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The Hellhounds have now taken a dark potion of Seer of Argedon, they have now been transformed to something evenmoredeadly. HUDDIMHOUNDS,Theo


haven’t encountered them, a fatal clash is been beheld at the bank, Who will succeed?? The next episode commence…..







The creature leap at Theo and made to hit him, the dagger glowed brightly as the creature fist hit Theo chest and a powerful force hit the creature as it also flew backwards


The creature growl at Theo, hardly getting fazed from the hit, Theo still stood his grounds as the creature dashed at him


The dagger glowed Brightly and Theo levitated, clutching his hands together as they created a fireball, directing it at the creature, it hit the creature as it crashed to the ground


The Creature staggered back on his feet and dashed at Theo with an incredible speed as it send fast punches to Theo


The dagger glowed brightly, radiai a great energy from it filled with an intense heat, the creature made to slash Theo with it’s claws but Theo saw it in a slow motion as he evaded the claw swipe and connected his fist to the creature’s ribs


The creature crashed to the ground with broken ribs, it raised it head up and look at Theo amazingly unable to decipher what had just happened


The creature staggered back on its feet and dashed at Theo but Theo was much faster and sleeker as he leap high and created a fireball connecting it to the creature’s neck which was too slow to dodged the punched as he pinned it to the ground


Theo’s eyes sparked with lightening as his andreline surged through him, he summoned a bolt of lightening and directed it to the creature as it struck the creature



The creature yelled as the pain cursed through his body, the pain became unbearable and he yelled as he scattered into orbits


Theo slowly stood on his feet breathing heavily as the dagger glowed, the crowd clapped and cheered for him as they all chanted “Flame Lightening”


A smile escaped from Theo’s lips as he clutched his fist together, lightening struck and the sky looks like a storm was brewing as Theo transformed into his Lightening form and flew away…..




Lightening spark through the walls of Zarnak’s abode revealing a portal as Theo emerged from it


Theo formed a smile as he sensed a familiar scent behind him


“Zarnak!”He muttered with a Stern look and swiftly turned, colliding the latter’s eyes as they made eyes contact


“Master, you are here”Zarnak said as he bowed before Theo


“You will never get tire from that, will you?”Theo said with a smirk plastered across his face


“Never, as long as I serve you!”


Zarnak replied and the latter plunged towards him


“I killed one of those creatures today and itsuprisenlyfelt good”Theo saidwith

solemn look, his face held concern


“That’s the dark side of Debini’s dagger, it want to consume your heart since it yields for hatred, you have to control it, clear your mind from all thoughts of evil”


Zarnak briefly explained as the latter nodded and listened with keen interest



“You are getting used to the dagger’s powers, let move to the next phase of training, shall we”Zarnak added


“Phase through that wall”


Zarnak said pointing towards a wall and the latter shuddered at his words, Theo plunged forward and shook his head, giving him that “Are you crazy” kind of look


Theo watched as Zarnak stirred on his feets, forming a sly smile, Zarnak flunged his eyes open and a great energy radiated from his wrist spreading through his body


His eyes glowed Red as intense heat filled the cave, Zarnak leaped towards a Rock and phased through it, the latter held his mouth as he saw Zarnak in a compromise position……





Darkness lurks round Therak palace revealing two huge creatures which had horns that burned with red flames, they also had long claws and fangs as their body burned with green fire


Therak formed an evil grin as this huge creatures stood before him, he clicked his finger and stirred on his feets


“Your kind are rare to find, you are the HUDDIMHOUNDS, created from the dark potion of seer of Argedon, you are much more powerful hellhounds, do not fail me??”He said with a Stern look as the latter shuddered at his words


“Bring me the boy who yields the dagger, I want him alive,do not fail me thistime or you won’t live to tell thestory!!!”


Therak stated within gnash teeths revealing his long fangs as the building rumbled at his words, the creatures nodded with a smirk as they bolted into a black portal…….





Theo could be seen walking down the silent street of Wagol as he tucked his hands into his pocket


He paused as the dagger glowed against his will, he look around to make sure no one was looking as he resume walking


The dagger glowed strangely again and Theo halted in his steps as a strange kind of energy radiated from the street


“What’s Wrong with you? Why is it glowing??”Theo asked the dagger but got no response as he resumed walking


The ground reverberated revealing a green portal as the whole places shook from it’s hinges


Two huge beast with burning horns emerged from the portal,Theo gasp as he saw the two scary beast which burn with green fire


“Bring us the dagger Boy or face your wrath!!”


The two beast roared and the aura that came from them was infiltrating, Theo looked scared as he held his mouth with fear unable to decipher what to do next as the two huge beast plunged towards him…..


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