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WritteYn BY EMMY







The hellhounds had found Theo and evaded his home, attacking his friends in the process, Theo appeared, revealing his identity to his friends in other to save them, what happens?? The next episode commence…..











The Hellhounds slowly turned towards the being that appeared. “Give us the dagger”

One of the Hellhounds spoke, the others slowly walked towards Theo in an attempt to take it.


“I can’t give you the dagger… ”


Theo replied as he clenched his fist, The three friends stood in a corner and watched what Theo would do.


“You give us no other option that to use violence”


The other of the three hellhounds replied and sent a punch to Theo. Theo remembered all what he learned from Zarnak…

‘take a deep breath, let everything play out itself’


Theo flung his eyes open and the last moment, he held the punch in mid air and formed a fire ball and connected it to his attacker’s stomach, the beast crashed outside the streets…


Screams could be heard as people ran Helter skelter as they saw an Alien on fire.


Theo who was preoccupied with what was happening outside was too late to avoid the claw swipe that connected to his jaw and he flew outside the building and crashed on a car.


“Bloody f**k, don’t tell me that’s Theo!”


Adam asked while yelling unable to comprehend the stunt Theo just pulled.



Theo fought the three Hellhounds as he ducked one tail hit, the other Hellhound grabbed him from behind and smashed him to the ground.


He received light speed punches on his face and he coughed out blood, feeling too weak to do anything as he layed on thefloor.


One of them dipped his burning hands into his heart and made to pull out the dagger but Harry who couldn’t allow his friend die hit the beast with a plank onhis head but it had no effect on him as itbroked.


“Uh oh… Am good as dead..”


Harry thought in panic as he tried to escape the two beasts that bore down on him, his friends couldn’t do anything to save him and Theo was weak.


Theo watched as they grabbed Harry with his cloth which was already burning, Harry screamed in pain as the pain was unbearable, the beasts were trying to burn him alive.


The hellhound that dipped his hand into his heart tried to remove the dagger but it proved abortive.


The death of Carly flashed through Theo’s head, he remembered the promise of revenge for her death and now he was about to lose Harry.


Tremendous anger surged through Theo, his eyes sparked blue and his veins sprouted out, they showed vividly on his body…




Theo screamed and a rain of lightening fell on the beast trying to gourge out his heart, the Hellhound disintegrated into orbits.


The others seeing one of their man down dropped Harry who was quick to pull off the burning cloth, in speed of light, they bore down on Theo, they moved too slow for him, he appeared behind them and grabbed them, smashing their heads together as they dropped to the ground


The two hellhounds staggered back on their feets as they rushed at Theo who made a front flip and connected his hands into the neck of one of the Hellhound, pinning him to the ground


Theo formed an ice ball and connected it to it’s stomach as he yelled in pain spitting out yellowish acid blood on the ground, Theo gave him a heavy kick on the face and he suspended in air as he crashed to the rough ground


The remaining hellhound also dashed at Theo with incredible speed but Theo eyes sparked as he saw everything in a slow motion, the hellhound sent a punch at him but he Dodge it and head-butted him as he dropped to the ground


The hellhound picked up it wounded partner as they jumped into a portal which later closed up


“What the Fu=k man,youare. The strange hero”


Harry asked Theo with a shocked expression, the latter smiled at him as he slowly crashed to the ground and fainted


The three friends all rushed at him and picked him up as they tooked him inside to attend to him..







The wind blew errily through the window and the sun shown brightly on Theo’s face as he weakly opened his eyes and groan as he did


His eyes moved to a course of direction just to see his friends staring at him with a worry expression written boldly on their faces


“You are awake”Harry who couldn’t escape the tears that streamed down his face gently Said as the latter nodded gently and slowly stood on his feet….


“Come on Theo, you can’t stand yet, you’re injured”Max said “Don’t worry, am fine”Theo replied

“How the hell did you do all that? How did you get such Powers? What was that thing glowing on your chest, I have a lot to ask you Theo, am so confused??”Adam stated, gesturing to Theo to explain


Theo sat back on his bed and wave a sign of relief before speaking as the room became heated with each passing moments


“It’s a long story guys, and it’s gonna be a lot crazy, are you sure you still wanna know?”Theo asked, the latter nodded positively as they listened with keen interest


“The night Carly died, I was there, we were attacked by some demons on ourway home, I held her on my arms, I watch herstopbreathing. ”


Theo stated,grumping sadly as tears streamed down his face, remembering the painful night, The three friends listened in deep agony, their faces held a confusey look


“They came after me after murdering her in cold blood, they were gonna kill me but I fell into a hole and remembered nothing, they left after thinking I was dead, I came out a day later to discover that it was a year already!?Theo briefly explained, the latter shrugged at his words, staring at him with disbelief


“What do you mean by that? A year??” Adam asked


“Holy shit, you gotta be kidding me, how’s that possible”Max and Harry said in unison gesturing to Theo to continue..


“Take it easy guys, I was also confused at first but it all began to make sense later, the cave I fell into was an ancient cave, a gateway to another realm, I was told that a day in there was a yearin our World!”Theo briefly explained as theothers

looked at each other amazed


“This a lot crazy to take in, itall seem like some crazy fantasy”Maxsaid


“You said someone told you right? Who’s that??”Harry asked


“You need to wait guys, there’s still a lot more to explain”Theo stated, gesturing them to listen


“I found a weird light and it led me to that cave where I saw different kinds of weapons, I got interested in one and made my way to it but a dragon blocked my and he transformed to a human, he told me he serve the person who move the dagger from its place in which I did and he now’s serves me I guess”Theo added and the latter held a suprise face


“Holy shit, so you are telling me that dragons exist, how’s that even possible”Adam asked


“So the dagger now lives in your body”Harry asked sounding irritated at the thought of it


“Why didn’t you tell us, we are brothers, we care for one another”Max asked, sounding angry as the other nodded


“Am sorry guys, I didn’t know what to say, I was so freaked out and I couldn’t bring the courage to tell you guys that Carly died on my arms, I thought you all would think of me as a freak, I was scared!”Theo promptly stated as hot tears boiled up in his eyes


The three friends came closer to him and gave him a hug which they later disengaged from


“If you really trust us, then take us to the cave, we need to see it for ourselves”Harry voice dim out a little louder as the other nodded



“At your service”Theo said as the dagger began to glow brightly and a blue portal appeared


“Isthata. Portal? No way?”Max said as he held his mouth withshock


“Follow me”Theo said and step into the portal, the others did the same and the strange portal closed up right after them…






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