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Trilling, Therak captured Theo and took him to an unknown realm, The ritual has been performed, Therak is more powerful but the unexpected has happened, Theo still has powers, how’s that possible? Therak is scared so what happens next? The next episode commence……..








Theo floated on the air as he finally dropped to his feet, the ground reverberated at the impact he made, a great seering energy radiated from him causing the beserkers skin crawl with fear


“What are you? That’s impossible, you don’t have the dagger anymore!!”


Therak asked grimly, the latter grinned as he made to speak, Seer of Argedon eyes rested on him as she shrieked with fear


“Nothing is impossible, I am descendant, I am one with the dagger!”


Theo replied in an unearthly form, Therak grin evilly as he slightly plunged towards Theo


“The dagger may has bestowed you with a little power but that makes you no descendant, your end is near!” Therak said smirkenly


“What makes you think you can defeat me!”Theo elucidated, slightly smirking as Therak creatures lurked around him


“Because I have the dagger and you don’t stand a chance!”Therak replied, dark waves emitting round him


“Not anymore!!”


Theo said with a smirk, Therak gasped as Theo stretch his hands towards him, Zarnak who have been quiet the whole time gasped as he watched keenly, thunder roared as the dagger glowed brightly


Therak groan as the pain racked through his body, the dagger could be seen as it came out of Therak’s heart, glowing brightly, it floated towards Theo who smiled as the dagger Pierce itself in it’s heart and merged together, forming one connection


“No!!! Kill him!!”


Therak ordered as the beserkers sneered and dashed at Theo with incredible speed, the latter smiled as he stood his ground, the beserkers made to Punch Theo but couldn’t as their hands stopped Midway, shredding from their Bodies as it dropped to the ground


Theo smirked as his horn burned more strangely, a Whosh sound could be heard as he morped with the darkness, the beserkers groan as they felt their wounded arms dripping blood


They couldn’t sight Theo as he moved faster than the wind, he was faster and sleeker, a shadow petruded before them and in a flash they all dropped down dead as their Bodies burned and turned to ashes


Gomok shivered at the brutality he had just witness, he felt a renew sense of survival as he sped away, diving into a portal with the speed of light, Theo smirked as he plunged towards Therak who stood few feet away from him


The sound of bone cracking could be heard as a husky bone grew on Therak’s spinal cord, spreading through his neckline as it formed a huge line on Therak’s head whose eyes glowed Green


Both figures radiated a great amount of energy causing havoc in the sky as the thunder roared, the storm brewed as the realm became even darker


Seer of Argedon whose skin crawl with great fear levitated slowly as she tooked her chance and bolted into a green portal, leaving just Zarnak and the two Creatures who stood unfazed


Their combined aura mixed together created a seering energy as lightening flashed and the sky rumbled, dripping down drops of rain


A whoosh sound could be heard as the two creatures dashed at each other with lightening speed, creating a blast as the whole realm shook from it hinges


Therak threw a punch at Theo who was fast to evade the attack as he connected a fireball to his ribs which sent Therak flowing on the air but skillfully landed..


“Not bad for a human, let’s get this over with!”Therak clustered as he dashed at Theo, Theo retorted smirkenly as he also dashed at Therak


Therak spun his body skillfully and evaded a Claw swipe at Theo,Theo quickly regain his stance but not without been slashed by Therak


“What’s wrong?? Too slow I guess!”Therak battered as he noticed the mood swings in Theo


Theo sneered at him, seething with rage at each passing moment, Therak growl and moulded his fist as he threw a wave of fire at Theo..


The latter dodged it as he levitated and in motion, grapped Therak by the neck and smashed him to the ground


Therak growl and held the latter’s neck and threw him away, the latter staggered back up and dashed at Therak again


Zarnak nodded at Theo as he plunged towards Therak, Theo who understood the message smiled as he closed his eyes and flunged them open, Therak made to attack Theo but couldn’t as he couldn’t feel his arm


A look of shook which morped into agony appeared on Therak’s face as he felt a piercing Dagger penetrating through his skin, he swiftly turned to discover Zarnak staring eyed daggered at him with his hand placed roughly on the edge of an outcastic dagger..


“Good bye brother, father will be proud of me!!!”Zarnak said..


Therak groan as he felt his life source draining slowly from him,blood spluttered out from his mouth as Zarnak roughly pulled out the dagger


Therak clutched his stomach tightly, he dropped to the ground shivering as burning ashes began flowing in the air,



“It was…. Nice ….. Fighting withyou,descendant But know this, as long asthe

dagger still exist, a far greater evil will always come for it, it’s coming for you!”


Therak stuttered, shivering ferenvently as the rest of his body slowly burned and turned to ashes, Zarnak crashed weakly to the ground as he felt weak..


The dagger glowed, sparking with lightening as Theo slowly transformed to his human form,


“We did it!”Zarnak uttered

“Yes we did, let’s head home now!”Theo added


“No! You go, am staying right here, my people needs a king to rule over them, it’s time I take my rightful duty!”


Zarnak stated as a slight tear escaped Theo’s face, he plunged towards Theo as they both hugged each other, breathing heavily beneaths each others shoulders


“Feel free to visit anytime! Zarnak said

“I will, same as you, feel free to visit me, I will miss you!”Theo replied, his voice carrying concerned through the realm as they slowly disengaged from the hug


Theo squinted his eyes,somewhat sternly, looking at Zarnak briskly with a smile, the dagger glowed, creating a blue portal as he bolted right into it…..




The soft chilly breeze blew gently towards the harden rocks as the trees danced to the tune of the wind..


A shadow could be seen walking down the once quite streets of Wikolins City, it got nearer as it revealed Theo, humming to the godly course of nature as he headed towards his home


A wide smiled escaped his face as he thought of the previous event, Therak was finally dead, he had gotten Justice and revenge for carl and he now had his peaceful life back


He got home minutes later and opened the knot of the door as he bashed into it, he smiled as he approached Harry and Co in the living room


“Hey Man, you been gone for too long and I can see you are smiling, tell me, what’s the good news”Harry asked


“Well, it’s a long story but let’s start with this, Therak’s finally dead and I got Justice for Carly!!”Theo replied


The latter smiled broadly as the rest of the team all plunged towards him, full of smiles…..






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