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Episode 4









N/B: if you didn’t read the prologue, do that before reading this episode….



Amanda: (Drops bag and offers her an handshake) I’m Amanda Mr Peter’s wife and Kelly’s step mom..


Kelly: (sprang up) I have told you, you’re not my mom and you can never be my mom step or otherwise you will not, get it…


Amanda: (Turns to Kierra) I hope you’re not as rude as your friend….


Kelly: How dare you (lifts hand to slap Amanda, Kiera holds her)


Kiera: No kel stop..


Amanda: (furiously) Kiera sit,let me throtle this spoilt brat….


Kelly: (yells) I hate you!!!


Amanda: And I’ll fling you over that couch (push her and walks away)


Kelly: (punch her knuckle on the wall) Damn it,Damn it…


Kiera: Kelly what have gotten into you, your attitude towards your step mom was


very rude…


Kelly: Kiera please stop it, don’t ever call that bitch my step mom again, I have told you that she would not and can never be my step mom okay so stop it, she’s just some f**ken trollop my father brought back home from his trip….


Kiera: (scoffs) Did you just hear yourself now, your father brought her and there you have it, whether you like it or not that woman is your father wife and she’s come to stay,so I think the sooner you start respecting her, the better for you….


Kelly:(Drill) I hate that woman, I so hate her guts, I hate everything about her, you


don’t get it……


Kiera:(snaps) you hate her and so what? Please kel stop this, don’t let this childish behavior of yours ruin things and that will make her come between you and your father, you just have to take things easy, okay……


Kelly: k that woman can never come between the love my father have for me, just watch and see(walks out)…


Kiera:(To her back) stop all this Kelly you’re being so difficult….




Amanda storm into Mr Peter’s study, fuming and cussing…..



Amanda:(yells) what the hell! I have never felt so insulted in my entire life, your


daughter had the balls to insult me in front of her friend……


Mr Peter:(Gets up) Calm down, calm down… Kelly insulted you in front of her friend, she can’t do such, she’s not that bad…


Amanda: (flares) She is bad, she’s worst to me, all I have been doing is trying to see if I can understand her, am trying to meet her halfway, to see if we could actually be friends but she’ll rather see me leave….


Mr Peter: oh please she’s only a kid, I married you without her consent every kid


will react that way to threir step mom the first time….


Amanda: Oh please spare me that (she dismiss with a flick of the hand) Kelly is no kid, she’s a woman, what is really wrong with her, I don’t know how much of this I can tolerate, I can’t leave the rest of my life trying to impress her all because I’m married to her father…..


Mr Peter: you must impress her,she is my daughter and the only thing I have, she’s


very precious to me so you have to impress her…..


Amanda:(Gasp) Are you for real,are you?(Storms out slamming the door behind her)


Mr Peter sighed a long one and slumped into his study couch..




That Night




Kelly lay under the sheets still awake, she was bored and she thought her Dad would be showing up but there was no sign of him,so she got up to go see him in his room….


*Amanda and Mr Peter in bed*


Amanda: (chuckles) that bag was a wow, I need to get that bag, I need that bag it’s


so fancy…


Mr Peter: (shakes head) you’ll get it Tomorrow, can you…….


(Someone tap on the door, cutting him short)



Amanda: (call out) who the hell I’d that?….


Nobody replied, the door fling open and Kelly walked in)


Mr Peter: (sighs) oh Kelly what is it,baby?


Kelly walked over to her Dad and sits by his side while Amanda glared daggers at




Mr Peter: (To Kelly) what is wrong baby?


Kelly: Daddy am bored, I can’t sleep….


Mr Peter: you can’t sleep, okay you go ahead am coming to your room….


Kelly: (shakes head) No………


Amanda:(Doesn’t talk but only glared at them)


Mr Peter: come on go, I’ll be right there,go my dear…


Kelly: (Hugs him, stick a toungue out at Amanda and walked out)


Amanda: just what I was talking about,did she have to Invade my privacy?


