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“Fuck! Not again!!”


Theo yelled absent mindedly as he stared into empty space, he made to run away but his body strangely stood against his will


“What the f**k are you doing? Am gonna die!”


Theo sophisticated bitterly as his own body refuse to move, it’s like the dagger was in total control


The dagger glowed brightly as Red light light orbited round Theo, a strange light revolve round him as his eyes glowed Red


The energy that was revolving round him caused havoc in the sky as lightening struck, Theo raised his hands conjuring a bolt of lightening as he directed it towards them


The creatures levitated and the lightening pass through them as it hit the street light causing it to scatter


“You are gonna get me killed, let’s move now”


Theo yelled as his body refused to move, he strangely charged at them as Red plasma emitted from him and hit one of the beast


The other beast roared at Theo, it grapped him by the collar and flinked him away as he crashed to the ground


Theo groaned as he manage to step up on his feet Again, he raise his head to see a Claw swipe, too fast for the eyes to see as it slash him on the cheeks, his face refused to heal as it emitted dark flames


Theo groan as he touched his cheeks, the other creature made to slash him with it’s claws but Theo was fast to evade the claw swipe as he connected a fireball to it’s stomach, which sent it crashing to a wall


The other creature staggered back on his head and look at it’s fellow creature, they both nodded as if communicating with their minds, Theo swallowed the salivathat threatened to fall as the two huge creatures dash at him with Amazingspeed


Theo couldn’t see them as they morphed with the darkness, soon he felt a quick slash on his leg and he groan, he felt another slash on his arm as blood oozed from it


Theo frantically turned in searched of this beings but saw nothing as they have morped with the darkness, Theo scream out with pain cursing through him as he felt a deep slash on his collar bone


The creature moved with incredible speed, sending slashes to Theo who looked weak as he felt to the ground and fainted…


The two creatures emerged from the darkness as they saw him in a compromised position, they held an evil gaze as they briskly walked up to him………





Theo raised his head up to discover that he was in a void space, a place filled with extreme darkness


He gasped for breath as he levitated in this strange realm, he breath heavily as a young lady dressed in an ancient clothe walked up to him


He gasped as he sawherface. “Carly!!”


He yelled, Carly walked to him and pated him on his back, the dead of Carly flashed through his mind, tears streamed down his faces as he cried bitterly


“I failed you and now am as dead as you!!”


Theo gently said as Carly swinged sat upright him, she smiled softly at him


“You didn’t fail me, wake up and finish what you started, the dagger choosed you for a reason!”



Carly spoked in a different accent as her eyes glowed, Theo strangely nodded as the dagger reacted to her words, his body shown brightly…..




The two huge beast walked briskly as they carried Theo on their arms, they created a portal and made to jump into it when the unknown happened


Theo body shown brightly, the energy that came from him was so intense, he flunged his eyes opened and roared, creating a powerful blast as it threw the two beast to the ground, the portal closed against it’s will as Theo floated strangely in the air


His eyes were deep Red as it glowed, lightening sparked spreading through his body, his head burned with blue fire, he had a suppressing Aura, an aura that made their skin crawl with fear


Theo gently landed on his feets, the two creatures looked strangely at him, unable to decipher what had just happened


“It’s time youall perish. HUDDIMHOUND!!”


Theo said in an unearthly form, a strong force came out of his words, the whole place shook from it’s hinges, the beast looked at each other, they were surprised at how he knew what they were, they nodded as they dashed at him, they morped with the darkness as they moved with incredible speed


Theo smiled, he evaded an invisible claw swipe as he held the the throat of one of the beast, the huge beast purred as he felt his life force draining from him


In a matter of seconds, he dropped dead to the ground as Theo absorbed his entire life forces, he smirked as his body vibrated with the latter’s power


The other beast gasped with fear even in the darkness, Theo strangely tilted his head to it’s direction, the creature shook as Theo knew exactly were he was


Theo clutched his hands on the earth core, it created a blast as the creature could now be seen, the heat was so Intense as he moved with lightening speed, he was much fast and sleeker


The creature gulped with fear as it’s created a portal, Theo slash it’s arm deeplyas it dripped blood and it managed to jumped into the portal which later closedup


Theo heaved heavily, he created a portal and walked into it, the portal appeared in the presence of Harry and Co as he gently fainted on the floor…..




A green portal appeared of the other side of Dewok kingdom, Therak grinned evilly as the wounded beast emerged from the portal, his grin soon turned toa frown as he saw what he had not expected


“No! What happened??”


Therak yelled within gnashed teeths revealing his long canine fangs as the palace trembled at his words


“We captured him my Lord, but he…. He.. ” “He what?? Speak now!!”

Therak ordered as his eyes flared up, he was getting annoyed with each passing second, an evil aura moved round him


“He leveled up to level 8 of the dagger, he was unstoppable”


The beast replied with a Stern look as Therak looked frustrated


“How dare you fail me!!”Therak yelled, the beast watched as he stirred up on his feet, he knew what he signed for, Therak was formidable


Within a second, Therak appeared before him and grapped him by the neck, he morphed his hand Into a sharp blade and Pierce it into the HUDDIMHOUND stomach as he threw it away


The wounded beast shrink as his stomach bled, he wasted no time as he knew dead was knocking at his door, within a second, he bolted Into a portal and escaped


Theo flared up and roared angrily, he fisted his hand forming a green fireball as he tossed it at a direction, the wall had a deep hole as the green ball collided with it


“I think it’s time I see the seer of Argedon, all her plans failed!!”


Therak battered angrily as he bolted into a green portal which later closed up……..







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