Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

Episode 7


(Pain in the ass continues)




Ignore if you are not matured enough to read such story.




(Its really shot but manage)




Tringgggggggg!!Tringgggggggg!! The rumbuntios ringtone from her phone blared


jolting her from her slumber…


Kelly:(squinting as she placed a hand on her forehead) who the hell is that,


disturbing me this morning, didn’t i put this thing off uhh joy kill…..



Sleepily she stretched her hand to the night stand picked up her phone and


answered it, without checking who the caller was……


On phone


Kelly: who the hell are you, disturbing me this morning….


Kiera:(from the caller end)Hey babe good morning…


Kelly: (Bawls, noting kiera’s voice) what’s good about this morning, don’t you know it’s rude disturbing people sleep uhh..


Kiera: Kelly that’s way too rude and i only called to tell you about school




Kelly:(Bulging eyes)what? School’s resumed….


Kiera: yes of course.


Kelly:No way! How come i didn’t hear about it….


Kiera:Girl you’re like the only one not on facebook, get up get dressed lets hit it….


Kelly:Am not coming i need to sleep some more, just a little more slumber…….


Kiera:get up sleepy head, am in front of your gate, am coming in….


Kelly: for real?


Kiera: yes for real….kelly stretched and yawned then got up from the bed and


strolled to the window, clutching her phone, she peeped through the window and saw kiera strutling into their compound…


Kelly:(sighs) oh boy!! (To kiera on phone) give me fifteen minute and I’ll be out…


Kiera: Am counting……..kelly heard the beep from the caller end signifying that


kiera had hung off, so she quickly strip herself, hurried into the bathroom, brushed washed and towelled, in less than fifteen minute she was out, she creamed herself, flipped through her wardrobe and selected a pink mini gown, slipped into it and wore a strappy sandals and hurried out to meet kiera…


Kiera: (Announce as she saw kelly hurrying out and heading to her car) you took twenty…


Kelly:(entering the car) what’s my bill?



Kiera: (follows her) A free trip to africa..


Kelly: (chuckles revving the car engine) get your ass in here..


Kiera hopped into the front seat beside kelly and she droved off…




School was boring as usual since it was the first week of resumption, there was no


lectures, so kelly suggested that they go home….


Kelly: (hissing as they drove out of the school vecinity) you should have let me


sleep at home, wasted gas….






Daddy s£x toy 18+

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