Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

Episode 9


(Karma is a bitch)




(Its really short but you have to manage )


Amanda: Dont you realize(gets up) you should be in the street touring it, cause you don’t only look like a maniac, you really look awful in a way that will attract attention to yourself….


Damn you asshole (shove her finger in Kelly’s face before walking away)


Kelly:(pace up and down) Damn it, damn it, i cant just with this bitch( stops to think) i think i know what to do….(walks away nodding and grinning)


*later that evening*


Kelly had greased the staircase and hid behind it to watch Amanda slip and fall, minutes later Amanda came out to make a cup of coffee, she was about to get down the staircase but stopped as her phone chipped…


Amanda:(stops and answers call) on phone




Mitchell:(at the caller end)yes, girlfriend you won’t believe it, Mark just proposed


Amanda: Oh my God, he did..


Mitchell: (chuckles)yes girlfriend he’s fixed a venue for the engagement party, i need you here, can you pop in for a visit?



Amanda: (grins)am coming right away(cuts call,turns back and start taking long strides back to her room,to get dressed)


Kelly: (furious as she sees Amanda going back) where is she going to uhhh, i can’t believe my plan is going down the drain just like that,no i can’t let that happen..(forgetting that she had greased the staircase,she hurried up to go after Amanda, but karma they say always have its way to payback evil, stepping on a greased spot,she slipped and fell rolling down the staircase)


Amanda: (stops as she heard Kelly’s groans of pain)what the hell is going on down there?(hurries back to check what was happening but her eyes met kelly clutching the staircase rail, using it as a support to get up)what happened to you? (Politely)….


Kelly: (yells angrily) you were suppose to fall not me!!!!


Amanda: (realising kelly’s failed plan) oh so you actually greased the stairs to


make me fall….


Kelly: (quipps in) And the plans ruined,why did i have to take your place??


Amanda: (chuckles) its called karma baby, just thank your lucky stars that nothing bad happened to you, else you would be scheeming up your next plan in an emergency ward……Nonsence (hiss and walks away)


Kelly: (mumbles) karma you’re a f**ken bitch…….






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