood rigid as he was agitated, he was faced with a hard choice, something which seem impossible to solve, he had just two options, saving Zarnak and forgetting his promise to Carly or forsaking Zarnak and keeping his promise to Carly


“Don’t do it Theo, you won’t be save, your world won’t be save, he will bring havoc to your city”Zarnak roared but was cut short by a heavy punch connected to his stomach


Theo gasped at what had just taken place and dread filled the street, the dagger glowed as a little energy radiated from it, Theo slowly raised his head up to meet Therak’s, he had made his decision, he knew what to do..


“Spare him, for I will give you the dagger!!!”……







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