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The birdshummed and the air thickened by each passing moments, a whirl sound could be heard as a portal appeared


Theo walked right out of it as the dagger glowed brightly, a whosh sound was heard as Zarnak appeared before Theo


“Morning my Lord, your servant greets you”


Zarnak said, bowing before Theo who only smiled as he swiftly turned


“Have told you already, stop calling me that, am not worthy of been your Lord, some days ago I was at the mercy of those so call Hellhounds, now tell me how I deserve to be your Lord”Theo stated solemnly


“You Haven acquire it’s real power yet, those Hellhounds are nothing compared to what you can do”Zarnak said


“Are you kidding me, you should have seen the way they consumed my fireball like a piece of meat, they were devils as they burned with fire”



Theo stated bitterly and the latter just laugh at his statement “Why are you laughing, am serious”Theo added

“What they did is nothing compared to what you can do”Zarnak said “Huh?, What’d you mean by that”Theo asked.


“I mentioned this before, the dagger possess any power it’s owner wants”Zarnak replied at Theo who only looked confused


“Am still confused, what are you trying to say”Theo asked and the latter signed before speaking


“The Hellhounds are demons of hell, fireballs have no effects on them, for you to kill them, you will have to fight them as an Hellhound, Fire to Fire, it’s the only way you can defeat them”Zarnak briefly explained but Theo opened his mouth wide and stared palely at Zarnak


“You are saying the impossible, All I know is conjuring Lightening and creating Small portals”Theo said as he turned his head to anotherdirection


“That’s because you Haven unlocked the dagger’s true powers yet, you can do alot more than conjuring Lightening and creating portals”Zarnaksaid..


“Why not try creating an Ice ball like this”Zarnak said as he formed an ice ball with his hands which later melted


Theo positioned himself as he folded his hands in an attempt to form an ice ball, he hit his hand together but it didn’t work


He kept trying for about 15 minutes but nothing happened, he angrily hit his fist on a rock which scattered to pieces as blood oozed from his fist and blue smoke emited from it as if healing it


“The damn trick is not working, how are my supposed to faced those demons when I can’t even form an ice ball, Hellhound my foot”



Theo said with a smug plastered on his face, he paced around around with one hand in his pocket and the other hand ran through his hair


“Am only going to say this once, your emotions, you have to control them, clear your heart from all thoughts of evil and feel the dagger piercing through your heart, let the fire burned down your veins and let the lightening spark through your wrist, only with that can you form an ice ball, now try again”


Zarnak gestured at Theo and the latter positioned himself once again as he closed his eyes.


The dagger began to glow red as his hands spark with lightening, he opened his eyes and they were pure Blue with flames all around it as his hands folded with one another and a huge ice ball was formed, Theo held the ice ball in his hands and it melted back after someseconds


“You did it”Zarnak said

“Yes I did”Theo said as he collapse to the ground




Next day


Theo had mysteriously disappeared from home before others woke up, he left for Zarnak’s abode to commence his training.






The Hellhounds who took the shapes of humans tracked down the dagger, they had a piece of cloth they had tore from Theo and tracked him using his scent.


The hellhounds got to Theo’s abode as they angrily kicked the door which later broke to pieces, Harry and co spranged on their feet as the notice the strange beings


“Hey, what do you want”Harry asked


“Yeah, you can’t just break into someone’s home just like that, leave or else am gonna call the cops on you”Max yelled




The hellhounds chorused and made attempt to walk up to them as their demonic voice echoed round the room


“What do you mean by that, what dagger, you need to leave now or am seriously gonna call the cops”Adam yelled at this strange beings




The hellhounds chorused as their eyes transformed to a shade of pure yellow,their body began to burn with fire as their clothes melted leaving them with just their boxers, claws crept out from their fingers and nails and fangs grew from their teeth as the room was filled with extremeheat


“Whatthe. Fuck, run!!!”Harry yelled and the latter turned to run butan

hellhound moved at an incredible speed as he appeared before them


He grapped Harry by the neck sending bruises to his neck as he chocked, his neck became extremely hot as he struggle hard to let go, The Hellhound tossed him away as he crashed to the hardground


Max and Adam gripped each other in fear as they made to run but haltedas another hellhound alter theirfootsteps


“Bring me the dagger”he said as he grapped them and trashed them to the ground The hellhounds burned with great fire as they marched towards them until…..



The room rumbled, lightening sparked and the sky thundered as a portal appeared before the two teams




Theo roared as he walked out of the portal with the dagger glowing brightly on his chest


“Theo!!!”Harry and Co shouted with shock Written boldly on their faces as Theo stood before the deadly creatures….





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