Mr Peter: sweetheart just give her a chance okay, a chance, she’ll change…..


Amanda: (Thumbs the duvet with her hand) for how long?


Mr Peter: she’ll change okay,just impress her she’ll come along……


Amanda: The more I leave in this house,the more I realize that you’re the cause of Kelly’s attitude towards me,can you scold her for once,honestly if you do not cut your daughter of her ectacies, this marriage is as good as over….


Mr peter: Amanda……


Amanda: Goodnight (Announce wriggling under the covers)




Minutes later


Amanda had slept off, Mr Peter woke up leaving her alone on the bed,she stired but luckily she didn’t wake up,so he sneaked out of the room to meet Kelly,when he got to her room,he slowly twist the door knob and opened it slightly,paused and then slipped in, Kelly was fast hersleeo,she was lying face up and her skimpy night gown had folded up to the waist and she had no panties on……



He moved closer to the bed and pecked her on the cheek….


Mr Peter: (Tapping her lightly) Kelly wake up,am here baby wake up.


Kelly: (stirs and woke up)Daddy you came (sits up)




Mr peter: yes my dear (Giving her a hot kiss on the lips, she returned it hungrily as her hand strolled down his pant(trouser) she felt the bulging rod in between his leg and giggled, swiftly she pulled her night gown over her head and threw it on the floor, she wasn’t wearing any panties and her br**st danced quiverinngly on her chest…


She knelt in front of him and undid his belt, before pushing down his draws, and watched as his D**k jumped free of its enclosure, she felt it with her hand and giggled again.


Kelly:(giggling)wow, Dad have you been hitting the gym lately?


Mr Peter: huh?


Kelly: it’s bigger than its usual size….


Mr peter: (chuckles softly and doesn’t reply)


She stroke the D**k and slowly her mouth took over from her fingers and he groaned in pleasure,she kept stroking the D**k with her tongue turning it to lollipop ,she licked the cap and sucked on it continuously….


After some minutes he felt like he was gonna exode and the tickling sensation in his D**k cap signalled that he would soon cum, she stopped sucking it and stroked it with her hand,then White warm liquid spur out hitting her face….


Mr peter:(smirks) oops…


Kelly:ye…ah(wipes and licks the cumshot from her face) it’s salty (she remarked)


Mr Peter: yeah your turn….


Kelly got up and lay back against the bed spreading her legs, exposing her clean shaven p***y, he smiled and crawled up to her…they kissed deeply,he kissed her neck down to her thigh and she moaned,he played with her p***y lips and she moaned loudly, screaming and moaning his name turned him on the more,he



rubbed her clit with his fingers, running it while her moans increased,she was already wet,he dipped his left index finger in the p***y while she wriggled on the bed in pleasure, after some seconds.he stuck out a tongue and lick the pu**y as if his life depended on it, she moaned loudly holding thight to the sheets…..


Tucking a pillow under her back,he inserted his D**k in the wet p***y and she moaned, he penetrated deeper, stretching a hand to switch off the bed lamp he began to f**k her jerking his waist up and down as he kept on thrusting..


Kelly: (moans) Aahhhhhhh!!!




Oh my!!!!!


Yeah,yeah harder Daddy harder!!!!!!!!




Amanda stired uncomfortably and woke up to find herself alone in bed,she glanced


at the wall clock and it stated 12:00…


Amanda:(wonders wearily) where is this man,where have he gone to this late,where is he?


She hauled herself out of the bed and checked the bathroom but he was not there,she strolled out of the room and began to check other room including his study but there was no sign of him,so she decided to check Kelly’s room, when she got there she heard hot groans and moans along with wet sounds, she wanted to knock but her hand froze on mid air,she withdrew it and gently twist the door knob and slid the door open,the moans got louder but she couldn’t see what was going on because of the intense darkness in the room,so she stretch a hand to the side of the door and turn on the light switch,her eyes nearly popped out of their socket when the most horrible sight hit em








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