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Hmmm, Therak has faced Theo, he defeated Theo but can’t take the dagger, Therak also defeated Zarnak, using as a deploy to make him give the dagger, Theo has surrender himself for the ritual but will it work?? Does he have a plan? What Happens next?? The next episode commence……









Thernak grinned evily as he held Zarnak who layed weak on his arm. He knew he had Theo in a compromising situation.


“So be it, since you have agreed to release the dagger and save Zarnak, you will come with us and a ritual will be done to retrieve the dagger.”


Thernak stated and gestured for his men and he flicked his finger, a giant portal appeared and they all stepped into the portal, Theo was pushed into it forcefully and the Portal closed up.


Theo felt neasuos as the portal transported them faster than light into another realm he never knew was possible.


The portal opened and they stepped out, by now, Zarnak had become consious but was too weak to do anything.


The realm was void that they could hardly see their hands if placed in front of them.

Theo felt a chill of dark aura as they radiated the realm of darkness they were in.


Theo looked around, he formulated a plan to use the darkness as his advantage but some sort of force suddenly clamped his hands together and a rope bounded his hands magically.



“Theo, the host of the dagger… You are in my realm and I know every of your thoughts, you can’t escape from here… “.


A dark chilly voice rung beside Theo and he jumped back in fright but strangely, his feets were glued to the floor.


The voice that had spoken moved, his outline showing in the darkness as it moved forward, the figure snapped his fingers and dim lights illuminated the realm.


“Seer of Argedon, this is the human who acquired the powers of the dagger!”


Thernak stated with an evil grin on him, The seer of Argedon growled out and a giant throne magically appeared behind him and he sat.


Theo felt himself involuntarily jerk forward and he fell on his knees.


“We must not waste our time in performing the ritual, if delayed for a moment, it might be too late! Let’s begin the rituals! ”


The seer growled out and plunged towards Theo who had little idea of what layed ahead of him, Seer of Argedon click her fingers and some sort of alter appeared before Theo who cringed with fear as he gulped the saliva in his mouth


Out of the darkness of the building whose source of illumination came from the dim lights that shown brightly, an old woman appeared as dark aura flowed round her, Theo heaved as his skin crawl with fear


Seer of Argedon stretch her hands towards Theo and some sort magical source brought Theo to his knees as he knelt roughly beside the vicious woman whose face was filled with void


“Stretch your hands towards me!!”Seer of Argedon ordered, her voice carrying authority in the dreaded building, Therak smirked as he enjoyed what unfolded before him


Theo stretch his hand towards Seer of Argedon, she pricked his thumb with the little dagger she has mysteriously brought from an unknown source




Theo yelled as his thumb dripped blood, splattering below the strange alter, She smiled as the alter glowed Red, the dagger reacted to it as it also glowed brightly


“It’s now your turn Therak, we need your blood to complete the ritual”


Seer of Argedon said, Therak slipped and in a flash stood before Seer of Argedon, he pricked his thumb as his blood also dripped on the alter which glowed Red once more


“Good, now drink from it!”Seer of Argedon ordered as she dipped a cup into the pool of blood and stretch it towards Therak, Therak wasted no time as he gulped in the whole content


“Hmmmm, so unnatural!!!”He retorted smirkenly as he smirked broadly


“It’s your turn Theo, you have to lay down the Dagger!!!”Seer of Argedon said, descending towards him


“Don’t do it, you won’t come out of this realm alive if you lay down the dagger!”A voice boomed in Theo’s head


“I have to, only then can I save Zarnak!!”Theo replied his subconsciousness


Therak smirked as he awaited the dagger’s arrival, Tears streamed down Theo’s faced as he watched the glowing dagger, he had grown a connection with the dagger already, they moulted as one


He took a deep breath before closing his eyes, allowing the seering aura to pass through his veins, Zarnak watched weakly as everything displayed itself, an intense heat radiated from Theo





Theo screamed with pain cursing through his veins, veins sprouted out of his neck creating a great blast which threw some beserkers to their ground, Theo chest opened up as the dagger came out and floated slowly on the air


“Take it, I can’t hold it much longer”Theo yelled, groaning as the pain racked through his body, the pain increasing at each passing moment


Therak smiled as he stretch his hand towards the Dagger, he caught it Midway and consumed it’s energy as it pierced itself in between his heart


Dark flames evolved round him as he felt more powerful, his eyes took a shade of dark Green, claws crept out of his fingers, his toe nail grew and dugged Into the earth as dark energy radiated from him causing everywhere to be extremely hot


“What have you done?? You have killed us all”Zarnak roared


“At last, I now yield what was once mine, KILL THEM AND THROW THEIR BODIES TO MY CREATURES!!!”


Therak ordered as he smirked evilly, Theo gasped with a masked expression at the mentioned of Kill them all..


“But…..But Youpromised!!!”


Theo elucidated weakly, he felt powerless as he was now a human again..


“Did you think I would make a deal with a weak being like you, Kill Him, kill them!!!”


Therak roared out once more, his voice carrying dark authority round the building as his vicious creatures plunged towards them, they lifted Zarnak connecting a suppressing punch to his lower abdomen as blood spluttered from his mouth


Theo watched as everything slowly displayed itself, he felt weak, he felt angry, he felt suppressed, he sense vengeance, he sensed danger, he felt strange power as the unexpected happened



Lightening flashed through the sky and the thunder roared as everything became even darker, Therak gasped as fear cringed his body for the first time, the beserkers stopped on their tracks as they witness the apocalypse


Theo levitated, his eyes sparking with lightening, spreading through his body as he floated on the air, Red flames glowed round his hands, his eyes took a deep shade of Red, his muscles enlarged spreading through his body, two burning horns appeared on his head, the hall shook with lightening as Theo thundered with fury, Zarnak gasped as he stared weakly at Theo…..


“I am Theo, descendant of the great dagger of Debini and you shall taste my wrath!!!”…….








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