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“Zarnak said as the latter heaved as fear creeped down his soul, spreading down his body as it showed boldly on his face…..


“I need to get you ready”Zarnak said as he stood on his feet……..








The wind blew feriously towards the night as darkness filled the night, the leaves wrinkled and the sky rumbled as lightening struck severally towards the silence night, a dim light shown towards an hollow path which led to a weird building as dark aura illuminated the entire building.


A figured covered with a hood could be seen stepping into the strange building, he bowed down as he approached another strange figured


“What news do you bring”He asked


“My Lord, something is wrong, a pair of Strange beings attacked the boy”The figure replied


“The hellhounds”The strange figure said “Hellhounds?? Aren’t they…”

The figure said but was cut short by the other strange figure who seem to be his master


“They are demons from the darkly realm of dooms, they are Demons that burn with fire and fireballs have no effect on them”the master replied still backing the figure


“What do we do now My Lord, the boy is no match for them, they are so strong and they are after the dagger”


The figure said and it’s master turned to face him revealing his huge glowing green eyes


“Never underestimate the power of the dagger, those demons do not stand a chance against the Dark dagger of Debini”


The master replied and the figure heaved a sight of frustration


“I know that my Lord but the boy who yields the dagger’s powers haven’t unlocked it true powers yet and he stand no chance against them for now”


The figured said still bowing, he dare not look straight into his master eyes or burn with green fire


“Let your mind be at ease for I have seen the future, and like I said, they stand no chance against the dagger”The master stated,his voice booming round the building as he stood before the hall of darkness


“Yes my Lord, your words are great that I dare not comprehend”The figure replied


“Therak thinks he can ruin my great plan, but no one stand in my way and goes Scot free, Now go”


The master stated, walking down the hall of darkness with laughter as his montrous voice echoed round the strange building


“Yes my Lord, your wish is my command”The figure replied, stirring on his feet as he joined his master and their demonic laughter erupted round the hall…..






Theo could be seen walking down the silence street, he got home and opened the door just to meet his friends in the palour as if waiting for him to be back


“Where have you been Theo”Harry fired at him “Like I said, I went out with a girl”Theo fired back

“Then why’s your clothes torn or did you get attack by someone??”Max asked staring at Theo clothes


Theo who was caught off guard quickly thought of a lie


“I got attacked by some armed guys on my way home, I tried fighting but instead, it led to this”Theo replied staring down at his clothes


“But you shouldn’t be coming home late by this time, you ain’t a kid”Adam yelled


“That’s right, I ain’t a kid and maybe it’s time you guys get that and stop asking me dump questions”Theo fire as he hit the stairs angrily







“Who were those creatures? And why were they after the dagger”


A doom squad asked as he paced up and down the cave in annoyance together with the rest of them.


Gomok who sat on a throne like chair quickly spranged on his feet as he saw a weird light and notice that a portal was soon to be opened


The portal opened up, revealing Therak as he walked out of it, Gomok bowed his head in respect together with the rest of the doom squad as the air thickened by each passing moment


“Good day my Lord,What brings you here my Lord”Gomok asked “Have you noticed the recent update?”

Therak asked as dark aura orbitated round him, Gomok held a face of confusion as he didn’t know what Therak was getting at


“Forgive me my Lord for I have little understanding of what you mean”Gomok said


“The hellhounds, haven you seen their attack?”Therak asked


“Yes my Lord, those creatures attacked the boy, they want what rightfully belongs to you, we will be sure to trace their tracks and deal with them soon”Gomok replied and the latter turned to facehim


“You dare not do no such thing for I send for them, you both are on the same team but they work along, retrievethedagger Soon”


Therak Said, his voice carrying authority round the cave as Gomok nodded in agreement, a portal appeared and Therak stepped into it causing it to close up


“You heard the master, Get to work!!?Gomok yelled….







A portal appeared on the other side of Dewok kingdom and Therak walked majestically out of it as he faced the deadly Hellhounds whose breaths emitted smoke as they burned withfire


“Where’s the dagger”Therak asked


“We failed to retrieve it but we promise to retrieve it soon..”The hellhounds chorused, their demonic voice echoing round the building


“Soon, soon can be too late and am running out of time, you need to retrieve the dagger”Therak stated bitterly as his demonic voice threw a vase to the ground and it shattered to pieces


“A repelling force threw us away as we failed to attract it with our Cosmic Flame, we will do no mistake again”


The hellhounds replied, walking into a portal as they disappeared with the speed of light…






Theo woke up and spranged on his feet as he prepared and made his way to the kitchen


He took a piece of bread and dipped it into a coffee as he made way to the living room just to meet his friends there


He finished it and made his way to the door but..


“Where are you heading to Theo”Harry asked as Theo was about opening the door “It’s none of your business”Theo replied angrily as he took another step outside


“Look Theo, am sorry okay, we all are, we were just been protective of you”Adam said


“Yes he’s right, we don’t want any harm getting to you after what happened to Carly, we are sorry”


Max said with a face of of guilt and regret


“Okay, have heard you guys but I need to go, see you later”Theo said as he headed outside..


“We need to follow him, we need to know where he goes to, it might be the solution to our answers”


Harry said moments after Theo left and the others nodded in accordance as they stepped out of the house and trailed behind Theo but we’re careful to leave a huge gap so as to not lead to suspicious


Theo who walked down a lonely path sense that he was been followed due to his newly enhance powers and he smiled as he fasten his steps


He walked down a narrow path and the dagger glowed brightly on his chest as a blue portal appeared and it closed up moments after he walked into it


Harry and co increase their pace when the notice Theo heading towards a path, they got there but notice that it was a dead end as they saw nothing except the hums of the birds around there


“What the Fu*k? He was just here, I saw him just now”Harry contemplated


“Yes Harry, we all did and he just seem to be a ghost, like he disappeared or something”


Max said and Adam nodded, his face held confusion


“We need to get to the bottom of this no matter what, he’s definitely hiding something”



Adam said and the latter nodded as they swiftly turned around and headed back to the house with confusion Written boldly on their faces….




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