Tue. Feb 13th, 2024


Episode 8


(Pain in the ass conts)






(Its really short but manage)




Kiera:(chuckles softly)is not as if you don’t have money for another gas, girl you can gas up your car anytime you want…


Kelly: (nods) okay, but you wouldn’t have disturbed my beauty sleep…


Kiera: oh c’mon, beauty sleep indeed(flicks hand in dismissal)


So tell me how is it with your step mom, hope she’s good….


Kelly:(annoyed)i have told you countless times never to call that Bitch my step mom again, she’s not my step mom, don’t piss me off…


Kiera: okay fine, but how’s it with her….


Kelly: you won’t believe it that bitch had the cheek to slap me…


Kiera: she slapped you(sighs) well am not surprise..



Kelly: (raising a brow ) what’s the meaning of that?


Kiera: what i mean is that she can’t just hit you Like that, you must have done


something bad,really bad….


Kelly: are you my friend or a friend of hers?


Kiera: of course am your friend, but she won’t just walk up to you and slap you just like that..check!!


Kelly: she has no right, she has no f**ken right to raise her hand on me, i just hate


her, i hate her, she just toped up my hatred for her….


Kiera: you hate her,what’s the difference….


Kelly:(mumbles) i hate her…


Kiera: (noting kelly’s countenance)well tell me whats going on in that evil mind of yours?


Kelly: i just have only one passion in life, and that’s to make the house a living hell for her, and when am done with her,she’ll have no other option other than to run away with her things…..


Kiera: you better don’t do anything silly ooo


Kelly: of course you know I’ve done silly things before….


Kiera: just stop this before it crash on you, let her be, she doesn’t seem bad to me….


Kelly: i ask again are you my friend or a friend of hers?


Kiera: (doesn’t reply, only hiss and stare hard at kelly)


The rest of the trip back home was quiet they didn’t voice each other, kelly dropped kiera home, they waved each other good bye and kelly drove back home


Kelly: (walks into the house and sees Amanda reading a novel “lonely Londoners”) so you are still here,so you neglected my advice, i taught i told you to leave…


Amanda: (doesn’t look up, doesn’t reply)


Kelly:(furious) I’m talking to you and you’re concentrating on that book as if you understand anything in it, do i look like a maniac to you?


Amanda: (chuckles, are eyes still glued to the novel) of course you do..



Kelly:(looks at herself)


Amanda: don’t you realize(gets up),you should be in the..






Daddy s£x Toy 18+





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