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Theo saved his friends from the deadly creatures known as Hellhounds, he revealed his entire secret to his friends and now on a quest to th cave where his life took a change, What happens next?? The next episode commence…..










A blue portal appeared on the other side of the cave, revealing Theo and his friends as they emerged from it


“What the!! Am dreaming right?”


Max said as the weird light dim brightly towards the cave, The three friends were wowed as they stood before the hall of dominant ancient weapons


“Good day my Lord”Zarnak who sighted Theo bowed his head before him “Rise… I really hate that”Theo stated, the latter stood on his feets at once “Is he the Dragon you talked about”Harry asked Theo who only nodded

“He looks pretty human to me”Max added as he approached the supposed Zarnak


Zarnak who took in an heavy breath exhaled as green fire emitted from his mouth and dragon’s scales appeared on his face


“Holy Carl!!”Harry said as he randomly shifted back with his eyes glued to Zarnak who just pulled a stunt by revealing his dragon scales


“Am so sorry about this Zarnak,I had to tell them”Theo stated and the latter nodded in agreement


“Are you saying each weapons here yields a great power”


Adam asked the human like creature who only nodded at his question “Whoa, look guys, that’s so cool!!”

Harry yelled as he sighted a green spear which emited green smoke from it’s blade’s end…….




A green portal appeared before Therak who grinned evilly as he stirred on his feets



His grin soon transformed into a frown as he saw two injured Hellhounds step out of the portal.


“What happened? Where is the third HellHound?”


Therak asked the two injured creatures who bowed weakly to him.


“GYA was killed by the host of the dagger and he injured us, we were no match for him!”


One of the hellhounds who goes by the name KYE replied. Therak frowned at the words and growled from his throne.


“You mean you are not capable of retrieving the dagger? I knew my fears are coming through, the host is acessing the dagger’s powers in a powerful way! ”


Thernak stated and stood abruptly from his throne…

The Hellhounds moved back as they created way for Thernak whose aura was surpressing.


A portal appeared and he walks right into it, the hellhounds knowing where he was headed created another portal and walked right into it as it closed up…




The weather became dark as darkness filled the night, everywhere was dead silent and one could know that danger lurks around.


A figured approached a building as he walked right into it “Master, your servant greets you”

He said bowing his head in respect and still not looking into his eyes


“What’s it, any serious update”His master asked, staring eyed daggered at him


“I sense trouble my Lord, the path ahead seems dangerous”


The figure said as his Master heaved a sign of belief


“I know that, the boy is getting powerful, he did the unexpected”The master replied


“Yes my Lord, He defeated the hellhounds”The figure stated and the latter nodded negatively


“Not that, I knew he would defeat them, but my vision saw something, something bad, he brought his friends to the cave”


The master said and the latter held his mouth, his face held confusion as he was shocked


“But… But!”He stammered not knowing what to say


“We need to put an end to them, I fear the future might change if they live to know that the cave exist”


The master said and the latter nodded as a growl escaped his mouth “Whatever you say Master”The figure said as he grinned evilly…….



A green portal appeared on the other side of a strange realm and Therak emerged from it, moments later another portal appeared and the hellhounds emerged from it as they walked after Therak who bored an angry look


“You took longer than I expected”Seer of Argedon said as Therak approached her “Just spare me that, did you also noticed the failure of your Creatures”

Therak said snarling angrily at Seer of Argedon


“I sensed failure but never mind about that, I have a potion that will make them stronger and faster, the dagger stand no chance against my potion”


Seer of Argedon spoked as she abruptly stood on her feet revealing her void face which was filled extreme darkness


“You better make sure it works this time around”Therak spoke angrily


“Don’t you dare doubt me boy, I am the great Seer who sees all, my plan never fails”


Seer of Argedon spoke angrily as she hit her staff on the ground which created a great impact on the earth, making a crack as the building rumbled but it seems not to affect her nor Therak


“I hope you are right, it dared not fail this time around”Therak scoffed as he smirked


“SA MAN TA!!!!!!”


Seer of Argedon chanted as a green smoke appeared, revealing a cup filledwith darkly potion which emitted blacksmoke


The air around them change as it thickened by each moments, the hellhounds walked up to her and held the cup as they gulped everything in at once




They screamed and held their throats as if chocking, they rolled on the ground as the pain was intense


Claws crept out of their fingers, their toe claws also crept out as they dug into the earth, Green Veins sprouted out on their body as their body burned with green fire, their clothes tore apart as their muscles expanded spreading through their

bodies, their eyes also transformed to a greenish shade as it’s became three size ofa Lycan, before them stood two beast called HUDDIMHOUNDS with horns on their heads





Therak who was wowed at the sized of the creatures roared as his voice echoed rounding the building sending shivers down the spine of the trees around them….


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